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Dark Matter - Episode 11 - Advance Preview: “Vengeance For A Fallen Commander”

From the first shocking seconds to the last you will be on the edge of your seat as the action picks up at full throttle and never lets up. In a series full of amazingly choreographed fights this episode consists of multiple fights that are so graceful and yet violent that I was left in awe of the actors and stunt team involved. Losing Two causes this to be an emotion heavy episode as the crew fights to avenge her while also fighting for their own lives. With the guys locked in a vault and running out of air Five will have to use every skill she’s learned to save them before they meet their end and join Two in the afterlife.

One starts to return to the good moral man of early episodes. The loss of Two hits him hard and gives him some much needed motivation to start making some respectable decisions again. We also learn this week that while Three was the first to speak up One was also prepared to give up the password to save Two. On multiple occasions he stands prepared to put his life on the line for others.

Two was being launched into space the last time we saw her. Now this is probably where you want to know what her ultimate fate is, don’t you? Well, I really enjoy writing previews and reviews so in the name of self preservation I can’t say anything about what becomes of her. Watch for my review to find out my thoughts on Two’s fate. I can tell you this, watch this promo very carefully because there is something very important hiding within it at around the 8 second mark. What does it mean? You’ll have to watch the episode to find out.

Three takes Two’s death hard and expresses a level of anger and frustration that can only come from actually caring for someone. He has some great scenes with the other guys, especially One and Six, while they try and work a way out of the vault they are trapped in.

Four, well, he sleeps. No, I’m not joking. He gets in a small fight, sans swords, debates Two’s untimely end, and then he sleeps. Granted the sleeping does have a purpose, but he legitimately spends part of this episode asleep. The part of the episode he is conscious for provides for some entertaining performances by Alex Mallari Jr.

Five is thrust front and center into the action this week as she is the driving force behind a good portion of the episode. The action starts off just before the ending of the last episode and this time we get to witness those moments play out from the perspective of the other members of the crew as they are forced to watch Two’s murder. The performance Jodelle gives as Five mourns Two throughout the episode is heartbreaking. The tears Five sheds show how truly important Two was to her and losing her is a devastating loss. She shares a moment with One where they both realize how much Two meant to them. When she is separated from the others things get really interesting as she finds herself alone and the only hope to save everyone. In the process of doing all this she will commit an act that will leave fans in shock. Three may need a new nickname for her, because after this episode she can’t be called a kid anymore. This episode forces her to grow up very quickly and rise to an impossible challenge. Jodelle will blow you away with the way she maneuvers Five through a wide array of emotion and action.

Six plays counselor to the other distraught members of the crew. He cared about Two as well, but in the end he knows he has to keep the others calm so they can work out a way to get out of the mess they are in. If the whole mercenary thing doesn’t work out for him then he has a great future as a crisis counselor.

The Android isn’t in much of the episode, but when she appears near the end she delivers some shocking information regarding one of the crew. It is a much needed and very informative scene that answers as many questions as it creates.

Not a single member of Wexler's crew has an ounce of good in them and the fates bestowed upon them are well deserved. In the pursuit of vengeance two of the main characters commit acts that they won’t soon be able to forget. This marks the beginning of the next phase for these two and I look forward to seeing where they go from here.

This episode is full of stunning performances accented with extraordinary fights and several breathtaking examples of great VFX. Tune in to SyFy at 10/9C on Friday night to witness scifi at its absolute best. After the episode airs watch SpoilerTV for my review of this episode. Remember to use #RenewDarkMatter in your tweets to help show SyFy and Space that we fans want this show to have a Season 2.

Want some extra character spoilers about this episode? The 5 quotes below follow the same rules as usual. Guessing all the speakers right is worth 1 spoiler and same goes for the recipients. Where I’ve changed things up this week is in the bonus quotes. So many of the quotes this week pertain to Two and lose their meaning when taken out of context, so I’ve include dialogue sets which means all you’re guessing in the bonus questions is the speakers. Guess both speakers and pair them with the right quote and each bonus is worth an extra spoiler.

“They blew her out into space while we stood there and watched…and we did nothing.”
“We may not have been able to help Two, but we can make the bastards pay!”
“We’re in a position of severe disadvantage the last thing we want to do is act on emotion.”
“I’m not just going to sit here and let them hurt you.”
“What happened to Two hit you pretty hard, huh?”

Bonus 1:
“Maybe we really are different this time around.”
“That’s what she was hoping for.”

Bonus 2:
“I know she meant a lot to you.”
“I don’t think I was the only one.”
“No, you weren’t.”

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