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The Whispers - Homesick - Advanced Preview: “Quarantine”

The mystery continues this week with Monday night’s new episode of The Whispers picking up with the aftermath of Lena’s death. We briefly get to see Wes grieving and there is a tense scene between him and Claire, but the situation does feel a bit glossed over. I guess in a world where an alien is trying to possess a child and send a message back to their home planet, there really isn't time to focus on all the casualties. There really isn’t much time for the audience either because before we can even shed a tear for the loss of Lena, we’re losing another character this week!

The main plot this week was alluded to in the last episode with Henry starting to feel a little bit under the weather. Although it was kind of written off last week, it gets much more fully explored in this episode. There is definitely something wrong with him but it’s effecting other children as well. As a safety precaution, children are taken away from their families and put in a quarantine at an off-the-grid base, kind of like a giant, creepy daycare. However, the plan may backfire on them when it turns out one of the children is hiding something from everyone and someone will even be killed as a direct result of them discovering this secret too soon. This death is slightly less sad but it’s still a shock and these characters are really dropping like flies! In order to figure out who is hiding this secret and to find out how much the other children know, Claire interviews them all and this is where the creepiness of some these kids really comes out. If you thought these kids were scary before you haven't seen anything yet. All of the children we've seen in the past will return this week, which I enjoyed because most of them have been really fun to watch and they do not disappoint this week either!

Additionally, in this episode we find out more about the old man that was following Lena and Minx last week. By the end of the episode we will have a better idea of who he is and his role in all of this, and it’s way less exciting than I thought it would be. There’s only a couple of episodes left so things are starting to really pick up and Drill is starting to make more bold moves. The end of this episode, though not surprising, is chilling and will leave you with some mixed emotions. Personally, I felt validated and then immediately very sad for everyone involved in this crazy story. The Whispers just seems to keep getting darker and darker, which is not necessarily a bad thing, it just gives the show a very weird tone. Going into this show, I think it was expected that it would be disturbing and creepy, but by the end of this week things will be looking even worse. I’m more convinced than ever that there may not be a happy ending to this story - at least not for our main characters.

Are you excited for this new episode of The Whispers? Let me know your thoughts and predictions in the comments and be sure to tune in to ABC, Monday night at 10pm!

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