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Proof - Tsunami: Part Two - Review

After ten episodes and potentially the only season, the finale episode ended on a high note giving the viewers answers to the main question Carolyn and Ivan had been looking for. After what seemed like a battle going back and forth between believing and not believing in the afterlife, it’s discovered there is life after death. It’s a shame that this happened right at the end because I would love to see them go forward in the investigation with this certainty. That’s one major bone of contention I had with this series. I didn’t like that Carolyn teeter tottered in every episode. If Proof did come back for a second season I believe having the absence of that would make the show much better.

What I really enjoyed about this episode was everything coming to a head. Ivan had his surgery, Carolyn and Ivan’s investigation was made public costing Carolyn her job and Ivan control over his company. Plus, we were left seeing Zed say that he was heading back home now that he couldn’t work with Carolyn anymore. Those are all major events in the character's lives and I’m really hoping that we get to see what happens next. The writers did a wonderful job in this finale episode making me wish we had more to watch.

Carolyn nearly killing herself to learn if there is life after death really screwed up her professional life as well as her personal life. This episode made me like Len more then before. I really enjoyed him standing up to Carolyn, saying that she was taking things too far. I would have to agree with him on that. I don’t think that she should have been the one trying out the experiment Ivan had set up. From the moment that was shown I was thinking that it wasn't such a good idea. On the other side of that whole argument between Carolyn and Len I was happy to see Sophie chime in to say that she would do anything to see her brother again. She did a great job in that scene.

One thing that I felt was missing this episode was Peter Van Owen. I went back and forth on whether I liked him or not but it would have been great to get to see him in the finale episode. With Carolyn initially believing that what she experienced when she was flat lined was a hallucination, Peter might have been able to add some input that made her second guess those thoughts. When Carolyn did wake up in the hospital to find the flowers next to her she began to think that there is nothing more then a surge of energy when you die that makes you see things. Did anyone else have doubts in that scene? Since they didn’t show the woman dropping the flowers off I was guessing the ending and was fairly close to what happened.

It was a great finale episode that makes me want to see what happens next with all the characters in the show. Will Carolyn lose Sophie to Len? Will Ivan get control of his company back and be able to beat the cancer? What will Carolyn do now that she’s resigned from the hospital? The finale of season 1 did exactly what it was supposed to and now we just need to cross our fingers that we will get a second season! What did you think about the finale?

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Alexandra is an avid TV, film, and music fan from Canada. She attended film school and was a camera operator for a local sports show. Growing up she watched shows like Due South, Pretender, X-files, Early Edition, and Frasier. Her favourite shows are Bates Motel, The Mentalist, and The Closer. Alexandra will be reviewing Proof, The Whispers and Masters of Sex.

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