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Wayward Pines - Betrayal - Review : "Hidings"

Well, after my serenade of 'bomb' references in my review for the last episode of Wayward Pines, 'Choices', it seemed things were finally going to heat up as rubble of the past would explode out into the future. It seems Group B's fate is in parallel to that of Group A's, with the Pines turning to ruin and despair, concepts for conclusions are starting to take place within the exasperate amount of betrayals and hidings, with the consequences of those being brutally significant to the fate of key figures in the show. But, is everything as it seems? It seems unlikely with Wayward Pines continuing in it's mirages of mystery and intensity, with only 3 episodes left, those secrets will sure to become free and I'm sure the results of those will thrill our expectations...

After Ethan's recent discoveries, the world is now set in a different shade of colours from the other residents of Wayward Pines, for he, supposedly, now holds the key in understanding how life works and will continue to work, for the sake of the future of humanity. See, what's interesting is, against better judgement from Pilcher, Ethan chose to immediately tell Theresa of his findings, whether that was a mistake, regarding Theresa's dismissal - as, fair enough, she knows better due to the random entrance to the now life they are being told to live - or whether, in fact, teasing Theresa's ambitions will further allow her to discover the mysteries regarding Plot 33. It's a complicated issue to talk about, because, honestly, we don't know if the writers are completely misdirecting us, and that, Pilcher, was in fact, lying in regards to anything he said about the end of the world and that the town is just a 'federal experiment' (as Kate later suggests). This is what makes Betrayal one of the most intriguing episodes, because although we've had all these truths given to us - could they still all be part of the same seductive and dangerous game?

Whilst Theresa has been stealing his detective shoes recently, Ethan is back on the case, with Betrayal giving him some of his most ambitious work trying to find the culprit for a rather deadly bomb in his car - it seems as though things aren't as peaceful as the Pines once was, as the writers once again rummage through their book of ways to spice the show up (leading me to believe they have a very long book). These were some very interesting scenes, especially the followup with a friendship emerging between Pam and Ethan - as I previously mentioned, this seems to grow the bond between Ethan and Pilcher, further implying that the sides of this upcoming war are being set, and as the conclusion looms, it seems no-one is safe in regards to any side. Matt Dillon (Ethan), for me, has had a few issues with his dialogue and his one-sided expression on his face, and whilst this episode may be ranked very high within the season, some scenes I struggled to get any emotion from his face. Although I say this, he, as Ethan, continues to add intensity to the show through his inspections of characters - such as his frontal with Harold, a key scene during the episode which allows the audience to be heightened by the fear in the town, as the dread is surely increasing as characters begin to hide the truth from one another.

However, Theresa isn't backing away from the limelight either. With her issues still being at large with the mysteries regarding Plot 33, we see her take a more direct approach in gaining answers...literally breaking into Plot 33 and bashing a few things. I'm sure Plot 33 will largely impact the result of the conclusion of Season 1 of Wayward Pines, so one issue of this episode may have been its lack of development for this concept, especially as it was introduced quite late in the season, and I'm sure will end up revealing many answers. I'm not sure if this is done purposefully, as the reveal of Plot 33 will largely base the conclusions of other ideas, such as whether Pilcher has been telling the truth about any of this, but I'd like to see this plot become more central to each episode, brief snippets that tend not to reveal much aren't exciting me for the future of this sub-plot, even though I'm sure the outcome will be largely satisfying.

After finishing my GCSE's recently, I thought I'd finished learning about Biology, but it seems Wayward Pines had much more to teach me (I'm sure Megan is better than most of my teachers...). This was one of the most subtly creepy parts of the episode, Megan almost forcefully suggesting that breeding is necessary within this group of people, whom are children, is a stellar and sinister concept. The music didn't help either. *Quick side-note, what happens if you don't want children or, in fact, can't have children, what's their plan for you then?*

With Ethan taking his side, Kate, of course, takes hers. As leader of the rebel group, Kate is significantly powerful (and intelligent, for that matter), the melodramatic tension higher than ever, the emotion between these two is staggering. For me, there relationship is one which is the most confusing to read, for both, have long ago, had feelings for eachother, and whilst they argue, it almost seems like these emotions are stopping Ethan from being as cruel and harsh as he can. The flashbacks regarding the rebel group being formed weren't really necessary, and I almost think that it would be more intense to leave those scenes for the audience's imagination.

However, more interestingly for me, was the bonding between Kate and Theresa, for both seem at wild with the concept of Pilcher and the end of the world, and this unlikely friendship may change the conclusions of this ever-changing show. Could, potentially, Theresa join forces with Kate? Or could it have been, under different circumstances, Theresa joining Kate's rebel group, if she never had met Ethan? This is a far off concept, but it's almost what the writers are teasing, and it's fascinating to this of the different possibilities for the rebels to succeed in their plans. Like I previously stated, the suggestion that Kate may believe that Wayward Pines is some sort of experiment, is very alarming to watch. For, although we've been following Ethan's character, how do we not know this is the truth? Ahh, this is what makes this show so thrilling! We may never know the whole truth going on at one time, the writers continue to tease and hide from fully letting the audience know what's occurring, and I'm so glad they do this, because it makes Wayward Pines so addictive to watch.

Although maybe not the most exciting plot-line, Amy and Ben's relationship may never be the same after this weeks shocking and brutal conclusion. Once again, I was biting my nails with anxiety as the tension rose. *Side-note, who would want to kiss whilst that eerie tone was playing? Not my sort of kissing atmosphere...* This was the highlight for the episode for me (without trying to sound like I wanted the teens to be blown up...), the chilling tension surrounding the explosion was precise and poised for a huge audience reaction - and it certainly pulled it off. Personally, this was one of the scenes that regarded this episode as another step-up for Wayward Pines, after the build-up for at-least two episodes now, the consequences were frighteningly successful. I'm sure blood will continue to run as Wayward Pines continues in it's eighth episode The Friendliest Place on Earth (which, as a matter of fact, I highly doubt.)

Betrayal was one of Wayward Pines' finest hours, with heightened tension at the upcoming season finale, tables are being set and blood is beginning to bruise the town with ferocity. With an groundbreaking explosion to conclude, the episode also reminds us never to trust what we think we know, as this is Wayward Pines, and nothing may be as it seems.

What did you think of Betrayal? Are you excited for the three episodes remaining of Wayward Pines? Let me know your thoughts about the episode in the comments below.

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