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Sense8 – Season 1 Review – “Love, like art, must always be free ”

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Netflix Sense8 season 1 surprised me. The show has a slow start but after the Non-Blonde 'What’s up' coral scene, it acquires a whole new level of awesomeness. The first three episodes have to deal with the difficulties of presenting eight different protagonists and the show inevitably suffers a bit. After the classical descriptive beginning, there is so much more to watch.

What I liked about the first season is how the storylines are built in such an emotional way. You just fall in love with all these characters. Firstly I really loved the storyline of Lito. He is perfectly portrayed as a fragile and fearful actor, who is in love with the artist Hernando but he is also unable to live his love-story openly. I appreciated how he added sense of humour and complexity to the story itself and how the writers were able to shape stereotypes-free LGBT’s characters, also dealing with sexual explicit scenes. Then I also loved the transgender character Nomi. She introduced us inside the intricate mysteries of Whispers and she is perfectly paired with a lovely fiancée (they are literally adorable together). Morever she has great heart to show.

The strongest character of the show was doubtless Riley who is an Icelandic girl-now based in London with a troubled past. I really rooted for her character, and I truly enjoyed how she was stuck in the final episodes inside the memories of the tragedy she lived. It was really gut -wrenching to see her go through her daughter’s death over and over again. An incredibly nostalgic character that pairs perfectly with the other clusters as Sun,Kala and Wolfgang.

The strongest part of the show is the interaction between all the different clusters. When they are together, when they share their experiences and they connect, the show glooms. I also loved some unique moments as the coral Non-Blondes’ What’s up’s performance or the unexpected orgy. Sense8 dares to be unique, it’s not afraid to show blood, nudity or a coral childbirth.

After Matrix’s trilogy and Cloud Atlas, the Wachowski siblings  have gained a certain recognition. Sense8 clearly confirms their talent in creating a wide and interesting emotional web of connections. The show is not perfect, if you want to find imperfections, you don’t have to dig in too much. But with an unique atmosphere, with perfectly shaped protagonists and a satisfactory ending (involving the meeting of all the characters on a boat landing to the horizon),  we just raving for more. 
Please Netflix, renew it!

What do you think of Sense8’s first season?  Which character do you like the most?

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Fra (aka Francesco B.) is a writer of the site. He’s a professional tv-and-cinema maniac and a keen reader. He is an italian lazy university student, he truly loved tv series like Veronica Mars, Buffy, Lost, Alias.. and he would like to become a professional journalist. One Day. Maybe.

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