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Teen Wolf - Comic-Con Panel *Live Updates and News* + Comic Con Mid-Season Promo

Teen Wolf - Season 5 - First Look: Still to Come on Trailer

Updating live.

- Davis was praised by the female castmembers for writing such independent, physical female characters. "There will be more ass-kissing to come," Davis said, referring to more fight scenes.

- The pack is preparing for graduation from Beacon Hills, so the castmembers offered their best guesses for what their characters would choose as their senior quotes. O'Brien opted for "Get your hands off my Jeep" for Stiles, Shelley Hennig thought Malia would want "I love deer" and Holland Roden picked "Not all monsters do monstrous things" for Lydia.

For Scott, Posey went with "The pack is my anchor." Posey and O'Brien then pretended to shed tears over the emotional choice.