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Dark Matter - Episode 4 - Advance Preview: “Double Take”

Last week left us with a hell of a cliffhanger and a lot of questions. Speculation has covered about every possible scenario, but the route Dark Matter takes is uniquely its own. Every episode I try to find something negative to say, but so far all I’ve come across is that the week long wait between episodes is painful. So, to help ease the pain of my fellow Dark Matter fans let me give you a little character preview so you know what to expect from our favorite amnesiac space crew.

The show, since the very beginning, has very skillfully tapped into character and actor chemistry when pairing them up for stories. This episode builds on two previously setup pairings for a couple of eye opening adventures. To properly preview this episode I’ll address the paired characters together instead of individually, because the pairings bond theses characters so tightly that I can’t address one without the other.

One and Three find themselves reluctantly paired together to try and find a buyer for the weapons left over from the mining mission. How they end up agreeing to be paired together is a well orchestrated moment that shows why Two is the one in charge. These two spend this episode bound in very close quarters as they try to work through the situation One gets them into. Since the promo gave this away, I can say that their encounter with Jace proves very informative and causes a drastic change in One and Three’s contentious friendship. I can also confirm that the promos and sneak peeks only tell a very small part of this story. Pairing Anthony and Marc together for this story was genius given how skilled they are at bouncing the sarcasm off of each other with ease.

Two and Five find themselves on a fun girl’s day out. It turns out they both share a skill that leads them to an unlikely place. They work together so effortlessly that I get the impression this is not the first time these two have partaken in this activity together. This outing goes a long way to showing the bond these two must have shared before the memory wipe. By the end of this story their relationship will suffer a drastic setback as one of them reveals a dark side that terrifies the other. Melissa and Jodelle have such an ease when they work together that it is exceptionally easy to believe their characters have some kind of sisterly relationship in their pasts. With that said, look for Two to have at least one moment that will come across as more maternal than sisterly. I look forward to one day finding out more about who all these characters are, but I really can’t wait to see how Five found her way into this ragtag team. Melissa gets a great opportunity to show off her fighting skills and it is a fantastic sequence.

Four is a bit of a loner this week. We learn some very interesting things about him throughout the episode. He doesn’t have a big presence this week, but his screen time was very wisely used to propel his character forward.

Six takes the opportunity presented by the space station and he gets his arm checked out. It’s a fun little side adventure for him and things don’t go quite according to plan. Not everything is as it seems in the world of Dark Matter.

The Android gets a little bit of a rest this week after her adventure from last week. She is left in custody of the ship while the others partake on their adventures. We do get to see her in a few pivotal scenes, including a curious encounter with a member of the crew.

This episode focuses primarily on the two pairings mentioned above, but the others do have their moments to shine. The end doesn’t have any big game changing moments like last week’s episode did, but by the end of this episode we may finally have an answer as to who the original owner is of the memory Five conveyed to Two in the premiere. This episode sets up new dynamics and fundamentally changes others.

You may have noticed that this preview is slightly shorter than most of my past ones. That is because Lindsey will not be back in time to work up a review for this episode, so she has asked me to fill in for her one more time, which means I tried to save my best material for that. After you enjoy this adventurous episode on Friday night at 10pm on SyFy be sure to return to SpoilerTV for my detailed review of this episode. I will try to have it up about an hour after the East Coast airing, so we can all discuss the information and relationship changes this episode presents.

Want a chance to earn an extra spoiler, or two, about your favorite character? Accurately guess who says the five quotes below and you can request a bonus spoiler. And because I’m so generous, I’m giving two chances to win spoilers, if you can also correctly guess who the quotes are being said to you too can get a spoiler about a character of your choice.

-“Given the circumstances perhaps we should consider leaving them behind.”
-”Hey, any crispier and you could serve it with a side of slaw. Now go.”
-“Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.”
-“So, bottom line, we’re worse off than we were twenty-four hours ago.”
-“Alright, we’ll see you guys back on the ship. Let’s go sidekick.”

Hit the comments below and leave your thoughts about this upcoming episode. Are you excited to watch the crew tackle the challenges this space station presents them?

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