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Power - Time's Up - Review: "Are You Ghost?"

Power - Time's Up - Review

Last week on Power, James hired Proctor to represent him. Kanan told Shawn that James is the reason he was in prison and that he has a plan to get rid of him for good. Greg and the task force put their plan to catch Lobos into action, but by coincidence manage to catch Tommy - who Angela believes is Ghost.

"You're right about one thing, I ain't your dad" Kanan

Shawn this episode met his end at the hands of his very own father, Kanan. The entire episode led us to believe it was James who would bite a bullet - also factoring in the finales title "Ghost is dead." So Shawn dying came as a huge shock; I wasn't expecting his death at all. Kanan has wanted James dead for years, and after failing to kill him himself - as well as his hired gun - he tasked his son Shawn with it this episode.

Shawn saw James as a father figure; someone who treated him as more than just his driver. He treated him like family. It didn't surprise me that Shawn was unable to kill James. He's not a killer. He's a good man, just being forced down the wrong path - which is why his death was so tragic. He was the best among them; one of the few who wasn't a criminal. He didn't deserve to die, but at least he managed to tell Kanan exactly how he felt about him.

Kanan was already a big threat to James, but now he's a greater one. If we can take anything away from Shawn's death it is that Kanan is willing to do anything or kill anyone to get what he wants and he won't accept weakness or failure. I expect next episode Kanan will make his move against James himself seeing as everything else has failed for him. If I were Tasha, I'd continue on with that swift exit she was planning. I don't think he would harm Tasha, but it wouldn't surprise me to see him use her as some sort of leverage. One thing is certain; James needs to watch his back.

"Are you Ghost?" Angela

Angela and James have both been on the receiving end of each other’s manipulation for weeks now, but Angela finally ends things with him. James for a while now has expressed his desire to get out of the drug business and put everything, including Ghost, behind him. He loves Angela and wanted a life with her, but didn't want to let his most loyal friend, Tommy, rot in jail for being arrested and named Ghost.

James had no choice than to go behind Angela's back, but if Angela wants to blame someone she should blame herself. She shared the sketch with James after all. Sure, she trusted him but they both knew that she was never going to help Tommy. It would damage her career if he walked. James did what was necessary.

I have to admit, for a while I thought that James might let Tommy take the fall for him, but I'm glad he didn't. Tommy is the shows best character, and it wouldn't be the same if he remained in jail. Also, it now means that he and James can now start up their partnership again and get back to business after a few weeks of it being in doubt.

Elsewhere, Greg finally uncovers Angela's lies. Up to this point, Greg has just been someone Angela just uses to cover for her if she needs it, but finally he's making his move. He knows deep down that Angela was helping James - she kind of was, even if she didn't know it - and even though she convinced him she didn't know anything, I'm sure that won't be the last time Greg questions her about her involvement.

Angela and Greg are now huge threats to James and everyone he loves. They know he's Ghost, and it's only a matter of time before they get some evidence to arrest him. The title of next episode is "Ghost is Dead" and whilst that appears to sound as if James might die, based on this episodes events it most likely means that James is going to bury everything that might connect him to Lobos and anything criminal. So, Ghost will die, but James will live. I would be very shocked if by the end of the season Greg and Angela manage to catch James. He's too smart for them, and always two steps ahead.

The question now is, what will happen next week on the finale? Here are a few predictions.

- With Shawn being dead, I don't think Tasha will go ahead with her plans to leave town. She won't find out about him being killed, but I'm confident James will bring it up that he told Shawn to leave. She will just assume he's left without her.
- Kanan will make a move against James, but he and Tommy will come up with a plan to put Kanan back in jail.
- James will lose his code-name Ghost and commit himself to an honest life of owning a club. I don't think it will happen in the finale, but he might even get full control back from Stern.
- Holly will return.
- Greg and Angela will attempt to catch James, but will ultimately lose him for good.

It was an exciting episode with lots of twists that kept me on the edge of my seat. Shawn will be missed, but his death allows a Tasha and James reconciliation which is what this episode was pointing towards. With only one episode left and many big players wanting to take down Ghost, anything can happen next week. Overall, this was this season's most thrilling episode that leaves the finale open to many possibilities.

As always, thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments what you thought of "Time's Up"

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