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Rookie Blue - Ninety Degrees - Review

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Things are starting to wind down at 15, with Santana and Steve arrested and the corruption case almost over, it is time to bring back the baby drama. Marlo’s back this week and she’s ready to pop anytime now.

It’s nice to see Oliver back in blue. He decided to step down as Staff Sergeant and is eager to go back out onto the streets to make a difference. Throughout the episode Oliver seems excited to be out on patrol again, itching to catch bad guys. But at the end of his shift, he’s disappointed by the slow and uneventful day. Chris has to remind him that a slow day means a good day. After everything that happened, Oliver has changed, but the job is still the same. Maybe he’s not suitable for the blue uniform anymore?

With Oliver back on the streets means the Staff Sergeant position is available. Will someone from the division get chosen for the job? If yes, who do you think it would be?

At the beginning of the episode Traci is pissed. She’s working it out on the punching bag and on Gail, who doesn’t deserve all of this because of the Peck name. It’s nice to see Gail reaching out and calling Traci her friend. She doesn’t have a lot of those, and although I do believe it to a certain extent when she tells Frankie Anderson that she’s fine with being alone, I think she needs someone. It’s almost the end of the season, possibly the series, I think Gail deserves to be happy.

Remember when I said I liked Detective Frankie Anderson? Yeah, not so much in this episode. I’m quite surprised Gail just sat there and took all her words calmly. It is not Gail’s fault that Steve is a dirty cop. Traci realized that at the end of the episode as Gail returned for the second time that day to talk to her. Gail Peck has one of the most vast and progressive character development on the show and I cannot stress how much I want the character to be happy at the end of the series. And is Detective Frankie going to be Gail’s love interest? I don’t know how I feel about that.

Let’s talk about Dov and Chloe. I’m happy with the way their issues are resolved. By talking. Well, more like shouting from Dov. The writers don’t really have a great track record when it comes to showing us proper reconciliations between romantic relationships, so I’m glad Dov finally gets to voice out his frustrations and thoughts about their relationship at Chloe. They share a sweet moment at the end, with Dov having to use his inhaler before kissing Chloe. They are too cute as a couple, I’m glad they are back together.

Noelle and Juliet are missing from the episode, which makes sense since this week’s episode kind of moved away from the IA investigation. But I think that storyline is not over yet. There must be trials and there needs to be a confrontation/closure between Steve and Gail in the finale.

Case of the week involves a stabbing and robbery at a health facility where Marlo visits and we find out she is 3 weeks from giving birth. Sam brings Andy along for the case and while the officers are questioning the witnesses, Sylvia who is in Marlo’s group meetings has gone missing. Afraid that she might do something foolish, Marlo wants to find the distraught woman and make sure she is safe. Andy tags along for the rest of the episode, which I’ll admit I was sceptical of at first.

I was worried about the dynamic between those two characters. Would there be animosity, or an uncomfortable silence? But I was wrong. Andy and Marlo like each other, despite of everything that is happening around them. Marlo regards Andy as her friend. She is comfortable with talking about her mental illness with Andy and I think it is quite clear that both women respect each other. I love the joke Andy made about casseroles. I think in another universe, Andy and Marlo could be great friends.

So why do fans of Andy and Sam (I’m not saying every one) hate on Marlo and disrespects her mental illness if the character we adore has no hatred for her? Andy, who is actually the one stuck in this situation and is making the best out of it but some fans of the show just can’t seem to understand that with her? I just want to understand why. Like I said, I’m not talking about all the fans, just from what I’ve seen on the internet.

Marlo and Andy search for Sylvia and find her standing on her balcony, contemplating suicide. When she runs back into the house and locks herself in the bathroom, Marlo is ready to give birth right on Sylvia’s mattress. Andy tries to talk Sylvia out of the bathroom and delivers the baby at the same time. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck at first and I was so worried something bad was going to happen to the baby. Luckily, Andy saves the day right before Sam shows up.

Seeing Sam with the baby and Marlo is devastatingly beautiful. Sam is obviously so in love with his new born daughter and it is definitely a beautiful sight to witness. But it is also devastating because Andy can only watch from a corner as her fiancĂ© holds his baby girl and the last scene at the hospital is absolutely heart-breaking. I think it sets the tone for the next two episodes. Andy will not be able to cope with Sam being a father to someone else’s baby, but ultimately we will get to see the pair work it out.

I quite enjoyed this episode even though things moved a bit slower than the past few weeks, but that is understandable since the corruption storyline has almost come to an end. I think what we will get to see in the last two episodes are bumps on the road for Sam and Andy. Oh yes, and Gail’s adoption! How is that going to end?

What do you think of Ninety Degrees? Share your thoughts with me below.

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