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The Messengers - Path to Paradise - Advance Preview

The Messengers is not a break out hit ratings wise. I'll just state the obvious because I know we are all thinking it. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't enjoy it. Especially now that after last week's episode, Strange Magic, we have an idea about all the potential the show has. God has given these people these gifts as a test. If they can work together and save mankind from The Devil, the Four Horseman and the seals of the Apocalypse, then maybe the mankind is worth saving. Though the trouble now is, where do they start and how do they just get to carrying on saving mankind when they can't even save themselves? Last week, Joshua had a vision of the Horseman of War and the team is now set to find the Horseman and stop them. Trouble is, they have no idea who the Horseman is, or where he is, because Joshua's visions don't quite work like that.

Raul Garcia, He's all for saving mankind, but there's something he's gotta do. Last week, it was Vera's turn to get a bit of her past and this week Raul comes to the forefront while we still get peeks into Vera's past. Raul's story with his niece was easily my least favorite story introduced, but I do like his flashbacks. We get to see glimpses of the feelings that Raul had for his brother's wife, which may be why Nadia hates him so much. We also see how exactly he got into the federal agent biz while in present day he searches for his lost brother after he drops Nadia off with Erin. Cue the awkwardness of Erin trying to explain her relationship with Raul. (Also awkward, how willing Erin is to leave her child alone with a teenager thats practically a stranger).

Vera is still not enjoying the fact that she has been dropped into an episode of Touched by an Angel and she wants out, even though Joshua thinks she should stay, not stray. Vera makes her choice, which shouldn't be that hard to predict and is unaware that she is being watched as she leaves The Last Supper diner. Vera just wants to walk away from Houston and all the trouble it has caused, but Alan shows up with that rock from the crash site and tells Vera he set an appointment with some famous professor in Houston to get it looked at. That Professor shares a history with Vera. (I'm sure you can guess how)The rock storyline is weird, but it does bring us Vera's gift, and I was really surprised at it. I wasn't expecting it based on what they showed in previews.

The Man just keeps getting better and better; he's so creepy as he sulks around managing to stay ahead of the messengers as they search for the Horseman of War. The team is scrambling around trying to piece together who exactly the Horseman is based on the flashes from Joshua's vision; a task that proves difficult without Raul and his gift. The question of who the Horseman is, isn't the only question this week. Is one of their own a Judas? You'll have to tune in and find out.
Why You Should Watch: Looks like the show has finally found it's footing. The hour flies by and once again we get more questions than answers. That's okay though because it seems to be what is going to drive the story. The fact that there are so many different layers of story make it pretty easy to find yourself engrossed in at least one or two of them. I like that they are going back and taking the time to show us more about the characters so we can sympathize with them. This week it's Raul and it looks like Episode 4, Drums of War will be about Peter. The bottom line is, The Messengers just feels like it has jumped leaps and bounds ahead of where it was in the pilot, and if there were any doubts about where the show was going after the exposition heavy Strange Magic, this week's episode Path to Paradise should start to clear things up a bit.

Path to Paradise airs Friday May 1st at 9pm EST on the CW.
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