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Pitch Your Show - Summer, Part B (Chicago Fire - How to Get Away with Murder)

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Hi and welcome back to Pitch Your Show.  Since we had so many shows nominated this time, the article has to be segmented.  Yesterday we got through Chasing Life.  You can find that segment here.  Today we focus on Chicago Fire through In the Flesh.  It includes Forever - the most nominated show this round with 120 nominations.  Because there were so many, especially for Forever, I apologize for not getting everyone's nominations in the article.  It was even tougher today than yesterday to narrow things down.  Still you can see all nominations in the link below.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

For clarification, I also do some light editing (mostly typos and grammar) of all nominations.  If however a comment says edited by it, it contains more severe editing usually for length.  Some truly awesome nominations were over 2 pages long and we just could not devote that amount of space to a single review when so many shows need to be covered.

As always the goal is for you find something interesting to watch during the hiatus.  If you do, please leave a comment below to let those who nominated the show know.  They will really appreciate hearing it.  Also if you have a show that you think should have been nominated but isn't, feel free to add your pitch in the comments box.  Half the fun of this event is talking TV with other fanatics and we'd love to know what you think should be in here.  Just remember that any show starting with K-Z may be coming in future segments.

Link to spreadsheet
Segment A

Chicago Fire:

***Nominated by Jessica VanWinkle - Full disclosure: I started watching this show just because Jesse Spencer was in it. I loved him in House, and I wanted to see him in his new show. But I instantly fell in love. Chicago Fire shows the daily struggles and adventures of the Chicago firefighters and paramedics of House 51. You get to witness the characters fight to save lives as well as form relationships with each other. The show does a great job of showing the camaraderie between everyone at House 51. I have never had so many emotions over a TV show. I've laughed, I've cried (and sobbed), I've cheered, and I fell in love with the characters. So I guess I should thank Jesse Spencer. Without him I probably would have never started watching Chicago Fire.

Chicago PD:

*** Nominated by Jessica VanWinkle - Chicago PD just finished its second season, and it's my favorite show on TV right now! It's the spinoff of Chicago Fire, but you do not have to watch that show first to understand PD. It features the men and women of the Chicago Intelligence Unit. Each episode features a "case of the week", and it's action packed as the detectives and police officers try to take down the bad guys. Unlike some procedurals, you really get to know all the characters. This show has something for everyone- strong women, handsome, intelligent men, and even humor. Chicago PD also goes a good job of showing that not every case is black and white- there is a lot of gray area. All of the actors bring something to this show, but my favorite is Jon Seda, who plays the amazing Detective Antonio Dawson. You should definitely give Chicago PD a chance- I promise you won't regret it!


***Nominated by Mac - Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes and Gilmore Girls fame is on first glance a pretty face with solid acting chops but look further and you'll find a creative mind behind the actor. Produced by Ventimiglia 'Chosen' poses as a fast paced action show that follows the lives of several characters that are confronted with a unique issue: they all find boxes with a mysterious cube, a weapon and an image of a, to them, unknown person. Soon it becomes clear that these are their targets, to assure that the characters also kill who they were ordered to kill the creators of this sick competition also set other assassins after them. Action and writing wise the series doesn't need to hide behind genre heights like the Bourne series and 24. The biggest difference the show poses however is the fact that the episodes are presented in 22 minute blocks instead of 40 minute blocks. The cast includes a lot of familiar faces: Ventimiglia himself, who portrays a family father who is thrown into the competition to save his family. 'Charmed's Rose McGowan as a seasoned assassin. 'Agent Carter' star Chad Michael Murray as someone who unknowingly becomes part of the game. 'Legends of Tomorrow' and 'Superman Returns' star Brandon Routh as a shady, villainous businessman. As well as 'Disturbia's Sarah Roemer as a undercover assassin. Also the guest cast includes some familiar names like Katrina Law ("Arrow"), Stacy Haiduk ("Superboy"), Diedricj Bader and Rider Strong.


***Nominated by Freda - I finally talked a friend into watching this series this year. Both he and his wife couldn't put it down. They got so sucked into it, they have sent me several emails about possible movie news. It is about a guy who gets stuck with all the US government secrets in his head. He has two government handlers and they go on missions to protect Burbank, CA. Zach Levi plays Chuck and he has the right amount of chemistry with pretty much everyone on set. Right off of the bat, you will notice how well Chuck and his best friend Morgan get along. It really does feel like you are watching two best friends interact. Sarah (one of Chuck's spy handlers) has some really nice fight scenes. Adam Baldwin from Firefly plays John Casey (Jayne Cobb 2.0/a spy handler). I really don't have the space to talk about how awesome this show is. Try the first episode. If you like light, funny action series, you will like this one. Trailer


***Nominated by Shauna Thacker (edited because it had 2 shows in one nomination) - The reason to watch this show is that it is scripted really well and it draws you In from the first episode. And fans want Constantine to be renewed because you can't just hear what Manny said at the end of the show and end it there. You have to keep going to find out if Manny is bad or not. Also the chemistry between the actors is really good. No Constantine isn't warm and fuzzy but he's not supposed to be. He cares about his friends and does show them in his own weird way. The guy that plays Constantine is so neat and cool my fiancé likes him because he voices Edward Kennway from Assassin's Creed, plus I like him for his accent and he's cute and I like him for how he really cares about his friends. That's compassion. It takes fans a little bit to get into the show like mom it took her 3 episodes to like it but you have to let it grow more and not cancel it after 13 episodes because you didn't give it time to grow and expand and catch people's eye long enough.

Covert Affairs:

***Nominated by Owen - Are you looking for a spy show that features a strong female lead, action packed and full of twists? Then Covert Affairs is worth your consideration. Annie Walker is one of the most well written female leads on television. She is a brave and strong character. Also, the supporting cast is awesome, especially Christopher Gorham. He plays a blind CIA operative and he plays it well. Although the show ends in a open ending way, it still wraps up the major story line. So you can watch it without fear of a cliffhanger finale.

Crossing Lines:

***Nominated by Am - I only just started watching Crossing Lines, but already it is one of my favorite TV shows. Crossing Lines is a TV show about crimes that cross country borders, and the international team that solves them. William Fichtner – the American – is brilliant as the understated, but dead-on, criminal profiler. Moon Dailly plays the relatable and promising new agent. Richard Flood – the Irish man – has the strong loyalty of growing up in a Traveller family, and the infamous Irish rage, but for good reasons. He is quick to anger, but smart, and knows when to reign himself in. Gabriella Pession, plays the Italian who has a troubled past but is often able to overcome it and not let it bother her. She is quick-witted and great at being the first one on the scene. Tom Wlaschiha, the German member of the team, the computer genius, is very kind and smart. Marc Lavoine plays the French leader who holds the team together. He is the glue. His strength of leadership brings all the different characters together and helps them all use their strong points. Finally Donald Sutherland is the super-man, despite his age. He outwits Russians and faces danger everyday as the team’s face in court. He is the one who gets them warrants and makes their cases legally effective. Crossing Lines is so well-filmed and acted, with strong characters, compelling stories, and an international feel that can be welcome after much American TV, that it is my recommendation for giving a try this summer.


***Nominated by Joy Haldar - Give this one a try. You won't regret it!

1.Amazing acting from the entire cast, especially Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock & Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin. Everyone brought their A game here.
2.Outstanding action sequences & production values.
3.Every episode gets better than the preceding one. It will satisfy both type of fans - comic nerds & non-comic book fans.
4.Dark, gritty & realistic tone compared to the MCU shows.
5.Unpredictable twists. The writers are absolutely fearless. It's the first time we feel for both the hero & the villain equally.
6.Fantastic use of flashback sequences to enrich the narrative even more rather than becoming a distraction or sore sticking point.


***Nominated by Esther - I think this show is cool in a lot of different ways! On the politics of the show, this show is very progressive in its exposure with sexualities and allowing its characters to be more than just the default heterosexual characters and gives a lot of representation to the queer community that is more than just a villainization or a tragedy. Also, the themes that Dominion deals with in its storyline of angels and demons among humans parallel beautifully to the difficult themes of classism and racism in society and in individuals. This show also embraces and lifts the female characters in so many ways, making them rulers of lands and just general badassery that society is in desperate need of in their storytelling. There's the cool "hero" storyline and all the special effects are beautiful so you can really dive into their post apocalyptic world. Plus, if all else fails, this amazing cast is filled with gorgeous human beings that really bring the storyline to life!

***Nominated by Cristina - Dominion has an amazing cast, high quality acting, wonderful scripted episodes and a fantastic crew!


***Nominated by Alexa - Forever is a rare gem that captures the imagination with the perfect balance of intrigue and character development. Each episode has me laughing out loud, on the edge of my seat, and it occasionally brings a tear to my eye. While built on the supernatural premise of an immortal medical examiner (Henry Morgan), Forever is rooted firmly in realism as it explores what it means to be human, whether mortal or immortal. The storytelling is artfully crafted with thoughtful flashbacks to show the complex and fascinating history behind the man that is Henry Morgan, and how this history permeates the present. The relationships on Forever are real and have engaged me like no other show. As Henry appears to be in his 40s to the outside world, but has over 200 years of life experience, it makes for immensely entertaining interactions. Others’ reactions to some of his 19th century mannerisms or his uncanny knowledge of...well, everything, from his long life, are always amusing. The banter between Henry and his now elderly but vibrant son Abe, his quirky assistant Lucas, Detective Jo Martinez, and others, is humorous and endearing. And because Abe is the only one who knows Henry’s secret of immortality, watching Henry navigate life with those who are unaware of his condition is one of my favourite aspects of Forever. How does a person explain how he ended up naked in the Hudson River after dying and being reborn? Hilariously, that’s how. Apart from the great plot and storytelling, Forever has high quality acting. Specifically, Ioan Gruffudd embodies Henry Morgan so well that I sometimes have to remind myself that he’s fictional, and Judd Hirsch perfectly portrays Abe as a man who has lived a full life but yet is still young in comparison to his father. This has just skimmed the surface of what Forever brings to the table. It is a fantastic show that I have deeply connected with and that has made my life a little brighter. And I think it would do the same for you.

***Nominated by Gator Fan (edited for length) - What starts as a doctor’s desire to treat a patient turns into a 200-year-long adventure. In 1814, 35-year-old Dr. Henry Morgan is fatally shot and thrown overboard when he attempts to treat an ill slave aboard a slave trading ship. In the first of many such occurrences, he returns to life in a body of water and emerges from it naked. This extended lifespan presents Henry with the opportunity to do whatever he wants with his immortality. His freedom, however, is tempered by the pains of loneliness and loss as death separates him from the people he cares for and as his inability to age (what Henry calls his “curse”) complicates any long-term relationships he does form. In addition, several people attempt to harm Henry because of his immortality, and this has caused him to hide it from the rest of the world. In the present day, Henry is a 235-year-old New York City medical examiner seeking clues concerning his immortality so that he can find a way to naturally age and die. During an investigation into a fatal subway crash in which he is the sole survivor, Henry begins to work on the investigative side of law enforcement as the New York City Police Department seeks his expertise. Frequently, he partners with Detective Jo Martinez, the lead investigator in the subway crash. Although she finds his behavior frustrating and careless during some cases, she is also interested in him as a person, and the two develop a friendship. Only two people know exactly how Henry survived the crash: Abe and Adam. Abe is Henry’s friend, business partner, and 70-year-old adopted son. Adam is a 2,000-year-old immortal who engages Henry in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse that threatens to either kill Henry permanently or exposes his carefully guarded secret publicly.

Cases are not Forever’s only appeal; the personal relationships are a major factor also. The Morgan family forms as Henry and his future wife Abigail tend to an infant Abe at their field hospital at the end of WWII. Abigail quickly becomes his loving and loyal ally while Abe’s miraculous survival in the Nazi concentration camps parallels aspects of his adoptive father’s own life. Over the years, the family manages to maintain a sense of normalcy given their unique circumstances. Abigail’s inexplicable disappearance in the 1980s deeply affects Henry; since her disappearance, he has not allowed himself to fall in love again. As for Abe, Henry and Abe have become friends, and Abe has become Henry’s trusted advisor. Abe, however, worries that his future death from old age will deepen Henry’s loneliness—or worse. For Abe, hope comes in the form of Henry and Jo’s budding relationship and in Henry’s interactions with his new teammates. Henry and Jo bond over their similarities, their mutual desire to solve cases, and their personal experiences of losing a spouse. After some initial reluctance, Lieutenant Joanna Reece and Detective Mike Hanson accept him as a part of the team. Lucas Wahl, Henry’s assistant, looks up to Henry, and the two prove to be an effective team. Henry’s widening social network, however, makes keeping his immortality a secret harder, which creates a suspenseful tension for viewers.

The series’ writers have taken the threads of emotional pain, death, immortality, and human relationships and woven them into a stunning tapestry which also reveal the beauty of life—in the pleasant memories of a lost loved one, in loving family and friends, and in the creative culture of the living. In a drama about dealing with pain, aging, death, and immortality, one would expect that the series would be very serious. It’s not always the case. Forever does have a considerable number of comedic moments. Most of the moments come from the characters’ interactions with each other, especially in Jo’s and Hanson’s reactions to Henry’s and Abe’s amateur, logical—and unorthodox—methodology. For those worrying about the level of violence, sex, language, and nudity, Forever’s levels are about the same or tamer than most network procedurals. When the violence and sex is more graphic, it is usually an earlier episode, or the storyline includes Adam in some way. As for the nudity, it is usually associated with Henry’s rebirth, which happens infrequently. Those scenes are usually filmed from his waist up or knees down or with Henry using something large to hide behind so that he can go home and get some clothes without being arrested again. The cases, the relationships, the suspense, the writing, the cinematography, and the acting has created a series that has viewers eagerly anticipating the next episode.

***Nominated by Juliette (edited for length) - More and more people continue to discover this unique drama despite being canceled May 2015. "Forever" is a cop/drama with heart. Ioan Gruffudd plays the main character "Henry Morgan" a medical examiner in 2015 who helps the NYPD solve crimes with precision, yet cannot solve one that involves himself. For reasons yet to be revealed, "Henry" became mortal as an adult 200 years prior. Gruffudd plays this role with undeniable panache and heart. "Henry's" reflective narration pre and post episode serves as intellectual bookends for a cerebral show. Believable chemistry is apparent amongst the ensemble cast. Each character is well developed. "Abe", the adopted son is played by veteran Judd Hirsch. In addition to being privy to "Henry's" immortal status, "Abe" is aging making him physically older. However, this detail is easily overlooked, for both actors deliver the father/son dynamic with proper measure. The script is rife with brilliant, comedic timing and clever dialogue . Relevant flashbacks provide a helpful window, an appropriate link for viewers to "Henry's" past. It gives you a better understanding of his character and choices. The cinematography is on a filmic level, making the quality seem like a premium motion picture.

***Nominated by Jennifer - One part Sherlock, one part police procedural, one part supernatural. The story entertains, but what really makes the show are the bonds. The bond between Father and Son. The bond between partners, both broken people. The bond between co-workers. The bond between mentor and student. What Forever has isn't a gimmick, it's heart. While other shows throw in difficulties to separate the main character from their support and force drama, this show takes a separate person and shows that with a bit of trust and loyalty, people band to him in times of need instead, and that together, then can weather any storm. The stories entertain me, the heart of the show keeps me coming back.

The Flash:

***Nominated by Goodbye Revenge - The Flash is in my opinion one of the best new shows this year. The Flash follows Barry Allen, an investigator with the police. When he was younger Barry's mom died in a tragic "freak accident" and Barry's father was blamed for her death. After a particle accelerator explodes, Barry ends up with super speed, and many others also gain powers which they use for malicious deeds. Barry Allen attempts to stop these villains and avenge his mother's death while freeing his father from prison. Although I have never been one to read comic books, I found this show amazing. The plot line is terrific and very entertaining. Barry Allen portrayed by Grant Gustin is a likable character who you'll find yourself rooting for throughout each episode when he is in dangerous situations. The rest of the actors and actresses each do very well and are complex yet fun and interesting to watch. Cisco (portrayed by Carlos Valdes) adds an air of comedy to the show sometimes needed to combat the intensity of episodes. The writers expertly add depth to each of the characters which makes the audience sincerely care for each of them. Overall this show is great! I hope you give it a chance!

***Nominated by Okeke Nwabueze - Because it has an interesting storyline and lots of action, supernatural drama and suspense.

Fresh Off the Boat:

***Nominated by Pablozky - The comedy of the show comes from its great one liners, pacing and timing, and it excels in all of those areas. The cast is superb and the jokes comes from the character traits rather than forced plot. Though season 1 has a few less than stellar episodes, as a whole, Fresh off the Boat is one of the most promising freshmen comedies of the season.

***Nominated by Dahne - It has been a very lean comedy year for me and I had about given up when along came Fresh Off the Boat. While it starts off focusing on the eldest child, Eddie, it soon turns to spotlighting the parents. It was a smart move on the show runner's part because Constance Wu, who plays Jessica, nails her role as an overachieving mom trying to navigate a strange new world - 90's Orlando suburban life. Funny, smart, and nostalgic, Fresh Off the Boat is one of the best new comedies of the year. I highly recommend it to fans of The Goldbergs and other comedies that combine heart and laughs.


***Nominated by Diana Fonte - It's the most powerful show that I've ever seen. Seeing it causes a mix of emotions; in the same scene you can feel fear, happiness, and sadness. I find myself always curious as to what happens next and know why that thing happened. It's so unpredictable sometimes. It has an incredible and strong fandom - imagine why.

***Nominated by Dahne - Fringe is a high-concept sci-fi drama that originally started as a procedural. While not giving away the many twists, I can say that the Walter and Peter father-son relationships is one of the best I have ever seen. They both show great character growth, considering that Peter has not spoken to his father in years when the show first begins. As they experience more of the weird and secrets are uncovered, they bond in such a heartwarming way that I still miss their interactions. Plus this show stars John Noble, which is reason enough to give it a try. He's simply amazing.


***Nominated by Freda - A gallant knight is off to save his love who has been forced to wed an evil king in this campy, musical fairytale. It is only 8, 30-minute long episodes. It has tons of notable and random guest stars that even bring the series more to life. The characters are funny (even the villains can be likeable). The music is written by Dan Fogelman, Alan Menken and Glen Slater (Disney). It is very self-aware and constantly mocks its own tropes. While I greatly enjoyed each episode, there is some criticism that a few of the middle episodes could have been better. This is most likely due to the fact that the series constantly throws joke after joke at you and makes the characters cartoonish. They are a little more difficult to relate to. However, the series really finds itself toward the end. If you liked things like the Princess Bride or Spamalot, be sure to give this a try. It has been renewed for season 2. Trailer  Clip from pilot

Generic Heroes Save the Day:

***Nominated by Mac - Originally conceived as a foul mouthed parody on the RPG videogame genre the concept soon evolved into a concept making fun of the entire fantasy genre. The pilot script was pitched and passed around to various big and small names in the network and streaming area. However the pilot itself found only one potential home. The pilot was produced as a half hour animated comedy but eventually was passed on. No network or streaming service names are going to be mentioned here, of course. Eventually the creators, including yours truly, decided to not let the show die a quiet death without ever seeing the light of day and finished it on their own terms. Cutting several corners like scrapping the originally intended hand drawn style in favor of a more cost efficient CGI based cartoon style. The show ultimately found a release on and YouTube. Free to watch for those interested and available for DVD purchase for those that want to see more. Soon the show might find its way to a certain basic cable network for midnight airings depending on the result of currently happening negotiations. The show focused on the classic fantasy set up: a beautiful princess is kidnapped by a bad guy, leaving the hero in shining armor to save her. However the show puts a different spin on the system. The heroes are foul mouthed jerks while the villains, most of the time, are dorky and fun. The show poses as a comedic take on Game of Thrones, Legend of the Seeker and The Legend of Zelda. Also it stars Connor McKinley, Madison Fung, Tom Helps and Frank Stone.


***Nominated by Folie-lex - The show explores the state of Gotham, in the pre-Batman era, through the eyes of rising detective James Gordon, the one good cop in a city full of scoundrels. Crime bosses run the town, on and off the streets as they seem to have embedded their influence in every level of the city (from the police force and the justice system to the night clubs and the docks). On the other side of the spectrum the general population is overwhelmed by the injustice that seeps from that. The result? A city in chaos, where the criminals think they can get away with murder (and they often do) and the regular folk trying to rise in rebellion break the law themselves. Amidst all this craziness Detective Gordon tries to maneuver himself through this pile of corruption, without losing his own integrity. He is not entirely alone in this quest as he finds allies in his partner Bullock and their Lieutenant, two tired disillusioned cops who don't rock the boat and have fallen in line with the status quo. But they like Jim and they have his back, and as the show progresses his positive influence on them is palpable. Lastly you can't have any real Batman related show without a mention of Batman himself. The show begins with the origin of the Batman mythos, the young Bruce Wayne witnessing his parents murdered in a dark alleyway. In the context of the show Batman is never really the main focus however. Bruce is in fact too young for that yet, but we begin to see the birth of the legend, the methodical detective, the analytical mind, the stubbornness and determination. And hopefully the actual fighting and training will be the next step in the evolution of the boy becoming the Batman. I think sometimes it can get a bit cartoony, yes, but I think it's gritty and well made enough that it balances things out. Also it knows not to take itself too seriously and IMO for a show like this that can only be a good thing. When I watch this show I mainly think that if the 90's early 00's WB/DC animated series were live action they'd definitely look something like this and seeing as I loved those shows consider it high praise. Perks for the comic book lovers: The show is full of nice little Batman nods all around.

Grace and Frankie:

***Nominated by Freda - Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston return to the small screen, although the series has been met with severely mixed reviews. The series is about two women (who really didn't like each other) bonding over the fact that their husbands have left them after 40 years of marriage for each other because gay marriage is now legal. It has a very Odd Couple feel. Both actresses play well off of each other and there are times when you just have to laugh and other times when you have to cringe. The series isn't without faults and isn't for everyone. While the series is overall humorous, it doesn't lie that the two husbands were in a 20 year affair. The scenes with the men tend to try to ignore this. The scenes with the women are all about getting over it. Older audiences might relate more to this series than younger as it is about an older generation finding a new sense of freedom. However, as a younger viewer, this is also the reason why I liked the series so much. It was so much more different than anything else on TV. As the two 70 year old leads go through stages in how to deal with such a life changing event, you see anger, grief, acceptance and a lot of heart. Series has been renewed for season 2. Trailer


***Nominated by omabin - Soooo, I feel like a fish out of water getting into the teen-genre conversation because I am pretty much inexperienced in the area and I don't really watch any teen show nowadays. This show is actually the only ABC Family show I've ever watched, but I've got to say it's definitely worth it. While this is by all means a teen show, it is a very mature teen show dealing with teens that are getting into adulthood and has beautiful performances from the entire cast with writing that gives room to the fun, the truly comedic moments, the drama and, especially, the heart. To me, from what I've seen of the teen genre that tends to be embroiled in annoying love triangles all the times, that is what differentiates Greek the most from everything else: how much heart it has. Fear not, you will still find plenty of your love triangles around if that's what you are looking for, but even those, for once, I feel are done with heart and in a credible, realistic way that I can't help but look at myself or people I know in those situations. If you are into this genre at all, or even if you think you aren't but you may be inclined to give it a shot because you are drawn to shows with the features I've described above, then I highly suggest you give Greek a try!


***Nominated by omabin - Ok, so Homeland is obviously not a fly under the radar type of show and it certainly isn't a show that hasn't had its fair amount of praise over the years. By now, everyone who doesn't watch it is probably sick of hearing how mind blowing the acting is (it really is though!), how fabulous the writing is and how "trendy/ modern/ current" the topics are. In other words, everyone who doesn't watch it is probably sick of the critical acclaim it has. Yet, I am still submitting it here and I am doing so for a very particular reason, targeted at a very particular group of people: if you happen to be someone who has a hard time getting into "prestige/ critically acclaimed/ premium cable" shows, I have good news for you. Homeland may be all that, and then some, but it also really is a show that you will be able to enjoy and love even if you normally do not enjoy these types of so called high end dramas. For starters, the pacing is way faster than it tends to be on these type of shows, which is usually the problem most people have. Additionally, there are enough characters spread on the show (especially in early seasons) for you to relate and connect despite the different situation they are living in. Finally, it has all the right ingredients that a lot of people love about their TV shows: a lot of action, a lot of tension, romance, betrayal, mystery, intrigue and yes, mind blowing - out of this world acting and incredible writing - all of this combined will lead to some pretty strong heart stopping moments, I can guarantee you. So, if you are one of those people convinced that Homeland isn't for you just because of the category in which it is typically put into and because of the channel on which it airs, my humble request for you is think again. Try it out and see for yourself. I am sure there is a good chance it is indeed for you.

How to Get Away with Murder:

***Nominated by Missions - Whoa! That was my reaction after watching the pilot! I had never seen such an amazing pilot in a while. It started with a flash-forward which completely blew my mind! At first, I was confused and had no idea what the hell was going on. However, as the episode progressed I started understanding everything. Then the first episode ended with a major twist, but only one of many in the first season! The first season was pure perfection. The writing was on spot, the acting was incredible, especially from Viola Davis, and the character development was brilliantly done. The one aspect that stands out is that the show is very realistic. Viola Davis wanted the show to be very realistic. Therefore, she went to the writers and suggested how to do some scenes! Of course, those scenes were excellent. The winter finale seemed underwhelming when one certain thing happened, but one second later, there was a twist that changed the whole episode to being the best episode of the season next to the season finale which was jaw dropping. Actually, my jaw is still on the floor. One thing, I do have to admit is that the show is dark, and I mean pretty dark. You will fall in love with certain characters and you will be able to relate to them quickly. Personally, I find this to be Must-Watch television and everyone, who is not watching, is missing out on something very spectacular. You will not believe my anticipation for season 2!! I am under the assumption, that you will have time to watch this in the summer! If not, well you better do it! I promise, you will not be disappointed.

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