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The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 12th May *Updated*

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  • 19:55 - People Are Talking - Pam Fryman Joins As Executive Producer/Director
    Pam Fryman, who helmed the pilot for NBC’s newly picked up multi-camera comedy series People Are Talking, is joining the show as executive producer/director.

    We Are Talking, from writer DJ Nash, Universal TV and Will Packer Prods., is the only new NBC comedy series to land on the fall schedule, paired with returning multi-camera sitcom Undateable. The pilot, about two diverse couples who are neighbors and best friends, starred Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Meaghan Rath, Tone Bell and Bresha Webb. Going into series, Rath’s role will need to be recast as the actress was in second position to another comedy pilot, Fox’s The Guide to Surviving Life, which was picked up to series.


  • 19:53 Z Nation - Season 2 - Emilio Rivera cast

  • 19:51 - The Flash - Season 1 Finale - Poster

  • 09:59 - The Grinder - In-Show Promotional Posters

  • 09:55 - Tyrant - Season 2 - Promotional Poster

  • 09:50 - The Fosters - Episode 3.01 - Wreckage - Press Release

    Burbank, CA (May 11, 2015) – The Adams Foster family attempts to rebuild after a serious car accident, in the third season premiere of “The Fosters,” airing Monday, June 8, 2015 at 8:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

    “The Fosters” picks up during summer, a few weeks after the terrible car accident involving Mariana, Jesus and their pregnant biological mother, Ana. As the family deals with the aftermath of the situation, Stef is determined to find the driver responsible for the crash. Callie continues to volunteer at the drop-in center where she meets AJ, a foster teen runaway searching for his older brother. Brandon starts at the Idyllwild Music Program and quickly realizes that he will be faced with serious competition. Meanwhile, Jude tells Connor he prefers to keep their relationship private at school.

    “Wreckage” was written by Bradley Bredeweg & Peter Paige and directed by Peter Paige.

    Winner of a Television Academy Honors Award and GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Drama Series, “The Fosters” is executive-produced by Jennifer Lopez, (“American Idol,” “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” “The Back-Up Plan”) and created by Bradley Bredeweg and Peter Paige (“Queer As Folk”), who also serve as executive producers and writers, along with Joanna Johnson (“The Bold and the Beautiful”, “Hope & Faith”). “The Fosters” stars Teri Polo (“Meet the Parents”) as Stef Adams Foster, Sherri Saum (“In Treatment”) as Lena Adams Foster, Hayden Byerly (“Parenthood”) as Jude Adams Foster, David Lambert (“Aaron Stone”) as Brandon Foster, Maia Mitchell (“Teen Beach Movie”) as Callie Jacob, Danny Nucci (“Titanic”) as Mike Foster and Cierra Ramirez (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”) as Mariana Adams Foster. Greg Gugliotta, Elaine Goldsmith Thomas, and Benny Medina also serve as executive producers. The series is produced by Nuyorican Productions, Inc. in association with ABC Family.

    Part of the Disney/ABC Television Group, ABC Family is distributed in 94 million homes. ABC Family entertains and connects to audiences with bold, relatable programming that celebrates the epic adventure of becoming an adult, from first kiss to first kid. ABC Family’s programming is a combination of network-defining original series and original movies, quality acquired series and blockbuster theatricals. “WATCH ABC Family” is an authenticated service which allows viewers with participating TV subscription services access to 24/7 live viewing of the network, as well as continued on-demand access to such popular series at home and on-the-go via a wide array of devices. ABC Family is also the destination for annual holiday events with "13 Nights of Halloween" and "25 Days of Christmas."


  • 09:45 - Gotham - Series Of Action Figures Announced
    Gotham TV Select Action Figures Series 1 Asst.

    Price: $149.94

    One of the hottest shows on TV is Gotham, a look at the crime-ridden streets of Batman’s hometown. Now, the hit show is an all-new line of Select action figures!

    Each 7-inch scale figure comes with character-specific accessories, as well as a deluxe diorama base representing a location in Gotham City: The Penguin comes with a pier, Jim Gordon comes with an alleyway, and Selina Kyle comes with a fire escape – connect Jim and Selina’s bases to form a larger scene! (Assortment contains two of each figure.) Each figure features approximately 16 points of articulation and comes packaged in the famous display-ready Select packaging, with spine art for easy shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant!

  • 09:40 - First look at Season 2 of Welcome To Sweden
    Thanks to Eduardo for the heads up.


  • 07:45 - Mr. Robinson - Key Art
    Thanks to Eduardo for the heads up.


  • 07:40 - Jane The Virgin - Post Season 1 Final Interview
    DEADLINE: Honestly, you had to have the baby stolen by Sin Rostro that early – we couldn’t even enjoy the moment?

    SNYDER URMAN: That was the clip that we were building to from when we began this show. There’s a specific reason that she is taking the baby. We’ll find out what it is right when we come back in Season 2 because we pick up pretty continuous. You find out what she wants and what it will take to get the baby back.

    DEADLINE: Why did you decide to have Season 2 begin right after Season 1? A lot of shows put a little bit of distance between their seasons.

    SNYDER URMAN: Well, for me the birth of the baby was so emotional, and the taking away of the baby is really dramatic. So I felt like you can’t skip over that moment in storytelling about how Jane finds out, what happens and the steps that they need to take in order to get the baby back. It seems too huge for our heroine to not actually explore.


  • 07:35 - Various MTV Shows - New Promo Image

  • 07:30 - Pretty Little Liars - Season 6 - BTS Images Of Maddie Ziegler

  • 07:25 - Bates Motel - Season Finale - Creators Discusses Cliffhanger & Death
    Bates Motel - Season Finale - Creators Discusses Cliffhanger & Death With Hollywood Reporter
    Was the plan to always bring Bradley back just to kill her?

    [Co-showrunner] Kerry Ehrin and I always planned to bring her back. Our schedule of using her was interrupted because she went off to star in the Transformers movie with Mark Wahlberg, and we really did want to give her that opportunity. At the same time, we didn’t feel like our story with her was finished. The more we talked about the evolution of the story, the more it felt like the end of the season was this big turning point for Norman, and Norman losing the ability to discern when he was in one personality or the other. We also wanted there to be a seismic event. Bradley was the perfect person to catalyze that step-up in behavior because she was the first woman besides his mother that Norman had deep feelings for. Bradley sort of felt the same way. So when she puts Norman in this incredibly difficult emotional situation where she wants him to run away with her, that sort of fries his circuitry.

    Was it important to not showcase Norman as an actual killer yet?

    We felt it was really important, that decision to not graphically show Norman creating the murder. In his mind, it’s his mother doing the crime, so it felt really appropriate to figure out how to best illustrate that in the storytelling. We didn’t want to show Norman committing a crime. We felt like by doing that in some ways we were preserving the audience’s empathy for the character. There still is a really good Norman inside the same body as the bad Norman. We wanted to be sure that was dramatically illustrated.

    Bates Motel - Season Finale - Creators Discusses Cliffhanger & Death With TVLine
    TVLINE | So, is Normal full-on Psycho now?
    EHRINS | Yes, in the sense that anyone who has that [mental] disorder goes in and out of it. But he’s as deep into it as we’ve seen him.

    TVLINE | Safe to say Season 4 will feature a lot more cross-dressing?
    EHRINS | Yes.


  • 07:20 - NCIS: New Orleans - Episode 1.23 - My City (Season Finale) - Sneak Peeks

  • 07:15 - Cristela - Lead Actress Responds To Her Shows Cancellation
    I was walking back to my hotel room Thursday night after my stand-up show in Fort Lauderdale when I saw the call. I knew it was bad news before I answered it because I had gotten a text from my Executive Producer that said, “Call me when you get this.” If it had been good news, she would’ve started mentioning it in the text. Since I was raised as a good old-fashioned Catholic, I braced for the worst. And that’s what I got.

    When I heard the words “we’ve been canceled”, I can’t tell you how I felt. I was kinda sad, angry and other things. Since the show was named after me, the first thing I thought about was how I let the cast and crew down. They were out of jobs. I thought to myself, “I should’ve done more to promote the show. I could’ve done more.”

    I hung up the phone, went to have a beer and my phone started lighting up with texts. I answered as many as I could. Some I still haven’t gotten to. I found myself sounding like a politician, saying the same thing to everyone: “Thank you so much. I’m doing ok. I’m doing fine.”


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