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Shadowhunters - Casting The Lightwood Family, Various Werewolves And Younger Versions Of Various Characters

According to sources, Shadowhunters is currently casting the Lightwood family. This includes Maryse, Robert and Max. Maryse will first appear in episode 5 while Robert and Max will first appear in episode 6. We're told that a storyline will involve a deep look into the families politics, including the pressures put onto the children of Shadowhunters.

Filling out the werewolf pack are Theo, Alaric and Gretel along with others. They will first appear in episode 5 and give us a look into the wolves status as the accords begin to break down.

Finally, fans of Valentine are in for a treat as his past will be heavily explored through flashbacks. Expect to see his earlier interactions with Jocelyn, Hodge and Luke beginning with episode 6.