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The 2015 Emmy Awards: Predictions by SpoilerTV Readers

In just six days from now, the nominees for the 2015 Emmy Awards will be announced. A few weeks ago, I opened up a form where everyone could submit their predictions and dream nominees. I am happy to say there have been various responses and I want to thank everybody for submitting! I have gathered all responses and now it's time to publish the results. The nominees with the most votes are included in the article. I've decided to split the results into two articles: one for the predictions and one for the dream nominees. Today it's time to publish the predictions and in a few days the dream nominees will be posted (see link below).

The 2015 Emmy Awards: Dream Nominees from SpoilerTV Readers

Before we head over to the nominations, here are some statistics and notes:
-A total of 43 people submitted their predictions and/or dream nominees. Submissions ranged from completely filled in responses to just one name in just one category.
-The new Emmy rules are certainly confusing. A frequently made mistake was putting Orange Is The New Black as a comedy, while it really is considered a drama this year. Per the rules I set in the form, if a program or performer was submitted in the wrong category, it will not count.
-The guest acting rule also caused some confusion. To be considered a guest performer, an actor or actress cannot appear in more than 50% of a show's episodes. Joe Morton from Scandal, who won the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series last year, is not eligible in that category this year because he appeared in too many episodes. Likewise, Hugh Laurie, who guest starred on Veep this season, appeared in too many episodes to be considered a guest actor, and thus is eligible in the category Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.
-In some cases, a performer was eligible multiple times in the same category. For example, Bradley Whitford is eligible as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Transparent, while Mary Steenburgen submitted herself as a Guest Actress in a Comedy for both Togetherness and The Last Man On Earth. Even more, Seth Rogen is eligible as Guest Actor in a Comedy for three series: Broad City, The Comeback and The League. Unfortunately, if the program wasn't mentioned in a submission, I couldn't count it since I wouldn't know for which series you submitted the performer.
-The most predictions were submitted in the category Outstanding Drama Series, which had 170 votes in total. Unsurprisingly, the guest acting categories had the least number of submissions.
-The most predicted nominee was a tie between Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory and Jim Parsons. For each of them, 22 people predicted their nomination.
-The predictions below are sorted by the number of votes. For example, in the category Lead Actor in a Comedy, Jim Parsons had the highest number of votes, followed by Louis C.K., then Jeffrey Tambor, after that William H. Macy etc. If two contenders had the same number of votes, they are sorted by alphabetical order (see Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory).
-In some cases, two (or more) contenders had the same number of votes while there was only one place left in the category. For example, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Parks & Recreation both had 8 votes for Comedy Series, but including them both would exceed the maximum number of nominees. In these cases, I used random number generator to decide which would be included in the category. The other nominee(s) are considered a 'Top Contender'.

Now let's get on to the predictions.


The top programs on the comedy side are Modern Family, which is expected to get 7 nominations, The Big Bang Theory (5 nominations), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (5 nominations), Veep (4 nominations) and Transparent (4 nominations).

Outstanding Comedy series

                           Modern Family            The Big Bang Theory                     Veep

                         Louie                          Sillicon Valley           Transparent            Unbreakable 
                                                                                                                               Kimmy Schmidt

Top Contender: Parks & Recreation

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

                                Jim Parsons                Louis C.K.               Jeffrey Tambor
                             The Big Bang Theory                  Louie                          Transparent

                              William H. Macy             Matt LeBlanc             Don Cheadle
                                        Shameless                          Episodes                    House of Lies

Outstanding Lead actress in a Comedy

                             Julia Louis-Dreyfus          Amy Poehler         Gina Rodriguez
                                              Veep                    Parks and Recreation       Jane the Virgin

                            Ellie Kemper              Edie Falco                    Lena Dunham
                                Unbreakable                Nurse Jackie                               Girls
                             Kimmy Schmidt

Top Contender: Lisa Kudrow, The Comeback

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

                                       Ty Burrell                Tony Hale       Jesse Tyler Ferguson
                                        Modern Family                     Veep                    Modern Family

                               Andre Braugher          Eric Stonestreet        Tituss Burgess
                                 Brooklyn Nine-Nine             Modern Family                Unbreakable
                                                                                                                        Kimmy Schmidt

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

                               Allison Janney        Julie Bowen           Anna Chlumsky
                                            Mom                   Modern Family                      Veep

                                    Mayim Bialik              Judith Light            Sofia Vergara
                                 The Big Bang Theory             Transparent               Modern Family

Outstanding Guest actor in a Comedy Series

                                 Nathan Lane               Jon Hamm                   Louis C.K.
                                    Modern Family                  Unbreakable             Saturday Night Live
                                                                             Kimmy Schmidt

                                   Bill Hader            Bradley Whitford       Billy Bob Thornton
                               Saturday Night Live             Transparent             The Big Bang Theory

Top Contender: Josh Charles, Inside Amy Schumer

Outstanding Guest actress in a Comedy Series

                                         Tina Fey              Kyra Sedgwick   Christine Baranski
                                           Unbreakable           Brooklyn Nine-Nine       The Big Bang
                                        Kimmy Schmidt                                                      Theory

                                      Joan Cusack           Kathy Bates      Octavia Spencer
                                             Shameless               Mike and Molly                Mom


The top programs on the drama side are The Good Wife, which is expected to get 7 nominations, and Game of Thrones (4 nominations).

Outstanding Drama series

                         Game of Thrones            House of Cards                   Mad Men

              Orange Is The          Downton Abbey                Empire                  The Good Wife
                 New Black

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

                            Jon Hamm                 Kevin Spacey                   Bob Odenkirk
                                  Mad Men                     House of Cards                     Better Call Saul

                               Dominic West              Jeff Daniels            Terrence Howard
                                        The Affair                   The Newsroom                       Empire

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

                                  Viola Davis        Julianna Margulies       Taraji P. Henson
                                 How To Get Away           The Good Wife                        Empire
                                     With Murder

                                   Robin Wright              Ruth Wilson            Claire Danes
                                      House of Cards                  The Affair                    Homeland

Outstanding Supporting actor in a Drama Series

                                Peter Dinklage        Jonathan Banks            Jim Carter
                                   Game of Thrones           Better Call Saul            Downton Abbey

                                Jon Voight              Mandy Patinkin           Ben Mendelsohn
                                   Ray Donovan                      Homeland                           Bloodline

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

                              Christine Baranski       Lena Headey     Christina Hendricks
                                      The Good Wife          Game of Thrones               Mad Men

                            Maggie Smith                Uzo Aduba                   Sissy Spacek
                               Downton Abbey                 Orange Is The                          Bloodline
                                                                               New Black

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series

                               Michael J. Fox          Beau Bridges            Andre Braugher
                                    The Good Wife             Masters of Sex                Law and Order:
                                                                                                                 Special Victims Unit

                               David Hyde Pierce           Ed Asner         F. Murray Abraham
                                        The Good Wife             The Good Wife               Homeland

Top Contender: Dylan Baker, The Good Wife

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series

                                  Diana Rigg            Allison Janney             Cicely Tyson
                                  Game of Thrones          Masters of Sex            How To Get Away
                                                                                                                      With Murder

                       Margo Martindale              Carrie Preston                  Kate Burton
                               The Americans                     The Good Wife                          Scandal

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