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Dark Matter - Episodes 12 & 13 - Season Finale Advance Preview: “Surprises and Paranoia”

Stunning! Mind Blowing! Unexpected! Those are the words that best describe these episodes. Since this is a two episode preview I’m going to give you an exceptionally tiny tease about what each character experiences in the episodes. You may be expecting a bigger than normal preview since this covers two episodes, but given the amount of “holy shit” moments that I don’t want to spoil this is going to be the most vague preview ever. Trust me, you’ll thank me Friday night for not giving anything big away. The best way to watch these episode is blissfully ignorant of what is to come, so I’ll give spoilery tidbits to those that want them, but for those who want to watch these episodes in their purest unspoiled form then stop reading right now. Being unspoiled makes the gut wrenching surprises and shocks hit all the harder. However, as a spoiler addict myself I know how hard it can be to wait. For those who are too anxious to wait then here are the character tidbits you’ve come here looking for.

While Episode 12 has a plethora of guest stars the finale is mainly ship based and focuses on the main crew. Absolutely no one escapes this finale without being forever changed. Remember this one thing going into the season finale…everyone is a suspect.

One has been duplicitous himself and for that reason he understands the position Two finds herself in. They share a tender moment early on in the episode before everything goes to hell. He still cares for her and is very active in the rescue mission to bring her home.

As the season ends One will have to confront some things that have been building all season between him and Three. Can someone who has three different identities be trusted? Interesting tidbit, by the end of this season he won’t be the only one with three identities to have to reconcile. There is at least one character and very possibly two characters adding an extra identity to their already complicated pasts.

Two learns a lot about who she was prior to the memory wipe. She has a truly extraordinary past and is very special. You know how Superman has his Kryptonite? Well Two has her very own Kryptonite and it’s fascinating to see a whole new side to her. When she falls into the hands of her maker she will have a fight for survival that even trumps surviving being spaced. Her life depends on the willingness of her crewmates to fight for her. Melissa takes Two on a emotional and physical journey in this episode. She has amazing working chemistry with guest star Wil Wheaton, whose character name and place in Two’s life will be revealed in my interview with Joseph Mallozzi.

I was tempted to imply that she may not survive Episode 12, but she is shown in the officially released Episode 13 photos, so I think it’s safe to tell you all she survives the episode, but to what degree? Going through what she goes through is life changing and it does change her. In the season finale Two must deal with her crew when paranoia takes over. The crew of the Raza may have not gotten back the same Two they left on the planet. Could she have been designed for nefarious purposes? Without an answer to that question can her crew trust her?

Three continues to fight for Two despite all his complaints about her. She is still his commander, and dare I say his friend. He couldn’t save her from being spaced, but he will stop at nothing to help get her back from her maker. Even after learning some less than savory information about her past.

When the season ends he will find himself standing with Two as the crew begins to fracture. He will also have to deal with the culmination of his story with One. Tension has been boiling ever since One found out about the role Marcus may have played in his wife’s murder and it’s time for them to hash out a few things. Three will make some very interesting choices throughout the finale. Can the guy who started off as the resident bad boy be trusted or is he out to claim the Raza as his own?

Four is a practical man and, as shown in the sneak peek, he is the vote that brings Five onto the crew. An event she does seem inclined to forget. He is an active participant in the dangerous mission to recover Two.

The season finale holds a shocking moment for him. A moment that will leave you wondering what comes next for him. Can a guy who killed the man he looked at like a father be trusted to not betray the crew?

Five discovers something and it paints some of her crewmates in a very poor light. She must figure out what it means and learn if she can trust those involved with it or cave to paranoia. When she loses Two again it has a heavy impact on her. She’s been fighting so hard to help her crewmates break the cycle of a past they don’t remember, but it may not be possible for her to help everyone.

As the season draws to an end she finds herself having to make a very tough decision. After discovering not one, but two shocking scenes, and witnessing a third terrifying moment she’s left with only one choice to make and that choice will stun fans. Can the girl whose life was threatened by Three and whom is a proven tech guru be trusted to not have tampered with the stasis pods?

Six is a hell of a pilot and he proves it time and time again in this episode. If you are going into a precarious flight situation he is the one you want at the helm of your shuttle. Five means a lot to him and Two means a lot to her, so he’ll push his piloting skills to their fullest potential to help bring her back.

We find him as paranoid as the others in the season finale. He will risk everything to protect Five from the one he suspects of being the traitor and it may just cost him dearly. You know that horrific scream Five delivers in the promo? Well it is warranted for the situation and it definitely pertains to Six. Can you trust the nice guy who committed mass murder in his past life?

The Android has gone on an interesting journey this season and she’s become increasingly human. She is willing to put herself in a precarious position to try and aid Two. In a much needed moment of crew bonding we get to see a very human action from her that will put a smile on the faces of fans.

After you see the ending of Episode 12 you’ll be left with your jaw on the floor. It has a major impact on The Android and her journey throughout the season finale. Can the crew trust someone who started off the season trying to kill them?

During the season finale the identity of the memory wiper is revealed. When the reveal happened I paused the video and just stared at this person in disbelief for several minutes before I could truly accept what I was seeing. When Dark Matter returns for Season 2 this will be a very different show after these two episodes. More than ever we need to fight for a Season 2 because I desperately want to see how this all resolves itself. Stick #RenewDarkMatter on everything you can because we need to show SyFy and Space how badly the fandom wants a Season 2.

Remember the 2-hour Season Finale starts an hour early at 9/8c, so stay at home this Friday night and tune in to SyFy in the United Sates and Space in Canada. Even if you watch it live I recommend DVRing it because you will want to watch these episodes again and it’ll help with DVR ratings. If you don’t have a DVR, and even if you do, then watch SyFy.com and Space.ca for the episodes to be posted and support the show by watching them on the sites. All these viewing forms will help contribute to the future of the show, so do your part.

This is the last preview of the season, but this isn’t where we say goodbye, not just yet, I’ll be putting up a supersized review of this 2-hour season finale this weekend, so join me for that where we can all excitedly geek out over this season and say goodbye to Season 1.

Either later tonight or tomorrow I will have a very informative interview with Joseph Mallozzi up on the site. I had to stop transcribing it to get this preview up, and he gave me some great insight into the show that I can pass along, so I’m hoping that will make up for the fact that I won’t be including a quote game on this final preview. I was actually planning on doing a quote game, but trust me when I tell you guys that this interview I’m working on contains things that are way more fun than anything I could spoil for you anyway. It contains spoilery tidbits for the season finale, Season 2 hints, and so much more. With nearly an hour to transcribe you guys are in for a real treat of information straight from Joseph’s brilliant brain. You do get to benefit from my lack of time to manage a quote game as I’m still giving you the quotes I was going to use and you don’t even have to torture yourselves guessing them.

Episode 12 quotes:
Android to Two: “Would you like to help me blow something up?”
One to Two: “Looking to do some crowd control?”

Episode 13 quotes:
Three to Everyone: “No one messes with my robot!”
Four to Everyone: “I welcome anyone who considers me an easy target.”

Bonus Quote:
One: “But it’s safe, right?”
Android: “Absolutely not, if you’re going to come up with a plan of action I suggest you do it quickly.”

Hit the comments with your predictions for the season finale. Who do you think wiped the memories of the crew? Obviously I know the answer to this question, and obviously I can't tell you, but I am interested to see who everyone thinks it is.

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