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Star Trek: Captain Worf - Information Revealed + CBS Has Shown Some Interest

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Sitting down with Cinema Source, Dorn revealed that his proposed Captain Worf series would take place after the events of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but before those of Star Trek: Nemesis. So far, so intriguing.

He also suggested that Worf would have a tough Starfleet love interest, and that the character (Worf, not the love interest) would have no real allegiance to either the Klingon Empire or Starfleet, having moved on into a brand-new phase in his life. Dorn's idea for the show would have a somewhat different Klingon society, too, with humans and Starfleet officers having been integrated into the daily life of the Klingon homeworld, Qo'noS'.

Dorn mentioned that CBS and Paramount showed some interest in the idea, but not enough to financially back a pilot, which would need a lot of money for the extensive (and expensive) amount of FX needed for such a series. Dorn even puts the number at $3 million.


A campaign has launched and will run till the end of June to show CBS that fans are interested in the series. For more information on the campaign, check out Cinema Source.
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