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The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 4th May *Updated*

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4th May

  • 21:17 - NCIS: New Orleans - Episode 1.22 - How Much Pain Can You Take - Sneak Peeks

  • 21:13 - Tut - 2 Minute Promo

  • 21:10 - Game of Thrones actor explains his surprisingly early exit
    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you doing after shooting your last scene on Thrones?
    IAN MCELHINNEY: The totality of it didn’t really hit me until once it was over, and then I was surprised how emotional I felt. The guys were lovely; they gave me a really nice gift. I got a little bit tearful. It’s been great fun. The crew has been fantastic. They’re a great gang of people. Never mind their professionalism, they’re nice people. And coming in here and seeing the sets and the costumes and all that kind of thing. There’s so much thought and care and expertise that has gone into making this. It probably won’t really hit me until this time next year when people are gathering for the next [season]. Hopefully I’ll be busy doing something else. I’m not worried too much about that.

    How did you find out?
    It proves you should probably not read the books. I’ve read the books. So I thought this season I was going to have more to do, and I was really looking forward to that. And then I got my dates from my agent and I thought, ‘That doesn’t tally.’ Because there was no way if they were sticking to the books that I should be in for that number of weeks. It seemed to me they must be writing me out. So I had a word with the line producer and said, “Can you corroborate that they’re writing me out?” Then the [showrunners] rang me and told me, ‘Your time is up in this series.’ So perhaps I took them by surprise that I knew.

  • 20:59 - MOVIES: John Wick 2 - Announced by Lionsgate
    Keanu Reeves, Directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski Return

    SANTA MONICA, Calif, May 4, 2015 – Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF) has confirmed plans to produce a sequel to 2014’s critically-acclaimed breakout hit “JOHN WICK,” it was announced today by Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger, Co-Chairmen of the Theatrical Motion Pictures Group. Keanu Reeves along with directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski as well as screenwriter, Derek Kolstad are set to return for the sequel. The film will be released through Lionsgate’s Summit Entertainment and will be produced by Thunder Road’s Basil Iwanyk, who produced the first film.

    In the follow up to last year’s adrenaline-fueled revenge and redemption thriller, legendary hit man John Wick is back.

    “With such tremendous fan and critical support for ‘John Wick,’ we knew that there was still so much more of this story to tell,” said Jason Constantine, President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions. “We are thrilled that Keanu, David and Chad have re-teamed with us and promise to bring audiences even more excitement the second time around.”
    Jason Constantine and Eda Kowan at Lionsgate will oversee the project on behalf of the studio.
    Lionsgate International will be selling the picture internationally at the upcoming Cannes Film Market.


  • 19:50 - The Vampire Diaries - Rehash: I'd Leave My Happy Home For You

  • 19:12 - MOVIES: San Andreas - Official Trailer #3

  • 18:08 - Undateable - Episode 2.07/2.08 - A Live Show Walks Into a Bar - Press Release

    Guest Stars for the One-Hour Live Episode Include Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn, Christa Miller, Kate Walsh, Victoria Justice, Dr. Drew and Others We Can’t Name — Plus a Superstar Surprise Musical Guest

    UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — May 4, 2015 — Turns out lots of people are up for a date with “Undateable.”

    On Tuesday, May 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, a cadre of comedic stars, as well as one superstar musician, will unite on the Warner Bros. Studios lot to film a special live one-hour episode —twice! — of the hit comedy series from Bill Lawrence and Adam Sztykiel.

    Guest stars joining the hilarious “Undateable” cast include Zach Braff (“Scrubs,” “Garden State”), Donald Faison (“Scrubs,” “Clueless”), Neil Flynn (“Scrubs,” “The Middle”), Christa Miller (“Scrubs,” “Cougar Town,” “The Drew Carey Show”), Kate Walsh (“Private Practice,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Drew Carey Show”), Victoria Justice (“Victorious,” “Zoey 101,” “Fun Size”), Dr. Drew Pinskey, a super popular Grammy Award-nominated musician and others we can’t name — even though we really want to.

    Tune in for the live episode Tuesday, May 5 on NBC, which will be performed twice so both the East and West Coast audiences will see a different live version, each beginning at 9 p.m.

    Who knows what could go down? (Seriously, we have an idea but with this cast of characters, anything could happen.)

    To join the conversation, feel free to use the #UndateableLive hashtag.

    It’s a live one! @zachbraff @donald_faison @katewalsh #majormusicstar + more join @NBCUndateable for live ep Tues 5/5 9pm. #UndateableLive

    Starring Chris D’Elia, Brent Morin, Bianca Kajlich, Bridgit Mendler, Ron Funches, David Fynn and Rick Glassman, “Undateable” is executive produced by Lawrence, Sztykiel and Jeff Ingold. The series, currently in its second season, is produced by Doozer in association with Warner Bros. Television.

  • 12:25 - Shameless - Interview with Luca Oriel
    1. You play Debbie's boyfriend Derek on "Shameless", who really is a good guy. How much do you think the MMA training factors into the character shaping of this South Side kid?

    I think Derek's MMA training definitely gives him the confidence and discipline to stay out of trouble in the South Side, but I think what makes him a good guy is that he comes from a very stable and loving family.

    2. In the season finale it looks like Debbie is pregnant and the fans' reactions are mixed. Some people would like to see Debbie navigate her relationship with Derek without a teenage pregnancy. What do you think are the biggest challenges for both Derek and Debbie if she decides keeping the baby or not?

    I know some of the fans have mixed feelings about Debbie possibly being pregnant but teenage pregnancy is a very real and serious issue for many teens and I'm glad the show is dealing with it. Debbie and Derek are still in high school, they don't have jobs or money and they are just starting their relationship. I'm sure the huge responsibility and stress of taking care of a baby would be very difficult and challenging for them. I don’t know what the writers have planned for Debbie and Derek but I’m sure they will handle this difficult issue with humor and with brutal and heartbreaking honesty.

    3. Have you been asked back for season 6 or is that still pending or under wraps?

    I can't really say, so far it is still under wraps.


  • 12:22 - Agent Carter - Interview with Hayley Atwell
    Do you have childhood memories that connect you to the Marvel universe?

    No, I've seen a few of the films - I've seen "Iron Man", but I can't say I was a fan. I wasn't aware of the Marvel comics until I became part of the franchise at all.

    Do you regret not having that?

    I was into Barbies, so that was okay. I don't have any regrets because I came fresh, without any expectations or pressure. I didn't have the responsibility of trying to live up to anything because I wasn't really familiar with it at all so it was quite new for me.

    How does it feel to play such a strong, complex character like Peggy Carter since 2011?

    What was great is that it felt like a collaboration; like Marvel came up me and said "Do you want to make a show?" and I agreed – I jumped at the chance! – they asked: what do I want to see? So I asked her to be vulnerable, to be humorous, to have a much more human side. It was great because I just felt like we were working together as a team, as an ensemble, and it made me fall in love with Peggy even more.

    You mentioned at the screening at the screening that you can even pitch ideas to the writer's room, how's that like?

    It's great because I come from theatre where I'm used to coming up with ideas of improvisation and certain lines and it was great to feel like I'm able to have creative control over what I'm doing, so you're not coming in and just being told where to stand, what to wear, how to act. You come in and you're asked on your opinion about things and so my life felt like paralleling Peggy's a little bit.

  • 12:21 - Mad Men - Interview with Stephanie Drake
    1. How did you land the role of Meredith in "Mad Men" and how much did you know about the character when you booked the role?

    All I knew about Meredith was that she was in her early 20’s, All American, and a receptionist. That’s it! Names and situations were changed for the audition scene, that’s how secretive they are. I had a pre-read with the casting director in the afternoon, was called back for the producers session later that day, and got the part that night. I was on set a week later.

    2. Meredith belongs to the exclusive circle of Don Drapers' secretaries, a position which has often been dogged by bad luck for most of the girls maybe except for Megan. Is Meredith aware of that or is she just happy to get promoted?

    I’m his 9th secretary! I don’t think Meredith thinks about Don’s past secretaries. She is so happy to be on his desk and only worries about doing a good job and keeping him on track.

    3. Meredith is one of those "Mad Men" characters who puts a smile on our faces. Was it the same for you when you read the scripts or did you rather feel protective towards her?

    Every episode I was in, I would first read through the script quickly to see if Meredith gets fired. Then I would go back and find my scenes and they always put a smile on my face… A smile that grows even wider when I see them on TV.

  • 07:55 - Veep - Episode 4.05 - Convention - Promo

  • 07:42 - Silicon Valley - Episode 2.05 - Server Space - Promo

  • 07:33 - The Last Man on Earth - Season Finale - TVLine Post Mortem
    The following story contains spoilers from Sunday’s Last Man on Earth finale. Proceed at your own risk.
    Fox’s Last Man on Earth ended its first season by solving one of the rookie comedy’s biggest mysteries: The photographic cameo that Jason Sudekis made in the premiere wasn’t a silly throwaway — it was shrewd foreshadowing. In the final seconds of Sunday’s finale, Sudekis was not only confirmed to be the brother of Will Forte’s Phil/Tandy Miller, he was revealed to be stranded in outer freakin’ space.

    Below, Forte talks to TVLine about recruiting his SNL buddy for the top-secret role, previews Sudekis’ Season 2 involvement, and weighs in on the sitcom’s other big cliffhanger: Are Phil/Tandy and Carol headed for genuine coupledom?

    TVLINE | When you embedded that family photo in the pilot, did you know the season would end with Jason in outer space?
    No. We had no idea. It wasn’t until the fifth episode that we wrote that up and we all loved it. And the thought at first was, “Oh, brother’s up there in space, and every episode or two, you’d check in on him.” And then the story started going in different directions and it made more sense to do this. We just all agreed this would be a cool way to end the first season, hoping — fingers-crossed — that we got a second season.

    TVLINE | You’ve got a second season, so where do you go from here?
    We have plans, but there’s so many things that we need to figure out, so many different ways that we can go, which excites us. But it’s also scary because sometimes you have too much open road [Laughs]. I’m looking forward to getting a little rest for about a month and then we’ll get back in there and be recharged and start figuring out what to do.

    TVLINE | How much of Jason will we see in Season 2?
    I don’t know. He’s a busy many. We have talked about stuff before and we’ll probably have another conversation, but I would not expect him to be in every episode of Last Man on Earth. [Laughs] He’s a good friend, he’s good friends with a lot of people who work at the show, so I think he had fun coming in. We also don’t want to take advantage of that friendship. We have an idea and we’ve talked a little bit about it.

3rd May

  • 20:40 - MOVIES: Avengers: Age Of Ultron - Passes Half A Billion Worldwide
    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $187,656,000 29.9%
    + Foreign: $439,000,000 70.1%
    = Worldwide: $626,656,000

  • 17:55 - When Calls the Heart - Episode 2.03 - Heart's Desire - Promo

  • 16:50 - Black-ish - Episode 1.22 - Please Don’t Ask, Please Don’t Tell - Promo

  • 14:03 - Finding Carter - Episode 2.06 - Stay With Me - Sneak Peek

  • 12:47 - The Middle - Episode 6.23 - Mother's Day Reservations - Promo

  • 11:23 - The Brink - Featurette - Invitation to the Set

  • 11:15 - Community - Episode 6.09 - Grifting 101 - Synopsis

    The study group asks Jeff for help seeking revenge when a professor tries to cheat them.


  • 11:05 - Finding Carter - Episode 2.07 - 2.08 - Synopses
    Episode 2.07 - Something To Talk About
    Carter tries to understand Taylor's behavior while Taylor concentrates on planning a school event. Grant, meanwhile, wonders if he can continue living at home.

    Episode 2.08 - Riptide
    Carter is grounded just as an old friend arrives with alarming information about Lori; and Taylor sees Max in a different light after learning about his past.


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