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Falling Skies - Reunion - Advance Preview

Previously on Falling Skies: After discovering a new communication device used by the Espheni and narrowly surviving execution, Tom and the 2nd Massachusetts have a lot going on, even without Pope in the mix.

     This episode starts off shortly after the end of the last episode with Ben doing his best to use the Espheni communication device without overheating. As he does this, the Espheni talk about the arrival of an alien higher than an overlord that they continually refer to as a Queen. This is an interesting storyline as the 2nd Massachusetts has never encountered a member of Espheni royalty before. I’m interested to see Cochise’s response to her arrival and really wish that we had more time to learn about the Espheni's past with the Volm (Spinoff? Unlikely, but I can dream.). I have a feeling that this could lead to the endgame of the series, especially considering there is only one episode left after this! Conveniently, around the same time that this Queen is arriving, Tom is called upon by the Dornia to engage in a secret meeting away from his fellow freedom fighters. While at this secret meeting, Tom and the Dornia chat about how to take out the rest of the Espheni and what the arrival of the Queen means for their working relationship (if you can call random appearances as his dead wife a "working relationship").

     While Tom is discussing terms with the Dornia, the rest of the Mason family members are busy with an emotional and physical struggle. A new arrival at the camp stirs a lot of emotions with the Masons and is a major point of contention amongst the entire cast. While I can’t give away who arrives, I will tell you that we have seen this person before, they haven’t been around in awhile, and it is not Pope or Anthony that cause this emotional struggle amongst the Masons. Pope and Anthony are both back in this episode though and in a really big way!

     Here’s just a few other tidbits of info that I can tease.

1. Marty becomes extremely useful to the 2nd Massachusetts and has an interesting background.
2. Anthony has a big scene with Weaver.
3. Matt puts the 2nd Massachusetts in danger, but also manages to help them!
4. The end of this episode will make you want to watch the last episode right now!

Tune in to the Falling Skies penultimate episode on Sunday, August 23rd @ 10/9c on TNT. Be sure to come back here to SpoilerTV to let everyone else know what you thought of the episode.

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