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Pitch Your Show - Summer, Part A (12 Monkeys - Chasing Life)

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The nominations are in and over 85 shows were nominated for Pitch Your Show. Amazing! Since that's far too many for one article, I am breaking it down into smaller chunks. Today we spotlight those shows that fall between 12 Monkeys and Chasing Life alphabetically. Since I am a librarian, any show that begins with "The" will be alphabetized by the second word of the title. The other shows, including Forever, should be coming one article per day until we're done.

To keep the articles readable, I have limited nominations to 2-3 per show normally with a few shows having 4 comments. I am truly sorry if your nomination is not in here. Know that I appreciate your comments and making the choice of what went in was difficult. ALL nominations can be found in the link below. I have also edited a very few comments for length and combined paragraphs when I could. Again, all original comments can be found in the link below.

I hope that every reader finds at least one show that they are interested in trying. If you do, please comment in the section below. I know those who nominated would love to hear from you. Also if you would like to add something to a show's nomination or if you didn't get a chance to nominate, please add your thoughts in the comments.

Reminder - If you don't see the show you nominated, it is probably coming later in the week. Please be patient with me. I have a full-time job that demands my attention too.

Link to spreadsheet

12 Monkeys:

***Nominated by Lou - Premise: James Cole (Aaron Stanford) time travels from the year 2043 where the world has been practically destroyed by a deadly plague to the year 2013 in order to stop the release of the virus. Along the way he meets Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull) - a former Center for Disease Control specialist and realizes that stopping the end of the world will take more than one trip and span countess decades.

Why it's worth watching: The series is based on a 1995 movie of the same name (don't worry you don't need to watch the film to understand the series) and I will be the first to admit that the very idea of remaking that excellent film into a Sy Fy channel show wasn't something I was happy about. Yet despite my extreme reservations 12 Monkeys has managed to distance itself enough from the film and create its own world and own stories. By the time S1 ends it has firmly put the science fiction back into Sy Fy. Also it is a show worth sticking with because the first few episodes are a little average but it does become something much better as it progresses and becomes certain of itself. The show has a bit of everything. There is humor from Cole adapting to what he sees as the past as he is very much the fish out of water, there is great action, a whole lot of thriller as the conspiracy over who released the virus (and why) becomes deeper. If you are looking for a great relationship then Cole and Cassandra will provide as inevitability they become closer but Cole's mission means they may never meet again. The show also takes Cole back to the future and so we get two very interesting relationships with Cole and Doctor Jones played by Barbara Sukowa (the woman behind the time travel experiments) and Cole's best friend, Ramse played by Kirk Acevedo. As the season picks up so do the twists and turns and one of the most interesting aspects of the series is how all the main characters are forced to make choices. Do they take the selfish choice in order to save a loved one or take the tough often horrific course of action in order to save the whole of mankind? There are no easy answers with 12 Monkeys. Cole can change the past and help shape the future but sometimes the ripple effect can make things that much worst. Other things to note: Emily Hampshire takes on the role of Jennifer Goines (Played by a manic Brad Pitt in the film) and she brings a crazy energy to every screen. There are some really creepy bad guys as well including Zeljko Ivanek who plays Jennifer's father and Tom Noonan who plays a mysterious character who has a very unnerving presence.

***Nominated by Lindsay - 12 Monkeys is one big, glorious, time-travel headache. Every concept of time travel is challenged and taken to a whole new canonical level that is never inconsistent. Deaths are cheated, histories are crossed, things that happened in the past haven’t happened yet. All these things are taken in stride with characters that are never what they seem. In the end, the story really keeps it center based on the age-old question: what would you do for someone you love? From good guys who sacrifice innocent lives and bad guys who expose these flaws, you may not like the answer. Plus an ending that begs for more logical answers and quite literally changes everything.

***Nominated by SGU - Like many I'd become accustomed to sub-par shows from SyFy, but this time travel drama proved they still have the potential to give us great shows as they have in the past. In 12 Monkey's case it just got all the ingredients right, the cast, which are great on screen bring real depth and emotion to their characters. The story involves a lot of jumping around in different years but is all put together quite nicely. And as always with time travel, it's easy to get it wrong and confuse the hell out of the viewer, but 12 Monkeys sets up rules and sticks to them. The show has a special way of telling certain parts of the story across the timeline and tying them up quite satisfyingly towards the end of the first season, while at the same time leaving plenty of questions to be answered in season 2.

The 100:

***Nominated by Pablozky - It is one of the most morally complex TV shows on the air. The characters are well defined, and developed. Some evolve from mild stereotypes to fully fleshed out characters that feel like real people. The plot is intriguing, full of surprises, and it can be both inspiring and bleak depending on what the writers aim to do. It is by far the most groundbreaking show of The CW and it is on par with the quality of cable shows such as Game of Thrones and similar shows.

***Nominated by Misisons - Where do I even begin? I started watching the 100 because of the recommendation of people in this "competition". I definitely do not regret watching, instead I am mad that I did not watch live from the beginning. This show will warm your heart! It is about 100 teenagers who are sent to the earth to see if they can survive. They start discovering the earth's bad sides. Therefore it is about Survival and what you may have to do as well as sacrifice in order to survive on the ground. Alliances are formed, many people die, relationships are formed and much more. The characters are brilliant and the development is superb. In addition, it seems so real that it is brutal which makes this show so excellent. In spite of not being a psychological thriller, there are many twists that will shock you. The season 2 finale had me in tears!! So I advise you to watch this show so that it can live for many more years. In my opinion, it is the best show ever produced on the CW. You can watch it only HULU Plus and CW Now! May the Marathon of brilliant TV commence for you.

***Nominated by Sarah - What is The 100? I get asked this a lot. The way I describe it is take Lost, add the world building of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead's willingness to kill off a main character with a hint of Battlestar Galactica and there you have The 100. The 100 is truly doing something special on network television. The CW is known for its teen dramas like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, comedies like Jane the Virgin, and the shows that solve mysteries every week like Supernatural and iZombie. And let's be honest, The 100 started out as the same unoriginal stuff you usually see on the network with an average at best pilot and 2-3 slow episodes after. The show finally found its place around the 4th or 5th episode and has since then grown, ditching their crappy love triangle and introducing character arcs and plots that love to mix black and white into a lovely grey.  A lot of shows on television right now seem to not be giving their female characters the respect they deserve. This show is thankfully one of the exceptions. Never once have they killed off a female character for a male's storyline and as a writer of the show, Kim Shumway, said when congratulated on the fact that they've never relied on sexual violence for character development or a plot device, "The show has made it a point not to define our female characters by their gender and personally, I think it's led to more interesting stories. It's a sad commentary on the overall portrayal of women that our show is distinctive because of it, but hopefully someday that will change." And with representation at an all time high, it is the first CW Network show to have a protagonist as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.  The 100 is, without a doubt, the best show on television. The entire first season is on Netflix already and you can watch the second on iTunes or Amazon Instant. Or you could wait until September 29th where the entire second season will then be released on Amazon and Netflix. The 100's third season will premiere in 2016 on the CW network.

Agent Carter:

***Nominated by Spindae - Agent Carter is a tale of a women who is simply extraordinary. The show features the lead Peggy Carter (played by the wonderful Hayley Atwell) fighting for justice and a place under the bright sky in a men ruled world. Peggy is smart, resourceful, well skilled in martial arts and sassy enough to go head to head with every wannabe Alpha male the show features. The short season set up really suits the show but still there is enough space to dig deeper into Peggy's character and the supporting cast which is just as brilliant and funny as the lead. The connections to the Marvel universe are simple, smartly layered and don't feel forced like in some other comic book related shows. At the end if you like action filled, fast paced shows with some comedic elements and a smart cast tune in and enjoy.


***Nominated by Freda - If you like superhero shows, you should check this out. While Alphas have superpowers , they tended to be more 'realistic' than superpowered like the X-Men or NBC's Heroes. For instance, one guy could make himself super strong by increasing his adrenaline, but he later had health concerns due to constantly having an adrenaline rush. In addition to down to earth super abilities, the series is not as comic booky as most superhero shows as it goes into the psychological cost of being a powered. In fact, the non-powered leader is actually a psychologist. The characters on this show really act like a family (although the characters are not related), the differences in their attitudes bring about humor, snappy lines and heart. Trailer:


***Nominated by omabin - I went into the pilot for this show with little to no expectations and it definitely was one of those that I ended up sampling just because it was coming out during summer and not during the regular season. I wasn't blown away by the pilot but I was intrigued enough by the atmosphere of the show and by the final scenes of it to try episode 2. And that feeling was even more present while watching said episode 2, upon which I ended up binge watching the whole thing in a little over 24 hours. The show is in theory about the rise of Charles Mason, the criminal, and while indeed he is a large part of the show, keep in mind that the show isn't entirely focused on catching him, especially because at this point in history he hasn't become a criminal worthy of that just yet. He will be connected to the main plots but this is not a cat and mouse series. Also, for those asking, it is highly serialized - sometimes you have cases of the episode, but those tend to connect with the main arch or to show up in subsequent episodes again or, if not, they tend to be very relevant for the main characters (think Hannibal).

Biggest Strengths: Very special/ different atmosphere, great period piece, AMAZING cast led by the charismatic as ever David Duchovny and by Grey Damon (who is one of biggest breakout stars and certainly the biggest surprise from this TV season for me), excellent and complex themes are explored on a different light (racism, homosexuality, women empowerment, war/military), great twists and very well developed relationships

Caveats (better to be straight up): the show belongs on cable so there is quite a few language/nudism/violence that the storyline would have demanded that is contained here, which I personally felt was a shame as it limited the experience a bit. Also, a couple of the supporting players could be a tad stronger, though it is nothing too egregious and everyone gets the job done. I do not think Aquarius is for everyone but I think more people ought to try it out to find for themselves whether or not it is for them. I highly recommend you do!


***Nominated by Lindsay - Arrow is an awesome dramatic show about the rise of a superhero in the midst of overcoming his own inner demons. The hero is a man who after spending five years in desperate survival on an island gradually develops from vigilante killer to veteran hero with a spectacular team by his side. Most of all, the show carries with it the conflicts and consequences of being a hero and fighting crime that is hardly seen anywhere else. There are shocking deaths, grey areas for heroes, and acts of desperation that give the show a real sense of urgency and gravity. The character of Felicity Smoak should be reason enough.

***Nominated by Naya - Contains:
- awesome fight/action scenes every episode
- great character development, especially for the protagonist (he actually has two simultaneous developments, one in present day and one in flashbacks)
- frequent flashbacks, that are mostly very interesting and often related to the present day storyline
- surprising twists
- villains that you can't help but love/love to hate; as the producers say: "every villain is the hero of their own story"
- rather dark series, especially in the first season and in the flashbacks, but it still contains humorous elements
- convincing origin stories = really good explanation of how & why everybody become the person/superhero/villain they are
- great (=convincing) actors
- ...who are also incredibly handsome/beautiful and you get to see them a lot (almost) shirtless
- great friendships/teamwork/family dynamic/romances, which are always developing & evolving
- a lot of awesome archery & martial arts
- for comic book fans: lots of Easter eggs & characters from the comics
- epic two-hour cross-overs with spin-off The Flash (seriously, the best cross-over I have ever seen!)
- very few filler-episodes


***Nominated by Carol Rath - It is unique.

***Nominated by Dahne - I'll be honest. I saw the trailer for Backstrom and I groaned. I didn't even want to watch the pilot because it looked like another show glorifying a douche bag. I hate the anti-hero movement. Still since I watch all new pilots for my column, I put this one off for as long as I could and then promptly enjoyed it more than I could ever imagine. No lie, Backstrom is a douche but he and everyone around him knows it and they aren't shy about calling him on it. Plus he grew on me, especially since he creates great relationships with people like his houseboat roommate and his back story explains a lot. Mostly though, I love the diversity in the characters. I've never seen a show where the police team is made up of a preacher, a metrosexual, an ex-mob money manager, an idealistic newbie, and an ex-MMA contender. Add to the group the thief informant roommate and a snarky doctor. Their unique perspectives and the general humor raise Backstrom above the typical police procedural. If the trailer scared you off, I'd suggest giving this show a try because it really is better than I ever expected it to be. I will miss this show.


***Nominated by Freda - I started watching this series because of the Quote of the Week articles here. I was not disappointed. This series has some of the best ultraviolent, over the top and fun action scenes on TV. It is about a recently released thief who tracks down his old girlfriend, who is hiding from her Ukrainian gangster father. To stay close to the old girlfriend, he steals the identity of the new town sheriff. Besides the awesome action scenes, cool characters and snappy dialogue, the series sets itself apart by making the town more complex. Right next to/inside the town is an Indian Reservation, neo-Nazi skinheads area, and an Amish settlement. These very different cultures clash with each other and the main town. It adds an interesting dynamic to both the show and its characters. The actual overall plot in season 1 is fairly predictable - but the implementation shocking and well-worth watching. In addition, the series is really well written. There is only 10 episodes a season, so most of the time, you are on the edge of your seat wondering how the hell the protagonist is going to make it or if that really just happened. I feel that I am not doing this series any justice, but if you are looking for an action series, or if you like Justified or Strike Back, be sure to check it out. The series will return for a 5th season next year. Warning: it contains violence, gore and nudity. Trailer:

Bates Motel:

***Nominated by Angela - Prequels aren't easy things to pull off, especially a prequel for an iconic, memorable horror film. "Bates Motel" has managed to make the idea work, however. The idea of focusing on Norman's teen years, seeing the events that led him to become the killer we're all familiar with, is perfect and fitting, since the teen years tend to be where most murderers' mindsets and behaviors really begin forming. The acting is a big part of what makes this show so watchable, most notably in regards to Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga. Stepping into the shoes that Perkins filled so eerily well would be intimidating, but Freddie's managed to make his take on Norman Bates unique and fascinating. He does a great job of showing Norman's budding creepiness and horrifying descent into madness, and yet, he also has moments where he manages to make Norman sympathetic. We all may know where this story will end up, but we're still able to root for Norman to get help and possibly have a happier outcome. I like stories that allow the audience to play "what if?" and this show constantly does that. And as for Vera...she's just incredible. She handles all of Norma's complexities so perfectly. Norma is hilarious, pathetic, strong, insecure, sexy, twisted...the list goes on, and Vera makes all those contradictions believable. Her love for Norman is messy and complicated and moving, and if you like characters who say what's on their minds, and damn the consequences, she's your woman. Like with Norman, it's hard not to feel for and root for her to have a better life, too. The show's also done a nice job of fleshing out the supporting cast-Dylan and Caleb are inspired additions to the family dynamic, and Romero and Emma are welcome outside perspectives. Their interactions with Norma and Norman are excellent (most notably in Romero and Norma's scenes), and it's fascinating and heartbreaking, watching them get sucked into or add to this family's crazy worldview.

I noted that this show makes Norman sympathetic at times, along with the other characters when they do bad things. For those who don't like that in their shows, that might pose a problem...but the show doesn't condone these people's horrible actions. Rather, they're presented as matter-of-fact events, things that happen because the circumstances didn't really allow for better options, or really stupid actions, even if they're done with good intentions. The show makes it clear that what these people do is not good, and if they get away with their crimes, it won't be for long. Same with the obvious incestuous vibe between Norma and Norman, or Norma and Caleb. Yes, the show tackles that head on, and I completely understand viewers being wary of that. But it's always presented as the deeply uncomfortable, disturbing thing it is, and if characters are seen to be accepting of that twisted behavior, they're implied to be just as warped because of their support. So hopefully viewers can keep those facts in mind if they have reservations about those aspects of the show. The show can also be very slow-building in its storylines, and despite being a prequel to a film that came out in the 1960s, it's got a modern spin on it in many ways, so for those who like a lot of constant action or aren't into modernized takes on classic stories, this might not be your bag. But for those who are more into the psychological aspect of these sorts of stories, or people who don't mind slow-build plots or modern interpretations, this should be up your alley. I think the modern take on the story works-Norman Bates' story is one that can, unfortunately, apply to any time period, as serial killers always have and always will exist. And seeing where a modern day Norman could've/would've gotten help, or a better understanding of what was wrong with him, in ways that the '60s version wouldn't have been able to show or do, makes the story that much more interesting and heartbreaking, I feel. Ultimately, though, the characters, the acting, and the connection to the classic film, are the best things about this show, and they're the reason you should check this series out.

Battle Creek:

***Nominated by Laura Markus - It's one of the best shows CBS has tried to do in a long time. It's a new spin on the "buddy cop" genre, and it is very refreshing. The acting, mainly by Dean Winters and Josh Duhamel, is flawless. They have great chemistry together and this is crucial for a show of this kind. The supporting characters are well done too. The writing is incredibly witty, sarcastic, and intelligent. Each case is different and they all work really well together as a season. And the season/series finale? Extremely satisfying. Unfortunately, this show had the worst possible scheduling and therefore was hidden under the cracks. Not enough people knew about this show and gave it a shot. I'm here to say that this show is worth it. This show was truly a diamond in the rough, and I cannot pimp it enough. A great show for binge-watching, this show will not leave you disappointed. It was a great 13-episode ride, and although it could've (and should've) gone on for more and more seasons, this one season of this one show will keep you entertained, amused, and thanking David Shore (and Vince Gilligan) for creating something this awesome.

Battlestar Galactica:

***Nominated by omabin - Do you miss Lost? Do you feel like the hiatus for The 100 never comes to an end? Do you like shows with very big stakes, an all around awesome cast, some of the best and most complex relationships around and twists that will make your head spin? Then Battlestar Galactica is the show for you. The show takes place in an unspecified time and space and follows what happens when the human race is almost annihilated by an cybernetic race. We follow the chronicles and adventures of the Galactica spaceship group of survivors as they make some of the most complex and morally ambiguous choices one can even fathom for what is supposed to be the greater good of the human race survival, as they attempt to rebuild society in all its components - including the ever complex politics - and as they continue to fight their attackers while ensuring their own survival. The cast is top notch, headlined by Edward James Olmos and by the astonishing Mary McDonnell. Amidst the chaos that is the fight for the human race's very survival, they will build characters that are as relatable as they come and dwell into relationships that will make you care for the most basic elements of humanity even during the literal end of world.

The show kicks off with a two part movie which is the pilot of the series and which serves to give you a pretty decent idea of what is to come (although I highly advise episode 1x01 as well). If any of what I said here resonated with you, if you ever had a meaningful conversation with me around here to make you trust me, if you like Lost/ The 100/ The Walking Dead, please give at least the two part movie a try and I guarantee you there is a very strong likelihood of you getting hooked. I realize the pile is huge and maybe you even stumbled upon one of my other submissions, but if you need to pick one, if you need to make one advance through your list, go with this one. You won't regret it. (Note: If you do want to give it a try, absolutely avoid Wikipedia/ IMDB/ etc. The show is HIGHLY SERIALIZED and certain traits and back-stories of the main characters will only come to light in late seasons but will be part of the character intros and all that in sites like those, so you must avoid all that until everything is watched. This series is way better sans spoilers).

***Nominated by Lou - For fans of: The 100, Lost, people in need for some great space set sci-fi

Premise: 40 years ago on the 12 Colonies, robots named Cylons were created by humans and were basically their servants. They became self aware and rebelled. After a huge war the two sides enter an uneasy armistice but the Cylons are never seen again. Until one day in their new humanoid form they launch a devastating nuclear attack on their former masters. Now an aging military space ship has to take what is left of the human race and try to find a new home which the prophecies call Earth. But with limited supplies, power struggles and the Cylons hot on their trail it won't be easy. Neither will the fact that that some of the humanoid Cylons have infiltrated the fleet. Who to trust? Commander William Adama (Edward James Olmos) and President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) have to keep the fleet together as they try to find a safe place to call home

Why it's worth watching: Battlestar Galactica has to be one of the most successful remakes of all time. Though the original 1970s series has a dedicated fan base, the 2004 reimagining took the genre to a whole new level. This wasn't just great sci-fi but it is considered to be one of the all time greatest shows of the last decade. Battlestar Galactica will keep you on the edge of your seat, make you scream at cliffhangers, cry at unexpected losses and go crazy trying to figure out what is going on. It mixes space action with politics and religion and in depth character arcs. No one is truly good or truly evil. So let's go deeper into why it's worth watching. You want complex female characters who are firmly in charge? Look no further than Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace (Katee Sackhoff) a Viper pilot with an attitude and a greater destiny than she knows. Then there is Laura Roslin who as the highest ranking member of the Government still alive goes from being Education Secretary to President of the 12 Colonies. Laura has to be practical and ruthless at times all whilst holding onto a bigger harder to explain belief that the prophecies say she will led humanity to their new home. We also have Sharon "Boomer" Valerii (Grace Park) who discoveries a horrifying secret whose repercussions have lasting effects on the fleet and her own life. And never forget Tricia Helfer as Number Six one of the Cylon models hell bent on the destruction of mankind. She may be classed as the enemy but you will grow to love her and the other Cylons. See this is another great thing about the series, it allows the audience to feel sympathy for both sides. Humans did treat the Cylons badly and thus the Cylons' quest for revenge makes sense on some level. Meanwhile both Adama and Roslin often make incredibly tough decisions which can cause you to hate them and they aren't always right but they have the fate of the entire human race in their hands and it isn't easy. Oh and Doctor Gaius Baltar (James Callis) has one of the most interesting story arcs I've seen. He starts as this incredibly arrogant scientist who is seduced by a Cylon and helps their attack on the Colonies and in the end well he becomes something else. Battlestar Galactica is a quality show all round, the acting, the direction, the writing, the absolutely gorgeous score by Bear McCreary which really makes the series.

Other things to note: Battlestar Galactica starts with a 2 part mini-series which you need to watch before S1. It also has a couple of made for TV movies. Razor is essential viewing and should be watched between S3 and S4. The Plan isn't that great and is mostly old footage and can be skipped. If you want more of the BSG universe watch Caprica which takes place before the Cylon wars and Blood and Chrome which was meant to be a new series but SyFy failed to pick up. This is Adama during the Cylon War and had a lot of potential.

Beauty and the Beast:

***Nominated by Edward Workman - If you watch the old one, then you will love the updated one. It is better than the old and it could break the old one.


***Nominated by Nate - It's a different take on the "end times" genre. It only affects one town and the only survivors are under 22. Chances of it being canceled are smaller cause it's on Netflix. They give their shows a chance before sticking it to the fans. Netflix is only releasing 1 episode a week for this series.

The Big C:

***Nominated by Spindae - Half hour dramedy, with a great cast and message. There have been plenty of shows dealing with people discovering they have cancer and how they handle the discovery. Through a bunch of laughs and moving scenes the show sends a beautiful message how we should cherish life and all love and hate, all the moments we have the privilege to experience. Over the course of 40 episodes the show features amazing guest stars and really deeply moves you. So if you are a sucker for emotions, truth and pain tune in cause you most certainly won't regret it.

Black Mirror:

***Nominated by Luana - This show is just brilliant from the way they construct the scenes, to the dialogues, to the acting. If you like dark dystopias and good quality TV this is your show, though you should know it does have slower pacing than most TV shows. It has only three episodes per season and they're all different stories, but all worth it even if some stories are better than others.


***Nominated by omabin - If you like your comedies with some edge, with some heart, with some meaning and with some funny moments, then Black-ish really is something you ought to try. I found the show quite recently and I have gotten addicted to it. The cast is impeccable and has some of the best comedic timing around, especially the sensational two main leads, but also the children cast which is surprisingly very good. Like so many comedies, it takes a little while to really get going as it should, so if you are looking to judge the book entirely by its cover (aka pilot) here you will probably be disappointed. But if you are willing to try a bit longer and keep going, then you may be surprised and find yourself clicking with Black-ish more than you had anticipated. Especially recommended for fans of: Fresh Off the Boat, Suburgatory and Modern Family.

Bob's Burgers:

***Nominated by The Ratings Junkie - Don't let the ratings fool you: Bob's Burgers truly is an awesome show. It's Emmy win and various nominations can tell you. Last season, it was nominated for its third straight Best Animated Series, whereas The Simpsons and Family Guy were missing. The show has a ton of heart and very relatable characters. All five family members work in the struggling family burger restaurant, regardless of the fact that the children are 13, 11, and 9. You have Bob, the straight-faced struggling restaurant man; Linda, his crazy-ideas, catch phrase-y wife; Tina, the awkwardly boy-crazy daughter; Gene, the typically immature 11-year-old; and Louise, the mischievous one. Plus, Teddy, their one loyal customer, makes for a great sixth-wheel. All episodes see the family on different adventures, making for a series that never gets stale. Think you don't have enough time to watch? It consistently appears on lists of most binge-watchable series, and is considered by many lists to be amongst the best animated series on TV, and the best on broadcast.

Body of Proof:

***Nominated by Connie Domonkos - Body of Proof was a great show, again cancelled by ABC. It was a show investigating murders and Dana Delaney was a divorced woman with a teenage daughter and she was a medical examiner. The entire cast was awesome and I thought the concept was great! I would love to see it on again!


***Nominated by Mac - Gone are the days of shows being offensive for fun without having to have a point. Gone are the days of writers just getting to be funny instead of being forced to shoehorn in a fake political message that warrants all the foul mouthed lines. Brickleberry served as the last bastion for crude humor with the occasional message. Instead of being relentlessly preachy Brickleberry had the advantage of knowing exactly when the time was right for putting in a political punch to the gut. The cast of cartoon characters consists of five park rangers taking care of Brickleberry National Park. Woody, an eccentric former porn star, leads the crew. Being a complete conservative Woody falls into literally every trap of Republican propaganda. Ever needed a show to poke fun at Republicans? This is it. The rest of the cast includes Steve, an incompetent and naive ranger; Ethel, a forward thinking individualist who often gets shafted for her ideas that would eventually work out better for everyone; Denzel, a ranger originating in the town jungle of Detroit and thus being absolutely confused with the national parks natural environment; Connie, a Hulk and Malloy, a bear cub with a foul mouth voiced by the incredible Daniel Tosh. At times the show manages to cross certain lines that will make you feel uncomfortable but this is exactly what the show gears towards: to make you feel uncomfortable about certain social standards. The show is clearly not for everyone but is probably a wonderful choice for people that feel that The Simpsons and Family Guy have lost their bite. Approach the show with little expectations since nothing can prepare you for what you're in for.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

***Nominated by Lindsay - Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a hilarious take on the cop drama we know and love down to the theme song and title card. The characters all have distinct personalities, from the childish Perralta to the monotone Captain Holt, and beats that bounce off each other amazingly well and never seem to get old even after two seasons. With shows like NYPD and Law & Order that never die, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show that will always remain relevant no matter what time or year you’d watch it. Plus it’s also plenty more diverse than most dramas of its day featuring a number of different characters down to the black, gay Captain. And you might want to get on that quickly if you want to see who the new captain is…

***Nominated by Folie-lex - By combing the best elements of your typical cop procedural and your typical work comedy, this little gem of a show manages to hit all the right spots. In a nutshell the show is about a bunch of offbeat characters who work in a police station. Now one might fear that because of the setting and the subject matter, this might be a dark comedy filled with black humour, but that's not the case at all. Granted these cops might not take themselves seriously but they are serious about what they do. In fact, despite their quirks (and BOY are they quirky) they are actually quite good at their jobs. And is there the occasional "dead body" joke? Yes. But the writers have been very good with keeping it funny and not crossing over to being offensive (a hard line to toe considering the premise of the show). And really, you won't be watching the show for the police cases anyway... you'll be watching because these characters are endearing beyond belief! This unbelievably talented, funny and diverse cast will have you doubling over laughing more than you can imagine. You will want to follow their character arcs and developments (and they do grow and learn as the show progresses by the way), and their dynamics and interactions will keep you coming back begging for episode after episode.


***Nominated by Thuriet - Castle is for me the best. The stories are made with a lot intelligence, humour, and are very interesting. And the actors are very good, all the actors !! In France we like Castle.

***Nominated by Lucy Sylvia - Great show. Great casts. Both drama and comedy. Great love story - Castle and Beckett. The cast on the show works great together, one of the best teams on TV.

Chasing Life:

***Nominated by Nicole - I'm sure you've all heard this before but this really is an amazing show. The story they are telling is so heartwarming and heart wrenching at the same time. Not only is the lead incredible at what she does, the supporting cast is just as talented. You can really tell they all care about the story they are telling. Chasing Life is one of those shows that doesn't come around too often. The writing is superb; there's drama, comedy, and tears, lots of tears. It's the kind of show that after you watch it, you find yourself rethinking what's important to you. You find yourself thinking wow I know exactly how she felt, or he felt. It's one of those shows and really shines in a time where there's so much reality TV. You'll fall in love with these characters, they make it so easy to. It really is worth giving a try.

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