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Rookie Blue - Best Man - Review

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Where do we start? So much happened in this episode that helped to put so many things into perspective. Sam and Andy decide to take matters into their own hands and investigate into the corruption case. They manage to uncover some dirt that Dov and Marlo failed to even though they have been on the case longer than them.

We start off the episode with McSwarek’s engagement party at the Penny. Sam proposes to Oliver, hoping he would be his best man. Scenes filmed at the Penny are always a joy to watch. Andy is panicking because she lost the ring. She tries to keep it from Sam, but we find out that Sam has been keeping the ring in his glove box all along.

I’m glad they are finally picking up the pace and bringing people into the loop, like Traci. Andy and Sam manage to discover more leads in an entire episode than Dov and Marlo could in half a season. I don’t understand why. Did Dov and Marlo put a pause on their own investigation after that little talk they had in the parking lot a couple of episodes ago? Because they should have done what Andy and Sam did in this episode ages ago. They should have gone to Chris Klemp’s house to search for missing clues. So the only reason I find acceptable that they did not do that is because Dov and Marlo are taking a break from the investigation.

A lot of things were made so much clearer in this episode. The detective from Kitchener tells Andy and Sam how Ava Klemp got picked up some time ago when someone from the city’s police department told Kitchener PD that she had cocaine on her. Whether or not Izzy actually had drugs on her when she got arrested, I think this is Santana’s doing. Chris Klemp saw this as a warning, so he and his daughter has been on the run ever since.

In the beginning on the episode, we see Santana getting straight to the point with Noelle about Juliet being the officer from IA and how she was assigned to investigate 15. Santana is upset that Noelle kept this a secret from him and demands a report on the investigation by the end of the day. Noelle starts to get nervous after her talk with Santana, because the only lead IA has is Oliver Shaw and it is not looking good for the Staff Sergeant not matter how innocent his colleagues at 15 think he is. The promotion and the whole Izzy thing happened at the right time to make him look suspicious of being a corrupt cop.

Noelle meets with Sam and they form a plan. Sam brings Andy in on it and then Dov and Traci. Here’s what irks me the most. This investigation of theirs is supposed to be super secretive so Santana doesn’t hear anything about it. They know there is a dirty cop within 15, yet they conduct their investigation right in the middle of station, they talk about it in the lounge like nobody’s listening and they chase the Klemps down in a public library. What if one of those teenagers video their encounter down and uploads it onto the internet? Either way, I don’t think they are being cautious. I bet Santana is going to find out soon that some of 15’s finest are going rogue to save one of their own.

They track the Klemps down and find them at the library and they are afraid of the police. It takes Andy and Sam a while to convince them that they are real cops trying to clear a fellow cop’s name. Chris Klemp tells them that the guy he sold the explosives to is Oliver Shaw. And they didn’t think to ask for a description? Because later on as Traci drives the Klemps to a safe house, her phone rings and Chris identifies the man on the screen as Oliver Shaw. But it’s actually Steve.

Who didn’t see that coming from a mile away? I’m just glad the show didn’t wait until the last minute to reveal the person who placed the bomb in the evidence room. But is it really Steve? Maybe he’s innocent too? Maybe Santana is using him as a scapegoat too? But I don’t think so. If you think about it, the Pecks are important people in the police force. Santana probably knows Steve and Gail’s parents, Superintendent Peck and Inspector Peck. So I’m leaning towards Steve doing this voluntarily or at least being blackmailed into doing it.

I wonder when Marlo is going to be brought into the loop. It’s her investigation too. And I wonder how the others will react – especially Sam and Andy – when they realize they have to work with Marlo. The last time they were on a case together, things didn’t exactly work out well.

At the end, Andy and Sam warn Oliver about the investigation and how it is only a matter of time before IA arrests him. It was a heart-breaking scene with Izzy in the background as Oliver unravels in front of them. Matt Gordon absolutely crushed that scene. Poor, poor Oliver. In the end, he walks out of his office with Izzy, this time choosing family instead of career. Well, he doesn’t have a choice since he’s about to get arrested.

Case of the week. A kid goes missing and the rest of the precinct is working hard to find him. Because the child is somewhere on the autism spectrum, it’s hard to put out an amber alert. Why is that? I didn’t know that. Is it just in Canada? We learn something new every day. Oliver takes charge of the investigation, even getting out of the station this time.

So no Marlo again this week. Is this the fourth time? I assume she’s home resting. The time line on the show is a little weird and I have a feeling when Marlo finally shows up, she’d probably look like she’s about to pop anytime soon.

You guys have any theories about Santana and Steve working together? Do you think Steve is going to get caught soon or is IA going to wait a little longer to catch a bigger fish? I can’t wait to see where this is going. I’ve been anticipating the corruption storyline since the end of last season. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

What did you think of Best Man? Please feel free to share your thoughts with me!

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