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The Strain - Quick and Painless - Advanced Preview

This Sunday, The Strain will air its fifth episode of its second season. Although The Strain is struggling in the ratings department FX has decided earlier this week that renewing the series for a third season would be a good idea. I am excited for the news as I think The Strain is a fun show to watch and keep up with and hopefully the news will spark something in fans that are still on the fence to give it it another shot.

The fifth episode coming up this Sunday will have some changes for a main character that I believe a lot of fans will come to enjoy. A subject of debate since The Strain began airing last year, this change is a welcome one to the series. There is also a new character we will see that should change the series from this point going forward. This change is definitely for the better and something I have been anticipating since the series was announced long ago.

Setrakian pays a visit to an old acquaintance we saw in Season One in this upcoming episode as well. The Occido Lumen is still an important piece that our heroes need if they are to have any chance at winning this war against The Master and his strigoi and this old friend will supposedly help in obtaining it. I'm not sure if this part of the story will last the entire season or if this arc will end soon, but I hope they reveal more about it sooner than later. Right now all we know (for those who have not read the book s or comics) is that it's an ancient tome that holds secrets to defeating The Master. I would like to see the team holding on to it and dissecting its contents.

I'm glad The Strain got renewed for another season. I have read Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan wanted to create at least 4 to 5 seasons total to tell the story. I think they could do it in 4 seasons if they translate all of book two, The Fall, into Season 2. Then they can tell all of book three, The Night Eternal, in Season 3 and 4. It's possible they could finish the story in Season 3 and, to be honest, condensing the final book of the trilogy into one season might make it a whole lot more interesting. The Night Eternal is vastly different from the first two books and should look a lot different than the first two seasons of the series. Right now I'm happy with watching Season 2 and the fact we are getting a season three.

Scenes To Notice

- Eph gets a little makeover as our heroes seek out new identities.

- Fet and Dutch continue to work together and in this episode they help out the local police in some interesting strigoi takedowns.

- The last minute of the episode is intense and introduces a new character. Although we don't see much of this new character there are clues as to who it is and what it means for the story as it progresses.

Taglin Game

My SpoilerTV friends like to include some game in their Advanced Previews of the shows they cover so I thought I would do the same. I will write five Taglines below. Out of the five I will choose one for my Review of the episode I will post after it airs. All of you can guess in the comment section which one I will use. The benefit to all of you is through the taglines you will get a little more understanding of what the episode is about...possibly. We can try this game out and if no one enjoys it I can come up with some other incredibly awesome idea for future Advanced Previews.

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Thank you for checking out my Advanced Preview! If anyone has any questions about the episode I would be happy to answer them as long as it is not too spoilery. Just ask me in the comments section. If not, then I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the next episode of The Strain on Sunday night!

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