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Wayward Pines - A Reckoning - Review : "The Kings Take Their Moves"

Whilst FOX may have confirmed that Wayward Pines, is in fact, a limited series and will not be returning for a second season - don't fret, because as this superb, dark and sincere episode suggests, I'm sure the finale will wave off this unique and integral show with fireworks and explosions. Grueling and shocking, the ninth episode of the series, titled A Reckoning, implied the Kings taking their moves as the sides are determined, reaching into the war of tactics and knowledge, because the fight for survival begins now - and death is looming around the corner.

This episode may be a huge, bold and frantic addition to the series, but the continuation of the events of last episode seemed a little weak. I was filled with adrenaline last week as the rebels blew open the wall, which, of course, meant that the Abbies would soon be feasting upon the puny brains of humanity (well, what remains of it). However, they were eradicated easily, which slightly "eradicated" any tension that was built up in the previous episode, however, in the opposite way, this episode makes it all feel worthy, because only Pilcher has the imperial power to allow the Abbies to rule over the lands - so of course, Pilcher is, in a sense, the God above for the people of Wayward Pines - but more on that later.

Probably the most intense, albeit random, scenes of this week were those of the pupils of The First Generation taking action against the cruelties committed by Kate and her rebels. These moments were really harrowing and distressing, especially as Harold's blood shockingly dripped along the sides of Kate's face after being brutally murdered by people who are really, just delusional children - brainwashed by a certain someone, whom I'll mention later due to her having a slap of a time in this episode.

Another shocking twist of this episode, whilst not as dark and gruesome, was that of Pam and Theresa almost joining sides, with Pam allowing Theresa to understand what Plot 33 is - which, of course, will allow everyone in Wayward Pines to understand where they are, what's happening and why they've been hidden in Wayward Pines for the majority of their life. Does this suggest that Pam, is sided to those in the town, rather than her brother? And will this opinion translate into the series finale? See, although this episode revealed a lot, the show still teases so many more questions. Of course, we finally know what Plot 33 is now, and whilst it may have been a slight let-down, the re-introduction of Adam Hassler as a piercing new piece of evidence allows Theresa to really complete the mysteries she's been fretting about however, in the bigger picture, this is gigantic in how the show will proceed, for this discovery will mark as the beginning, or the end, of humanity.

If you hadn't of guessed, the character I was suggesting to having a 'slap of a time' this episode, was Megan after he whopping from Theresa. Of course, like Theresa, she's bugged the hell out of us every week and yet, still, she continued to manipulate and mould Ben into the person she wished for him to be. The First Generation really isn't as special as I once thought it was, for it just seems that everything in this town is corrupt for only the power of Pilcher. For, do either really care about the survival of humanity, or are they just obsessed with the power they hold over everyone they touch? Unfortunately, I've lost my interest to the Ben and Amy plot pretty much completely, everything else is so overpowering (in a good way), which makes Ben and Amy just seem a little tedious and uninteresting compared to the careful cruelty going on elsewhere. Maybe Amy's condition will sanction Ben from running from the Pines and from the Abbies in the finale - whatever happens to the two of them, I sure hope it's a little more adrenaline-fueled than the 'hospital conditioning' occurring now.

As the title of this review suggests, for me, the episode's conclusion was all about the Kings (David and Ethan) and the significance of the moves they make. Ethan's choice to reveal the secrets of Wayward Pines was one that he had been fighting to do since he, himself, found out the truth, however, this is his first step into using his knowledge against the words of Pilcher - implying that he has taken the people's safety into his own hands, away from Pilcher. It was a bold and refreshing move to have the scenes of the reckoning enter the episode, and not have them revealed until the conclusion - allowing the audience to ponder these events throughout the ruthless scenes in the episode. Of course, Pilcher would not allow someone to disobey his power, for his desperation to have things 'not turn out like last time' has lead him to drastic and nauseating decisions. With all pieces in position, the war begins.

(Side Note - that slap.)

Deeply emotional, intense and ambiguously fascinating, A Reckoning - whilst having a few issues with some plots - is another bold and breathtaking installment to a series which will soon be over. Once again suggesting Wayward Pines is more than your average mystery thriller, the secrets that are revealed give us satisfying enough answers, whilst still feeding us with more questions to have us filled with adrenaline to find the answers. With only one sure-to-be staggering episode left, the town will never be the same again.

Are you saddened that Wayward Pines will soon be over for good? What was your favourite moment this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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