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The Originals - City Beneath the Sea - Review

We’re almost at the end of the season. This week, Dahlia won Klaus to her side. Elijah, Rebekah, Cami, Davina and Freya all tried to find a way to defeat Dahlia. Meanwhile Hayley and Jackson are on the run with Hope. Josh said goodbye to Aiden. Dahlia makes her move. 

Character that is too precious fort his world: Oh poor Josh, I just want to wrap a blanket around this guy and tell him it’s all going to be okay. He just can’t catch a break. All he wanted was to have some fun in New Orleans with someone he thought was his friend. Then he got turned into a vampire, stabbed in the back by that fake-friend and pushed around so much I’ve lost count. Then when he finally finds happiness with Aiden, it gets taken away from him again. Both him and Aiden were just pawns in someone else’s war. I hope we get some more scenes with him and Davina soon, they’re kind of kindred spirits now, having both lost someone (or in Davina’s case, two someone’s) they love. I’m so glad he got to go to Aiden’s funeral. The werewolves even seemed to accept Josh by the end of it. Let’s hope he doesn’t actually end up leaving town. 

Most interesting backstory: So I had been anxiously awaiting Dahlia’s backstory to see how she became the way that she is. But I still don’t quite get it. When Dahlia and Esther were taken by the Vikings, Dahlia focused on her magic so that she could free herself, while Esther decided to make the best of a bad situation. Both of those things are okay. What doesn’t sit well with me is how Dahlia refused to accept Esther’s decision. Sisters don’t have to stay together for the rest of their lives. All Esther wanted was a normal life away from magic. She didn’t choose this to hurt Dahlia. Of course that’s not how she saw it, she took it as a personal betrayal. I can understand that the firstborn witch in that generation would be extremely powerful and dangerous. But Dahlia could’ve chosen to help guide both Freya and Hope without trying to take them away from their families. She says she cares, but if she really did she’d never try to take a child away from her mother. 

Missed opportunity: I think many will agree with me when I say, seeing Klaus daggered was oddly satisfying. I hate that the writers chose this moment to do it though. The timing was awful. He was daggered for maybe a day. Considering how many times he’s done this to his siblings, I’d really wish he’d get to stay daggered for a few centuries or so. Of course that would never work for the show (unless they did a century long time jump). Storyline I’m very excited about: So we haven’t seen much of Davina since Kol died. She’s been very focused on bringing him back. But it seems she might be getting a storyline soon. If she becomes the leader of all 9 witch covens, she would get a whole lot of power. That would also mean we’d get to see a lot more of the witch community. I, for one, am all for it. 

Least favorite character: So this is the part some of you might hate me for, Klaus. I don’t know what it is this past half-season, but he’s been spiraling. Becoming more and more paranoid. I remember thinking just this past winter, that Klaus was becoming one of my favorites on the show. But in this second half of the season, his behavior has been getting more and more erratic. I think there are two things that have brought this on. Jackson and Freya. Now Klaus didn’t really have a problem with Jackson before the wedding, mainly because I think he didn’t see him as a threat. But as the wedding neared, he started to feel more and more threatened by him. The thought that Hope might grow up to call Jackson daddy scares the hell out of him. After the wedding, the wolves got all this new power and Klaus realized he no longer had a hold over them. Then came Freya, who reminded Klaus of himself. And yet, his siblings seemed to side with her over him. Which only fueled Klaus’ paranoia. Now we all know that control is very important to Klaus. So I believe that all of his actions lately have been to regain the control he feels he’s lost. This week that behavior reached its boiling point. I wanted to give him a head-slap Gibbs-style for siding with Dahlia. What the hell is he thinking? He must know that the minute that Hope is old enough, Dahlia will tell her that Klaus killed her mother, Hope will hate him and Dahlia will have her all to herself. He said he’s never cared for Hayley but he’s proven the past year that that is not the case. But even if what he said was true, how could he do that to Hope. How can you take your own child’s mother away. Considering how paranoid Klaus has been lately, I can’t believe he’d side with the least trustworthy person on this show. I hope he’s playing her, because that would be great character progress for him. To still help his family even after they’ve seemingly given up on him. 
Character that needs to be discussed but that I can’t find a good title for: I’ve had mixed feelings about Elijah this season. One week I love him, the next I’m not so sure. Same happened this week. I’m surprised at how quickly he believed Cami about Klaus’ innocence. I’m not sure who this had more to do with: Klaus or Cami. I understand why he wanted to keep Klaus daggered, but I can’t believe no one considered the idea of Dahlia getting in Klaus’ head. I feel like Elijah was the decision maker this week. He started to see Klaus’ point when it comes to Freya, but rather kill her or kick her out, he found middle ground. Freya wanted to use Hope as bait, but instead Elijah decided to use her. If Freya was so sure that Hope wouldn’t have come to any harm, the same should be said for her. He didn’t run after Hayley and Hope (yet). Both he and Rebekah were able to understand Hayley’s side of things, as much as it hurt them. They know all too well how much danger their family brings. Can you imagine your child’s life being in danger (and having been so since the day she was born) all because of her father’s family, and not being able to do a single thing about it except for try to escape it. But we all know from the promo that she won’t get far. I’m curious to see which sides the Original siblings will end up choosing (mainly referring to Klaus and Freya here). 

What will the writers do?: So Rebekah is about to be untied to the witches. Davina is getting closer to bringing Kol back, most likely by the end of the season. So her promise to her brother will be fulfilled. So what then? Rebekah will no longer have an excuse to remain in Eva’s body. So will the writers make up another one or will Claire come back? I recently started watching ‘H2O: Just Add Water’ and realized just how much I miss her as Rebekah. So I’m definitely hoping for the latter. 

Best song: 'Matches' by Letts (played during Aiden's funeral)
Best quotes: Hayley: “Why would he take the blame? Because he’s stubborn and irresponsible on top of being a bloodthirsty, murdering lunatic.” 
Josh: “I never thought much about the whole immortality part of being a vampire. Suddenly, forever feels like a really long time.” 

So that’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.
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