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Suits - Privilege - Review: Halfway towards the goal

Privilege opens with a very poetic camera movement that narrates Harvey's traumas. Reeling from his conversation with Dr Agard about his mother, he gets ready for work. This issue, that has been coming up since season 2, has finally take a toll on Harvey; the episode revolves, mainly, on him learning things about himself and evolving. The rest of the characters have problems of their own, making this episode, fast paced and fun to keep up with.

Jessica gives some advice to Louis, asking him not to be petty. When Mike tells him that the client they shared called him first, Louis acts like everything is ok. He's not the man he used to be. But he only waits a second, after Mike leaves, to ask Donna to ignore the client and show him who is in charge. Which makes us think, at first, that Louis doesn't really evolve, he's like a time bomb about to explode. (But as the episode progresses, so does Louis)

The Man In Black, I mean, Dominique, The CEO of McKernon Motors, needs Louis and Mike to close a deal in 2 weeks, Mike tells him it's possible but Louis denies it and challenges the client; he threatens to take his business elsewhere. Mike confronts Louis about his behavior, but apparently Louis has his reasons and he wants to be a real team. He actually succeeds but Jack Soloff betrays them and they almost lose their client. Dominique fires them for a day, making it possible for Soloff to bring in another client that would create a conflict of interests. Jessica orders him to let this new client go and unmasks that the person behind this plan is Daniel Hardman. (Who will shake things up at PSL next week)

Meanwhile Harvey and Rachel are defending a client called Sam, who's being accused of something he didn't do and might end up with him behind bars. The problem arises when Dr. Agard is called to testify because Sam was a patient of her too. Harvey betrays her trust, asking in her deposition about the patient that died because she was being manipulated. She ditches him as a client, telling him a couple of hard truths, one for example that he's an arrogant, self absorbed, piece of ****. Later he apologizes because he needs her help and again, she calls him on how he acts, always looking after his own benefit. Harvey makes it clear it's for they common client, and finally with the help of Rachel they keep this guy out of jail. Which makes Harvey go back to Dr Agard, apologize sincerely, and open up about the trauma his mother has caused.

Between the procedural aspects of the show, Donna has her time to shine (and make the audience laugh) while trying to help Mike - He wants Rachel to have the wedding of her dreams. Of course Donna can help, but after some work, her contacts aren't as useful as they could, and she has to bring a mischievous plan into action. Mike finds her in the copy room, accuses her of failing, and Donna acts like Donna. She compares herself to a chef, bringing in a bunch of metaphors, letting him know she'll fix it. As Mike leaves, Gretchen reveals herself and they apparently meet for the first time (To be honest, I was a bit distracted because how titillating this scene was)
Later Donna corners the couple that has the date saved at The Plaza Hotel and the most comic scene in the history of Suits might have occurred. Donna pretends to be a french wedding planner to scare the bride and be left alone with the groom, so she can blackmail him. (He is cheating on his fiancee)
In the end Rachel might have the wedding of her dreams and Donna a new friend; Gretchen. Donna leaves her a tray with the dinner they have discussed when they first met, duck a la orange (pardon my french s'il vous plait) Gretchen tells her a story that works as a parallel about Donna moving on from being Harvey's secretary (and not being ready to). Gretchen understands why Donna hasn't welcome her until that moment, they're ok, and their dynamic might be one of my new favorite things in the show.

This season of Suits, in my opinion, is really delivering, it's allowing the needed space for some character growth and insight into their psyches. Mixing up the usual pairings while making almost everyone interact with each other, only brings a lot of possibilities for new conflicts, other than power struggles. However, it seems next week and how the episodes will develop before the mid season finale arrives, will go down that route. Hardman and Soloff are forging evil plans together, and everyone will need to stick together to conquer them. Can they?

Side notes:
-Donna is the real fixer of the firm. I would like to have a peek at her cellphone's contacts.
-Extra points to the readers that got the Lost reference, you have my undying affection.
- Is there a genre Sarah Rafferty doesn't excel at? her comic tempo was spot on tonight. Almost as if it was from a screwball comedy.
- Rachel's evolution and how is she becoming a lawyer might be one of the highlights of the season and Meghan Markle is doing a great job. The scene where she corners Harvey and practically commands him to come clean and clean his act was powerful.
-All the ladies in this firm are great characters and finally they're getting the screen time they deserve.

What do you think? Let's discuss it on the comments!

About the Author - Laura M
Laura is a proud nerd, TV and movie enthusiast. She's a teacher, producer and does different free lance gigs in her country. In her free time she likes to write and hear what other people think about the media surrounding us.
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