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Z Nation - Season 2 - News Roundup

The Season 2 Premiere is fast approaching, and I thought it might be handy to have all the information in one post together to make it easier to find. I have added a few bits of information already such as casting news and set photos that have already been released. Andy or myself will update this post whenever new bits of information becomes avaliable. If you find anything that hasn't been added - which you feel should be - please submit the information using the submit scoop button below. Alternatively, you can email me at robert@spoilertv.com.

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  • 9th September 2015 - New Key Art

  • 24th August 2015 - New Promotional Photos

  • 24th August 2015 - New Promo - Musical

  • 23rd August 2015 - Episode 2.01 to 2.03 - Synopses
    Episode 2.01 - The Murphy

    Everyone tries to escape the impending nuclear blast; Citizen Z battles thawed zombies and issues an air bounty for Murphy.

    Episode 2.02 - White Light

    Heroes battle zombies and overeager bounty hunters; Murphy manages to escape; Vasquez considers working with the group.

    Episode 2.03 - Zombie Road

    The Heroes encounter a wagon train transporting survivors of the nuclear blast to safety; the Heroes go on a quest for a cure.


  • 18th June 2015 - Short Teaser Promo

  • 17th June 2015 - Russell Hodgkinson Interview (SpoilerTV Exclusive)
    First of all season two picks up where we left off, so Doc is back....hopefully for a while, but it's the apocalypse so anything can happen.

    Q: What’s it like playing Doc in comparison to your previous roles, what’s different about the role?
    RH: I've been acting for 35 years (mostly on stage), so it's difficult to compare roles. I can tell you this is the first opportunity I've had to develop a character over an extended period of time. That's the coolest part about being in a TV series.

    Q: What made you audition for the role of Doc, what was the main draw?
    RH I loved the role of Doc, the opportunity to work in Washington state (where I live) and the chance to earn a living wage as an actor.

    Q: Throughout Season 1 Doc was the group’s “Comedian”, the laid back one - will that continue in Season 2 or will Doc become more serious after the events of the finale?
    RH: The stakes are higher for everyone in season two, but Doc has survived this long by having a sense of humor and being a trusted team player. I don't think that will change.

    Q: If you could be a different character other than Doc who would you be and why?
    RH: I've been asked that before. If I couldn't play Doc, then I would love the challenge of playing Addy (minus the Mack drama) as a transgendered character. I could rock those dreadlocks and finally get a 'signature weapon' (the Z Whacker!). That's my answer and I'm sticking to it.

    Q: What was your favourite moment from the first season - most fun to film?
    RH: I would say the air shaft scene, but it was physically uncomfortable. They offered me a harness, but I refused it. I just hung there for hours. Next time I'll try "acting uncomfortable". I did have a blast doing the craniotomy on the young man in Warren's house. It was the first time you realize Doc is ready to jump in and do the best he can. Unfortunately his medical knowledge didn't extend beyond tips he picked up watching reruns of ER. Lots of blood! It was fun.

    Q: Can you tease anything about what we expect to see in Season 2? Follow up: What will be different than Season 1?
    RH: Like I mentioned earlier, the stakes are higher for everyone...Zombies included. Our make-up, wardrobe and special effects people are taking it to new heights. They are the real stars of season two. You will be amazed. I promise.

    Q: We got some backstory on 10k and Murphy in Season 1, is there a chance we'll see something about Doc's past in Season 2?
    RH: There is a very good chance of that.

    Q: Will there be a change in tone in Season 2, less humorous and more darker?
    RH: More of both during the second season.

    Q: As Murphy decided to jump ship in the finale will the group’s objective change or will they still be trying to get a cure for the outbreak?
    RH: The mission remains the same. Get Murphy to the CDC labs, but we are faced with many more obstacles.

    Q: Lastly, is there anything you can tell us about the fates of other characters who were hanging on by a thread in the finale?
    RH: Some characters stay, some go. Prepare to see many wonderful new guest stars, as well as a new addition to the team. You can also count on seeing a few reoccurring characters like Sketchy & Skeevy....and "Pie Girl". Brace yourself. Season two is off the hook!


  • 14th June 2015 - Screencaps from the First Promo

  • 14th June 2015 - First Look at Addy (Anastasia Baranova)

    So excited to finally share this image by @outlierimagery! #ZNationS2 "Who will live? Who will die?" #AddyZN #ZNATION

    A photo posted by Anastasia Baranova (@annyawesome) on


  • 9th June 2015 - D.C Douglas to Guest

    I may not be #AlbertWesker at the moment, but still reuniting with #zombies! Filming episode of Syfy TV's Z-Nation next week! #residentevil

    Posted by D.C. Douglas on Tuesday, 9 June 2015

  • 26th May 2015 - First BTS Photos of Season 2
    Thanks to Zelda19 for the heads up.

    More BTS Photos here

    Source: TVgeekTalk

  • 26th May 2015 - Karl Schaefer Interview: Episode Order, Characters, New Storylines, Zombies & More
    Karl Schaefer: “Season 2 picks up exactly where season 1 left off. All will be revealed. Who got killed, who lives. You’ll find out in episode 1 of season 2.”

    TV GEEK TALK: In season 1, you had several very interesting storylines. Tobias and his family of cannibals. The Sisters of Mercy cult. The guys over at the FU-Bar. Can you hint at some of the new storylines we might see going into season 2?

    Karl Schaefer: “Well, I will tell you that Sketchy and Skeezy will be back. We have a great Mississippi River episode that they’re featured in with 10K, kind of a whole Huckleberry Finn thing that we’re doing. So, they’re coming back, but we’re also doing other storylines and adding lots of new characters this season. Emilio Rivera who played sort of the biker gang leader in “Sons of Anarchy,” [is joining us]. Total badass and great actor. He’s coming on to do a 6-episode arc, and we’re just having a blast doing it. A very cool character and a survivor in the apocalypse.”

    “We also have lots of continuing storylines. One character played by Matt Cedeno, he’s coming on as a series regular and has sort of an antagonistic role. He tags along and shadows our characters. He’s also one of the guys after Murphy. He’s great, and we’re having a good time with him. And, all of the other characters, there’s just some really tense, emotional episodes. I will also say that pie-girl comes back.”

    TV GEEK TALK: One last, but very important, question I asked Karl was does the series have a season 2 premiere date yet. Unfortunately, the answer is “No” but it will be sometime in September just like the series premiere last year. What’s more and as the title of the article teased, Z Nation is actually getting 15 episodes (as opposed to the standard 13 for Syfy) in its sophomore season which should tell us all the confidence Syfy has in the show and its continued success. The only Syfy drama in recent years that has gotten more than the standard 13 episodes is Haven who got a double-season order of 26 episodes this past year. Congratulations, Z Nation, this is great news!


  • 12th May 2015 - Emilio Rivera Cast

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