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Suits - Sarah Rafferty talks about Tonight's Episode + New Promotional Photo

Thanks to V for the heads up.

Let’s start with the photo: How do you learn about this scene?
That was actually really funny. I was on set shooting a different episode, and our producing director, Anton [Cropper], came over and said, “Has Bray called you?” Bray being Kevin Bray, who was directing [”Toe to Toe”] and who we’re all very close to because he directed our pilot and was our producing director for the first couple of seasons. I was like, “No. Why?” Anton was trying to stay very, very professional. “So in the next episode, you’re going to be naked in Harvey’s bed.” I was like, “Wait, what?” The first thing thing that came out of my mouth was, “Can I have a spray tan?” From then on, I think he relaxed a lot because he realized he wasn’t going to get a whole lot of push-back. Working with Kevin Bray, I knew there was nothing to worry about, that it wouldn’t be overly revealing, it would be tastefully shot, it would be beautiful… And I got that spray tan.

That was my next question.
I don’t think I’m gonna get any endorsements from the spray tan company. I don’t know about spray tans. [Laughs.] It was a pretty funny process, being kind of, like, hosed down. There’s a tent that they erect in your living room, and then you basically get gently hosed down by this tanning solution, and you need to not touch anything. And of course, I couldn’t not do that, and then my palms ended up being a funny color. It was like setting a toddler free with mommy’s makeup; I should not have been invited to do that.

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