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Suits - Compensation - Review

Suits second episode deals with the fallout of how things are now that Donna isn't working for Harvey anymore. It also features Mike going solo choosing a case Jessica doesn't approve and Rachel deciding for herself. Even if the men in her life thinks they know better.

The episode opens up with Rachel having dinner with her father and being ambushed by him presenting a prenup for Mike. Rachel doesn't want it, but Robert feels he doesn't know Mike and wants to protect her.
Meanwhile Mike is having drinks with Jimmy and Harold. The day after, Jimmy offers Mike a case to help people against a big insurance company. (Sidenote: The other Laura actually got the opportunity to see this scene being filmed. It was a great experience, and she almost got to meet Patrick.) It's the kind of case Mike leans towards every chance he gets, those that could make the world a better place.

Mike finds out about the prenup, signs it and goes to see Robert Zane. While talking he uses the case to explain  he is a good guy and he wouldn't go after Rachel's money. The problem was Zane wasn't worried about Mike but another person coming after them because something Mike might do, after all, he's learning from Jessica and Harvey. Alarm bells started ringing after this scene, how long do you think it will last until Robert finds out Mike is a fraud?

Jessica finds out about the case and tells Mike to drop it. After being rejected by Sidwell and Jimmy revealing that the case is close to him because his uncle died in hands of this horrible company, Mike is at a cross hairs. He goes to Robert Zane to tell him Rachel didn't sign the prenup but ends up offering him the case. Zane answer is to work together on it.

In the meantime everything goes to hell at the firm. Jack Soloff is introduced and he's after Harvey. Louis makes a convoluted plan to show Harvey he has his back, only it backfires, Harvey yells at him, practically saying he's incompetent. By now we know Louis reacts due to how he is seen by the people surrounding him, and in the end he associates with Soloff. When Harvey apologizes to Louis and calls him a friend you can see Louis knowing he made a mistake. (Litt you should have listen to Donna) In the end it doesn't matter, Harvey's paycheck is common knowledge, everyone in the firm is taken aback by how much he makes, and when he confronts Louis again, Louis takes care of himself. Cut to Harvey trying to take down Donna's door with his knocking, and asking her to have his back. But one thing he appreciated it was her loyalty, and she has to be loyal to her new boss. She tells her everything started because Louis thought he was jealous of them, and in a classic Specter move he confesses to have payed her salary for the last 12 years, everything started because Louis was to cheap to do the same. The moment he says this, the face Donna makes speaks volumes. Specially the way she closes her door, telling him that maybe he is jealous if he's only saying this after 12 years.

The premiere was about the ramifications of the last scene in the finale. This episode sets the tone for the rest of the season. Every character is going through some changes and choosing sides, and there aren't black and whites or right and wrongs; it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

The twitter hashtag for this episode was loyalty, and the last scene between Harvey and Donna made it clear why. The other running theme through the episode was protection. Specifically men protecting women, or trying to, without thinking what these ladies are actually saying. This is the reason why Jessica and Rachel's conversation was so powerful, because it was two ladies talking honestly about what they feel and what they think it's right for themselves. It made me wonder how this other theme affected Harvey, Donna and Louis, and it brought me back to Intent and the finale. These are two men that care about her and want to protect her, only that now it seems they're fighting for her as if she were a prize. It's gonna be interesting next week when Donna speaks up about this. 

During the first season Suits managed to stop being about the cases but how these affect the characters inside the firm. Repeatedly the biggest conflict was about office politics and dynamics. Season 5 will be about this, Pearson, Specter and Litt is going to be a battlefield again, is not the first time Harvey vs Louis happens, and it could be redundant if it wasn't because this time Harvey doesn't have Donna to keep him in check, and we know how he behaves when he's hurt and angry.


- Teddy telling Harvey life is short. (Someday he will listen to all the signs people are throwing at him on how he is living his life)
- Jessica owning Louis and Harvey. Seriously, this firm only keeps working because of the Pearson bit in its name.
- Though the introduction of Harvey's new assistant was a little controversial, the outcome made it up for it. Gretchen showing that she knows why he chose her, helping him with the case, and displaying she knows how to do her job was amazing. I already love this character.
-Also Harvey choosing Gretchen only shows he did look at Donna 'that' way.
-Rachel going to Jessica for advice. Doesn't Jessica need an associate? can't we have this every episode?

Best line of the episode

Gretchen: "It doesn't take Albert Einstein to figure out why you hire someone that looks like me to replace someone that looks like her"
Harvey: "Listen Gretchen..."
Gretchen: "You don't have to worry about that with me, I prefer my men manly"
Harvey: "Am I not manly?"
Gretchen: "Well... you had to ask"

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