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Arrow - Episode 4.04 - Title Revealed

Last night at the CBS/CW/Showtime party at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, we caught up with Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim. While the full interview is yet to be posted, we do have a scoop to share which as to our knowledge is an exclusive break for GreenArrowTV: Episode #4.4 of Arrow will be called “Beyond Redemption.”

“Four is probably one of my favorite scripts of the new year, and one of the things I love about the episode is [that] the title refers to more than one person or thing,” he teases. “There’s a bunch of things in episode 4 that are beyond redemption. It’s something that keeps coming up in that episode. There’s a bunch of big revelations in that episode, and some key discoveries. It’s an episode where the title pretty much touches on the different storylines to that episode.”