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Wayward Pines - A Reckoning - Advance Preview : "The Mad People"

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With the gates no longer keeping the residents safe after last week's conundrums, surely the Abbies are soon to be feasting on the streets of Wayward Pines? Whilst the Abbies are definitely on there way, there's larger surprises for you as we near the conclusion of this fearful, vigilant and frivolous series as the past continues to haunt the destiny of the future, for are all the residents of Wayward Pines just mad people? Expect to maybe see some new faces, and ones whom secrets we've been hungry to understand, because the sides of the town are starting to take place and when there's war, there's a need for a reckoning... Or is there?

Remember, as this is an Advance Preview, this article will be spoiler-free.

We may have heard a lot about this new 'First Generation', and how miraculous they are to the future of humanity, but until this episode, we haven't seen them actually act upon the feasts of information their teacher, Megan, has been feeding them. Well, it's time to review how well she's been teaching them (or not) - expect some very intense and grueling scenes, blood will splatter red and bodies will lump but will it be done for the right reasons? There may be even subtle signs of manipulation, which so forth brings it back to the questions on whether you can believe anything on this show, or is everyone just very good at making you believe what they're enforcing? What is the right thing? That's a crucial question on this week's episode, and looking back, the whole season.

Frustration and deep angst is rising for both Ethan and Pilcher - but are they still working on the same side anymore? After the continuous amounts of dispute on what was once a calm and peaceful resort, everyone in the town is fretting about who has the power, what they should be doing with this power and what they're actually doing with it. Chaos is lurking round each and every corner, and expect some shocking allies to be formed with enemies joining together and secrets being shared.

The largest secret from the show so far will be revealed this episode. Yeah that's right, time to find out Plot 33 really is. Whilst we've been teased the whole season, the pay-off is as extraordinary as you wish it to be. It most certainly will change the outcome of the finale, however, you may be a little disappointed in its reveal. I don't want to dim your hopes down for the episode, it's definitely another strong outing for M. Night Shyamalan, and this reveal will determine where the show goes in the future, but don't expect anything too outrageous or unique.

You better be ready for some brutal twists for characters, with their fate lying in the hands of those they believed they could trust. This episode very well lays out the foundations for the finale, teasing us with a cryptic cliffhanger, whilst keys filled with mysteries still need to be unlocked. This episode is a bomb that teases to explode many times during the episode, but only fully blows when the credits roll...

A Reckoning is a wild ride for Wayward Pines, exposing many of the season's largest secrets, setting the pieces for the finale and once again, turning the show on its head. Some scenes being especially dark and grim, the town will never be the same after the episode concludes.

'A Reckoning' Teaser Quotes :

"Get the hell outta here."
"I don't want to frighten you, but I think you deserve to know."
"Please trust us."
"This's coming apart."
"Work hard. Be Happy. Be Happy. SAY IT! Enjoy your life in Wayward Pines."

Make sure to catch the episode on FOX at 9PM ET/PT on July 16th.

Are you ready for the next episode of Wayward Pines? How do you think the season will end? Do you wish for a Season 2? Let me know in the comments below!

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