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Rizzoli and Isles - Nice to meet you, Dr Isles - Review: Black Hearts and Diamonds

Rizzoli and Isles Episode 608 – Nice to meet you,Dr Isles

Written by Jan Nash and Michael Sardo
Directed by Norman Buckley

This episode seemed at a much slower pace to the past few weeks and not the dark edge to the crime. Poor Jane is homeless, remember her apartment burned down last week and really needs to find somewhere to live and Maura is troubled by an old family secret.

This week we start off in a nightclub, a woman approaches a guy it’s obvious she knows him and he shows her an exquisite necklace. Which she thanks him for .Another woman is sat at the side we learn it was her design. We assume it’s some sort of business transaction. They guy starts looking ill and accompanied by his bodyguard stumbles to the toilet and collapses. Not before he whispers something in his bodyguard’s ear.

Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) arrives at Maura Isles house, I assumed she would be living there but we later learn she preferred the Hotel over her interfering Mother being so close. We also learn Jane hasn't many clothes Maura (Sasha Alexander) offers to lend her some things. Once again we are in the kitchen and Maura is ignoring her phone and A.I is calling, not artificial intelligence as Jane jokes but in fact her adoptive father Arthur Isles.

She starts singing and walks away, a coping mechanism I can imagine and Jane is clearly puzzled. Maura refuses to talk about it and diverts to the fact Jane is dealing with losing all her personal stuff in the fire.

Jane: “I lost 20 identical t-shirts”
Maura: “You lost a lot more than that”

Yes we have all noticed how limited Jane’s wardrobe is. Jane does not like the new shove it in your face therapy Maura is doing. She apologizes to Jane and we learn that Jane’s apartment burnt down due to faulty wiring. She shrugs it off and says she is fine which we all know is how Jane deals. Maura can tell the Hotel mattress is playing on Jane's back and why isn't she still in her guest room, Jane is about to explain when in walks Angela Rizzoli (Lorraine Bracco). Maura guesses the reason and Angela is confused by the conversation the girls are having. Jane answers her phone and Maura’s is ringing as well, Jane says it’s her father when she looks it’s the B.P.D.

Maura: “You think you're so clever”
Jane: “You do!"
They are like children sometimes, I was smiling heading into the opening credits.

Jane is still trying to get to the bottom of why Maura isn't speaking to her father when they arrive at the crime scene. Maura is still avoiding as we arrive at the body in the bathroom.
It seems its Teddy Marshal aka Ten Mohs a jeweller to the stars is the victim. Maura doesn't believe he died a natural death also he is sparkling, like some sort of glitter makeup on his hands. Jane notices he was carrying a gun, so was he afraid of someone.

Jane and Korsak (Bruce McGill) go to his jewellery store and talk to his business partner Tory (Chloe Bridges). Robbery doesn't seem to have been the motive and Tory fears she may be next. They drove another competitor out of business and the names she gives sound like some kind of rapper party.

As Jane enters the morgue , Maura’s first words are she has been thinking about Jane’s wardrobe , Jane wonders if this was the reason she brought her down here but no she does in fact have some information for Jane.
Ten Mohs ingested a Neurotoxin which in fact stopped his ability to breathe which killed him. She explains where it can be found and we learn about the puffer fish sushi which you need a license to prepare as it can kill you. A small amount would kill him so it could have been hidden in the oyster shooters he consumed. Kent comes barging in saying “diamonds!” making Jane jump. They were on the victim's fingers and in his stomach, he likes his drinks tipped with gems like he makes for his clients. Kent calls him Mr Ten Mohs.

Jane: “It’s not Mr Ten Mohs just Ten Mohs
Kent: “Like Cher”
Jane: “No nothing like that Cher is amazing Ten Mohs is just silly “

Nina Holiday (Idara Victor) and Frankie Rizzoli (Jordan Bridges) are looking at the other jewellers and possible suspects in the Ten Mohs murder. Marvin Harris aka Bling man is filing for bankruptcy so has the most motive. Seems the victim gets sued a lot, one is by the mother of his child. Korsak comes in, seems Bling man is saying he killed ‘Ten’.

Korsak and Jane interview Bling man (Nick Nicotera) it seems he is doing the mouthing off, he did it for the rep not the fact he actually killed him. It’s a shame you can’t arrest someone for being stupid.

On to the rest of the suspects, Frankie tells us Ten Mohs was being sued over a $200,000 Black diamond that a tribe from the Amazon rainforest said he stole. Frankie is interrupted by a call from his mother. Nina goes on to explain the tribal elder arrived in Boston yesterday for the trial which is in a couple of days. They have an address. Frankie gets off the phone and needs to go see Angela.

Frankie and Angela arrive in Maura’s office. They are having a meeting, poor Maura hasn’t prepped for a meeting. Seems Angela is concerned about Jane. She can’t keep living in the hotel. She will move in with Frankie and Jane can have Maura’s guest house. Frankie isn't happy about the arrangement; it seems he has no choice.

Jane and Korsak arrive at the hotel, Jane admits she hates staying at the hotel, Korsak offers his place but Jane declines. They knock on the door but it isn’t opened by the tribal leader but in fact a gentleman that introduces himself as Dr Arthur Isles(David Ogden Stiers, famous for his role in M.a.s.h)
In the room he assumes they work with Maura, Jane answer’s yes and you’re in town. I guess she is wondering why he hasn’t visited Maura.. I see more to this story and am sure Jane will ask Maura. They ask when Raya the tribal leader will be back Dr A isles wonders why they are looking for him. The explain about the murder, Dr A Isles confirms they think Raya may have killed him because of the darkness, the names of the diamond stolen from his tribe the Sororo, however it seems Raya has an alibi in Dr A isles . Jane asks why Maura’s Father is there he explains he has spent a lot of time with the tribe and wanted to help them as they don’t have an understanding of the legal system.

Jane goes to visit Maura in her office saying she is not going to believe who she ran into. After a few guesses, some very wild ,Jane comes clean and tells Maura. Maura seems disinterested which bothers Jane.

Jane: “There is obviously something going on with you and your father and has been for a long time as you have absolutely no poker face”
Maura: “Yes I do “
Jane: “Have you ever beaten me at cards “
Maura: “No”

Jane wants Maura to know she is there for her and Maura tells Jane her father is a liar. (Ouch, guessing something is really troubling Maura).

Jane goes to see Nina, looks like she asked her to investigate Dr Arthur Isles. He seems a busy guy with a high tolerance for bugs. It lists years of field research in the Amazon rainforest, seems he was gone a lot. He arrived in Boston about the same time as Raya and they have eaten mostly in the hotel. Neither is on the club camera footage but there was no camera in kitchen and back alley. Someone could have sneaked in. Just then three cheques ping on Ten Mohs bank account. Someone, his ex-wife is writing cheques on his account.

Frankie and Korsak go to the ex- wife’s house, they notice someone acting suspicious outside. After a chase he drops his gun and we see its Ten Mohs body guard. Seems Ten Mohs whispered shot her to him when he was dying. Korsak realises he meant shooter as in Oyster shooter guessing he knew it didn’t taste right. Seems he gave the wife the cheques that night.

Maura looks troubled as Jane comes to see her , The DNA from a South American fresh water puffer fish matches the DNA of the puffer fish that killed there victim. Kent appears from behind a desk once again making Jane jump.
Jane does think he is weird (think we all do). Dr A Isles, Maura’s father did a paper on the puffer fish and its killing toxins. Jane asks the question, does she think her father killed Ten Mohs.
Maura says no but seems conflicted (poor Maura, both her fathers could not be killers that would be so cruel).
Jane is troubled but seems it’s not just the case on her mind. Raya has been brought in for questioning as Korsak speaks Spanish he will do the interview.

In the interview room Raya is being arrogant but Korsak soon shots him down as he understands what he is saying. Dr A Isles is also with him as Raya does not understand the legal system in America. Korsak asks about the murder and asks for their passports.
Frankie needs to talk to Jane, she wants to find Nina. He tells her of Ma’s plans. I need to comment on this while I understand Frankie not wanting to live with his Mother he is being very selfish regarding his sister.

Move on to next scene at the dirty robber, nice to see Korsak playing guitar on stage in background. Frankie and Jane tell Angela the moving plans and I love the fact Jane improvises and says she is moving in Frankie’s. He is not happy about that.(Not liking Frankie much this episode) Maura arrives and they tell her but get interrupted when her father arrives. Maura goes to leave but he says he has information, seems Raya’s daughter is in Boston and she also had access to the fish.

Karina Sororo, seems they take the tribe as there last name. Korsak read DR A Isles paper on the tribe. Karina is a student at B U (Boston University) She likes the nightlife and was on the VIP list put by Ten Mohs the night she died and was his business partner, she supplied the diamonds. They think she may have taken the darkness or helped her father kill Ten either way they bring her in for questioning.

Dr A Isles is sat at Jane’s desk; he said he knew how important she is to Maura as his wife had told him. It is a poor explanation he gives when Jane questions why he didn’t say something earlier when she met him. He wants Jane to talk to Maura for him. I love Jane’s response.
Jane: “Maura gave her kidney to someone she barely knew so if she is this mad it’s gonna take some time”

Frankie and Korsak Interview Karina Sororo (Jessica Camacho) seems she was trying to save her tribe by using the money from the sale of the diamonds to build a school and roads in her village. Ten Mohs was helping her track down the darkness, he did not steal it. Seems they were lovers.

Karina’s alibi checks out…. so who did kill the jeweller? As always hell have no fury like a woman scorned. (This is the second Michael Sardo episode involving fish and vengeful women) We learn his ex and designer of his jewellery were dating through messages sent in the past found by Nina. Kent appears again making Jane jump (someone needs to attach a bell to him).
He gives her a list of people who have a license to import the fish. She asks Nina to send Tory’s picture to all the imports see if they recognise her. Frankie says he called her saying they may need to ask questions about Karina.

Jane and Korsak head to the jewellers, seems Tory is packing but not clothes a bag full of gems. They get info she brought…. 20 pufferfish……. the bracelets Korsak gives her are far from shiny!!!

Korsak speaks to Karina seems her father is waiting for her in the lobby. All Karina was guilty of was helping her tribe. Along the way she fell in love with Ten Mohs.

Frankie and Jane are in his apartment Frankie says they need some ground rules. Not looking for his ‘secret’ draw. He tests her she fails. Maura arrives and needs to speak to Jane in private. Seems poor Jane is relegated to a small bed in the closet.

Maura: “What I say cannot leave this room”
Jane: “What you say cannot fit in this room"

At 14 Maura had a best friend ( really I thought Jane was her only best friend , ever…) Seems her best friend didn’t show up for school and lived next door to Maura ( this had me confused as stated previously in the series Maura went to Boarding school at 10, did she leave. Who knows? seems nobody does).
Anyway Maura went round the door was open and her father was coming out of her friends Mums bedroom buttoning his shirt. (Seems her father was more than friends with the neighbour). He asked Maura not to tell her mother.
So this is why Maura hates to lie and gets hives ( unfortunately we have seen her not side step the truth but lie this season and now bringing this back is a bit of stretch but its TV so we will go with it. )
Poor Maura the image of her father was destroyed and she has carried it ever since. Jane’s response is very supportive but these lines made me laugh out loud

Jane: “You want me to shot him”
Maura “I do I really do but maybe I will talk to him first”
Jane: “Fine but let me know if you change your mind”
Maura: “we will see how the talk goes otherwise you are very good at shooting my relatives"

For something that almost destroyed their friendship they can now laugh about it now shows how solid they are.
We end with them laughing about the prospect of hunting for Frankie’s secret draw.

As much as I love Rizzoli and Isles I really find some of the continuity slips disappointing. Maybe if they put in an odd line here or there could explain so many things.I was also disappointed the fire was only faulty wiring and hope it will be more. As for the great secret reveal I felt it needs to be revisited. Let’s hope they do at some point and utilise the fine actor who portrayed Dr Arthur isles.

Please add your thoughts in the comments below

About the Author - Zandarl
Zandarl a Writer and avid TV and film buff ,once described as a wilful hedonist, has travelled all over and lived in the states for a short time. Now based in the UK she attends cons when able and meets stars from her favourite shows .Her first start in fandom was Xena and since then has admired tv shows that portray strong women. Her current favorites being Rizzoli and Isles and Once Upon a Time as well as anything comic book related. A regular movie goer she watches most genres but never ask her to watch a horror movie.
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