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Orphan Black - Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method - Advance Preview

   After a light and refreshing episode last week, Orphan Black will get back right into the action next Saturday on BBC America with "Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method". It will be another thrilling, breathtaking and surprising episode. We will definitely feel the end of the season is coming, everything will speed up. And as this season has been really great and intense, the final episodes are going be in the same vein, or even better I'm sure of it.

   Since last week Rachel revealed she could decipher the secret code in Ethan’s book, The Island of Dr Moreau, the sisters clones are now closer than ever to finally decoded the synthetic genome. The genome that could cure Cosima, and that is also the key to human cloning, so the stakes will be high. Of course, Rachel will try to make the most of it. She will make a specific request before delivering her translation. It won’t be a surprise : she wants out of Dyad. She is a woman of power, she can’t bear her new lower position. She’s just a patient now at Dyad, no one respects her and Delphine never was her ally and now, Rachel is only a threat to Delphine.
   Sarah and her clone club will have to find a secret way out of Dyad for Rachel. The big question will be on Delphine, on whether they can trust her or not. We all know where Cosima stands on that position, she never wanted Delphine (and Topsite) to know about the book because it'd be too dangerous… But she can change her mind if she receives some new information about her sickness. Delphine will tell her what happened in Europe with another clone.
   Delphine will play a large part in "Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method" after missing almost the first half of the season, I’m really thrilled about seeing her more. Her new position at Dyad really gave a new dynamic to her character, and to her relationship to Cosima. And as Cosima’s health will be a major concern again, Delphine and her will spend more time together. They will share two very emotional and powerful scenes together.

   "Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method" will be a very rich and intense episode, so here are some more teasers :

- We will finally meet Krystal Goderich ! The clone from the season premiere who was almost kidnapped by Rudy and Seth. We will get to know her better and she will be great, I’m sure we will adore her as much as I did in the episode. She’s a very refreshing, hot and sweet character. Krystal will have a very emotional moment in the episode. (Yes she’ll appear in more than one scene).
- The cantina waitress will be back ! Virgina Coady will come to her, asking about Sarah and Helena.
- Someone will make a drastic decision about work.
- I was so worried about Cosima’s health it never crossed my mind another clone could be in danger. Rachel has made a lot of progress, she can speak but still can't walk. She'll wear a new accessory to hide her hurt eye, no more bandages ! But still her condition is serious and she can relapse at anytime.
- There will a girl slap fight. It doesn’t necessarily mean girls will do the fighting.
- Dr Coady will be back, so will Rudy.  As seen in one of the promo, Coady made it out okay from the explosion, she only has burns on her face. As for Rudy, he'll look as if he never has near an explosion. One big scar is enough on his face.
- Delphine will get the best manicure of her life ! Wow.
- Helena will be recruited at Bubbles, along with Gracie. Allison and Donnie need people to make their business turn. Helena will be at her best in the episode, really amazing. She’ll form a special bond with Donnie and her reunion with Gracie will be unexpected, especially when Gracie will tell her about losing the baby. Helena is always full of surprises, and clearly she’s in a better place now than in Castor’s cell. I like her new surprises better than leaving Sarah alone (I'm still not over it)
- Cosima will mention her near death experience once again. She will finally reveal what she saw and what made her come back to life. Get a tissue ready.
- Felix will have to do a very unpleasant task. I wouldn't have liked it either but protecting his sisters always comes with a price.
- We will finally see Scott’s apartment ! It will be very geeky and nerdy, of course but actually and surprisingly nice and clean. And Scott isn't living alone, he has a cat… I don’t know how or why but I’m finding Scott cuter each episodes…
- Beth will be mentioned again.
- Rachel and Sarah will be reunited in the same room, with a pencil. Oh memories...
- Donnie will confront Allison about Jason’s kiss. Allison will be quite uncomfortable about it but she'll confront Jason about it. And as seen in the promo, he will kiss her again. Donnie won’t know about it but he still has a plan to set Jason straight… Let's hope his plan is better than the last one with Lekkie.
- Sarah will skype two of her sisters, but not Kira. I've been missing some Sarah and Kira scenes.
- One scene really made me worried and scared for one character. With all the deaths this season, I'm already prepared to lose someone else.
- Cosima will invite Shay to the secret lab. Yeah, for real. It's quite stupid and dangerous IMO.
- Coady will be quite pissed about losing all of her research on her boys clones. I will always love Paul for what he did. But Coady will make a scary revelation about her boys's health.
- Helena will spend some time with Allison’s daughter and she'll be adorable. Helena can be a mother after all. And she will confess a secret to the kid, a secret that could have big ramifications for the final episodes.
- Do you wonder where the hell Mark can be ? Well, so do I and so will Gracie. Unfortunately, nobody knows !
- Delphine will still be jealous of Shay, but she’ll insist it’s only security concerns. I think it’s a bit of both. Something's definitely off with that Shay, I can feel it.
- The book will the focus of everything. Once it will get decipher, it will give power and levrage to whom ever has it and so, Sarah and Cosima won't be the only one trying to get it. Two more characters will learn about its existence, not in the same way. But, Castor will also be informed about its existence. How ? Well, they have a mole inside Leda ! Oh those Castor are everywhere or Leda and Castor might be more than two factions.
- So do you think Krystal will join the clone club ? One character will be strongly against it while another one will consider it. Krystal is a very naive young lady, but it doesn't mean she's stupid.
- EDIT: No one is dying this week but it doesn't everyone will be fine. Someone will end up in a coma. Oh no...

    "Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method" will be another amazing episode of Orphan Black. This season has been really such an excellent ride, it’s full of twists and revelations, we’re finally getting to know more about the show mythology, about the origins of the clones and in the same time, every stories have so much character-driven developments. This high level of quality is remarkable and has been constant since the season premieres.
   And as usual, Tatiana Maslany will excel in portraying a new clone. Krystal is so different from the other clones, and Maslany foudn the perfect voice and gestures to make her real. I can't wait for you to meet Krystal, so don’t miss next Saturday on BBC America "Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method".

   And finally some quotes from "Ruthless in Purpose and Insidious in Method". Guess who will say them :

1-"She talks now, does she"
2-"This isn’t good news"
3-"You can’t crush the human spirit"
4-"It's all drama with those two"
5-"I should have let you die"
6- "Wow, did I get seconded in that shit ?"
7- "There is only one way to know"
8- "You're one of a kind"

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