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The Legend Of Zelda - TV series adaptation goes to pilot stage at Amazon *Updated*

Update: 24th June It appears that Season Zero got confused.

As some of you have mentionned in the comments, there was a bit of confusion about the “Zelda” project for Amazon. Turns out it’s not “Legend Of Zelda” but “Zelda” (working title “Z”), about novelist Zelda Fitzgerald, played by Christina Ricci. Sorry for the false alarm

Thank to Mason and Darkness for the heads up.

Once rumored in development for Netflix, Nintendo’s “Legend Of Zelda” live action TV series is still alive but with another streaming platform attached: Amazon.

Aiming to be a “Game of Thrones” for a family audience” as reported by The Wall Street Journal at the time of the project’s announcement, epic Zelda would be the perfect bridge between the ambitious and provocative dramas & dramedies Amazon starts delivering (as Transparent or The Man in the High Castle) and their kids’ programming offer including both animated and live action series.

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