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The Whispers - Homesick - Review

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This was a very intense episode of The Whispers. As there is only one more episode left until the season finale I would expect nothing less than an edge of your seat thrilling hour. Last week Lena was killed by Drill at the very end and I was in disbelief until the first moments of this episode titled, Homesick. As we see, Wes was completely grief stricken. Barry Sloan did a stellar job conveying his anger over the loss of his wife. I loved the scene where he destroys the mirror. The only thing that I didn’t understand was his reaction to Claire when she, Henry, and Sean showed up at his door. Sure it wasn’t the right place or time for them, but he appeared mad at her more than anything else. I’m wondering if he blames Claire for what happened to Lena for some reason, or maybe he’s just at a loss right now but there definitely seemed to be something going on there.

It’s not too far into the episode that we discover that Drill has left an imprint of some kind in all the children that he has contacted, making them sick. This sends Wes over the edge as he organizes all the kids that show symptoms of being contacted by Drill all in one spot, including the President's daughter. This part of the episode really bothered me as I found the notion that the President or any of his security team would allow for his daughter to be placed in with all the other kids unbelievable. For me that’s a red flag that there’s a reason that’s going on. Nonetheless I was entertained by the scenes with the kids in the “safe house”.

Lena didn’t survive last week's episode and in this episode Dr. Maria Benavidez was killed. People are dropping like flies and I’m wondering if we should be worried about anybody else falling victim to Drill. My guess is that Drill isn’t done killing though I’m not overly worried for Wes, Claire, or Sean’s safety. However, this show isn’t one of those shows where you're feeling 100% confident that your favourite character will be around forever.

The moment I had been waiting finally occurred in this episode. Drill is no longer an entity and is now one of the children in the “safe house”. To me that’s scarier then when he was just an entity because now we don’t know what he looks like or which kid can be trusted. One of my favourite parts of this episode was watching Claire interview all the children. I loved how the camera would zoom tightly on their faces and eyes as if we’d be able to discover which one Drill was. The writers are doing a great job of making me suspicious of so many of the kids, but they are trying to make us believe that Drill is Minx. For the longest time that’s where I thought this show was going because Drill had spent a lot of time with Minx, and Minx certainly seems to be very loyal to him. Now I’m thinking that was all a trick and it’s not Minx at all.

With only one episode left before the finale I hope that we are given the answers we’ve all been waiting for. We need to find out who Drill is. More importantly, I want to know if they’re going to kill Drill or not. I’m thinking that they won’t. What do you think will happen will happen when they discover who Drill is?

About the Author - Alexandra
Alexandra (Ali) is an avid TV, film, and music fan from Canada. She attended film school and was a camera operator for a local sports show. Growing up she watched shows like Due South, Pretender, X-files, Early Edition, and Frasier. Her favourite shows are Bates Motel, The Mentalist, and The Closer. Alexandra will be reviewing Proof, The Whispers and Masters of Sex.

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