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Penny Dreadful – Little Scorpion – Advance Preview

This most recent episode of Penny Dreadful was again a bit slow, but exposed many interesting facets of our protagonists none the less. Ethan and Vanessa take a sabbatical to the moor and the former home of the Cut Wife in order to lay low as things have been heating up in London. It’s so nice to see the medium and the sharpshooter share so many scenes as they bond over stories and learning new skills. However the bucolic nature of their trip doesn’t last forever as forces, both from outside but mostly from within complicate their relationship.

The episode focuses on Vanessa and Ethan, which I find refreshing since these two and their relationship are what both began and ended the first season. Seeing these two grow from strangers, to allies, to friends amongst and despite of the craziness they have experienced has been a highlight of Penny Dreadful for me. “Little Scorpion” is an exploration of their inner selves, of both their metaphorical and literal claws. We see very little of the goings-on in London, but I can say Brona’s persona of Lily became much more interesting in this episode and I am eager to see more of her in the future.

I do feel like “Little Scorpion” seems to be circling ideas already hinted at enough in this season. I feel the audience will have pieced together enough information by now that the plot should move forward, and yet there is still much discussion between the characters, particularly in regards to Brother Gregory’s writings. I worry that the pace of the season is starting to succumb to that of last year, where there were long stretches of characters ruminating over things, broken up by quick bursts of action. That being said, the character study regarding Ethan and Vanessa is necessary and enjoyable to watch in “Little Scorpion”, so my judgement on the season as a whole will be reserved for now.

Be sure to catch “Little Scorpion” this Sunday on Showtime!

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