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Beauty and the Beast - Primal Fear - Top 5 Moments

There's was so much to love about this week's episode of Beauty and the Beast but of course there were a few things that ruffled my feathers as well. I tried to keep the picks as general as possible so don't you fret, if you haven't seen the episode yet, there's nothing too spoilery. So come on in see what I loved, what I liked and what I scratched my head over.

The Highlights


5. Vincent and JT brotp bonding time.

4. Interesting super-human of the week.

3. JT became a bit of a self-rescuing princess.

2. JTnT brought their A game.

1. JT defending Tess' honor.

The Lowlights


5. An unnecessary death

4. JT and Vincent came across like a couple of neckbeards in some parts of this episode.

3. Heather is back on track to becoming the screw up of the Chandler sisters.

2. We finally get to meet Tess family and they're all total meat heads.

1. The blatant, rampant, sexist, misogynistic dialog that tried to cloak itself in science.

I thought this was a pretty good episode. But of course you'll have to wait until Thursday to read my full thoughts about this episode so be sure to come back then. Please be sure to sound off in the comments about what YOU liked, loved and loathed!

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