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The Bastard Executioner - Cast Promotional Photos + Character Descriptions

Lee Jones stars as “Wilkin Brattle”: A former warrior knight broken by the ravages of war, Wilkin vows to lay down his sword for a simple agrarian life. But when his idyllic new world is shattered by a cruel English Lord, Wilkin is forced to pick up the bloodiest sword of all: that of the executioner.

Stephen Moyer stars as “Milus Corbett”: Ventris’s sly and ambitious right-hand man, Milus shrewdly influences the law of the land as Ventrishire’s Chamberlain, the Baron's most trusted advisor and strategist.

Katey Sagal stars as “Annora of the Alders”: A prescient, mystical, and beautiful healer, Annora serves as a counselor to Wilkin as he struggles to embrace his new identity in Ventrishire.

Flora Spencer-Longhurst stars as “Baroness Lady Love Ventris”: Born into Welsh nobility, Lady Love is as beautiful and kind as she is cunning, though her sympathy for her countrymen often conflicts with her noble rule over her fiefdom, Ventrishire.

Sam Spruell stars as “Toran Prichard”: A strong but cynical Welsh farmer, Toran is Wilkin’s closest friend. He is forever loyal to his countrymen and will fight at whatever cost to protect them from noble abuses of power.

Sarah Sweeney stars as “Jessamy Maddox”: Broken by the relentless abuse of her husband, Gawain, Jessamy has learned to survive by straddling that thin line between fantasy and reality.

Danny Sapani stars as “Berber the Moor”: An educated noble of Moroccan decent, Berber is Wilkin’s moral compass and steadfast comrade. His forced conversion to Catholicism deeply conflicts with his devout Muslim beliefs.

Darren Evans stars as “Ash Y Goedwig”: An orphan, who raised himself in the forests of west Wales, Ash is a skilled trapper with an uncanny connection to animals, but has trouble navigating in the human world. He looks up to Wilkin and Toran and longs to be a useful part of their crew.

Timothy V. Murphy stars as “Father Ruskin”: Priest and teacher of the Ventrishire court, Ruskin, a former Irish soldier who swapped the blade for the Bible. He is Lady Love’s counselor and confidant.

Sarah White stars as “Isabel Kiffin”: Shy and innocent, Isabel was Lady Love’s childhood companion and now remains her personal handmaiden and loyal confidant. She is the closest thing Lady Love has to a sister.

Ethan Griffiths stars as “Luca Maddox”: Forced to inherit the trade of his father, Gawain, Luca’s innocence is hardened by his bloody service in the torture chamber.

Elen Rhys stars as “Petra Brattle”: A simple, yet divine beauty, Petra is Wilkin’s wife who reluctantly supports his fight against the brutal taxation of their Baron, fearing for him and their unborn baby’s future.