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ABC TCA Panel - Pre-Lunch Updates and News *Updated*

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Update: 20:30 It's now Lunch at the ABC TCA.

The panels for the afternoon will be posted in a new post later on. The afternoon panels are:

Wicked City
Grey's Anatomy
How To Get Away With Murder
The Goldbergs

Tomorrow's Panels are:

Blood and Oil
Kevin From Work

New Items at the top.

- “We didn’t pick up the pilot, but Revenge is a wonderful brand around the world and it doesn’t preclude us from doing it again,” Lee said after ABC’s TCA session today.

- @QuanticoTV's flash-forwards will cover 24-72 hours of the bombing aftermath. Academy scenes cover are ~week per episode. #TCA15

- EP Josh Safran: There are tons of misleads in every episode. The audience will have more information than the characters. #TCA15

- "#Scandal, #Greys, #Castle -- I binge-watch TV," Priyanka Chopra says. (She's already a big ABC fan.) #TCA15

- #Quantico: Safran explains that another inciting incident will lead into S2. (Provided, of course, that there *is* an S2. #TCA15 #ABC

- #Quantico will reveal who was behind the explosion by the end of Season 1 #TCA15 @QuanticoTV

- @priyankachopra doesn’t even know who the terrorist in #Quantico is #TCA15

- Josh Safran: each episode will focus on a different part of the agent's training. @QuanticoTV #TCA15

- “Quantico” is structured as an ensemble, but Priyanka Chopra is alone on our panel. Producers emphasize her character is the center. #TCA15

- #Quantico is told in two time periods. One, a current day training of new FBI agents and in the future after a terrorist attack #TCA15

- Priyanka Chopra describes her character on Quantico as Jason Bourne in female form. #TCA15

- “I wanted to do a show that respected me as an actor as opposed to casting me because the color of my skin” - @priyankachopra #TCA15

- Suspect it wasn't a smart move showing us only that #WickedCity clip of Ed Westwick killing a woman who's 'servicing' him. Ugh #TCA15

- pointing at the sound of everyone's breaking hearts, Kermit and Miss Piggy have officially called it quits 😢 💔 #TCA15

- Paul Lee asks us to make our own minds on “Wicked City,” a pilot that wasn’t sent to us. And was [allegedly] beloved by milennials. #TCA15

- ABC's P Lee says they have no intention to experiment w early streaming any Fall TV premieres. But VOD is huge for net. #TCA15

- ABC prez on #RookieBlue renewal: "We don't have anything to announce. It's had a great run on ABC and it's a good franchise." #TCA15

- ABC's P Lee says re: #Muppets pickup was because blown away by how original it was. Making fun of mockumentaries is a fresh angle. #TCA15

- #ABC entertainment president Paul Lee says network's brand is innovation &; character, not cookie-cutter, but risk-taking. #TCA15

- #GreysAnatomy Killing McDreamy Was 'Difficult,' Says ABC Boss, Suggests Exit Was PD's Decision

- Lee says @LastManABC will address politics in election year
@ABCNetwork #TCA15

- ABC's P Lee says @AgentsofSHIELD S3 thrust is "Are you Inhuman?" More characters w superpowers will be introduced. #TCA15

- ABC's Paul Lee says @AgentCarterTV S2 move to LA is opening up the show to glamour of Hollywood. Takes @HayleyAtwell out of coats #TCA15

- "I wasn't a Gossip Girl fan," Lee says. (Three GG actors star on ABC shows this fall.) #TCA15 XOXO

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