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Penny Dreadful – Memento Mori – Advance Preview

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Now, this is the episode I have been waiting for. I thoroughly enjoyed “Memento Mori”, a contender for my favorite episode of the season. So much happens and we find ourselves speeding towards the resolution of Penny Dreadful season two on the wings of this episode. Confrontations we’ve seen hinted at again and again come to fruition, as well as new intriguing conflicts rising up, like corpses from a grave.

The past comes back to haunt each of our characters in “Memento Mori”, which is why I think I enjoyed it so much. References and reminders of past events going all the way back to the beginning of season one push the conflict in this episode to the next level. The episode focuses mostly on Sir Malcolm, who doesn’t get as much attention on Penny Dreadful as one would hope. The study of Brother Gregory’s writings is complete but Inspector Rusk and Evelyn Poole are both circling our heroes like sharks. Realization is the theme of this episode. Understanding the true nature of an ally, an enemy, or yourself and deciding if you will trust and be true or destroy is what “Memento Mori” is all about.

I was right in my assessment that Brona would become much more interesting after last episode and there is a fantastic dynamic scene in “Memento Mori” where we see just how changed this woman is from when she was first resurrected. The speech she gives in this scene flows through so many different emotions, you almost get whiplash watching. In a good way, of course. We also get a glimpse of something I’ve been dying to see since season one and I was not disappointed when it was revealed.

The visual direction of “Memento Mori” truly stood out to me in this episode. The use of unique camera angles, pans, and color kept the story vivid and energetic. There were a couple of moments where I jumped or uttered “oh no” under my breath. This episode is everything I want Penny Dreadful to be.

Be sure to tune in Sunday and catch “Memento Mori”!

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