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Teen Wolf - Season 5 - Meet The New Gay Characters + A Possible Return?

Thanks to GallagherBrothers for the heads up about Venture Capital Post.

A small role on the upcoming season of MTV’s Awkward led to a coveted spot on the fifth season of Teen Wolf (premiering June 29), MTV’s homoerotic, howl-at-the-moon teen drama. “When I see relationships on Teen Wolf, they’re all treated the same,” says Johnston, 19. “They don’t make a big deal over a gay relationship in the show — it’s just like any other relationship, which is really close to what life is like.”

Johnston’s mysterious character will be introduced alongside an unspecified new supernatural threat to the show’s main characters, and he’ll cross paths with Mason, a cheeky gay human played by Khylin Rhambo. “There’s some hope that we’ll start out as friends, but maybe more will happen,” teases Johnston. As for Teen Wolf’s penchant for naked torsos? Johnston isn’t sure yet if his character will be showing a lot of skin, but he’s physically preparing just in case. After all, there are only two certainties on Teen Wolf: death and abs.


In some good news, it seems we are getting some new gay characters this season after Season 4 put some of that on hold because of madness like a DJ Assassin, crazy Berserkers, & Mexican hunters. Two new gay characters by the names of Corey & Lukas are joining in on the craziness in Beacon Hills, in Episode 4 titled – Condition Terminal. Corey will be in the operating room for something strange, while his boyfriend Lukas is said to be a bit of a troublemaker at a local club. Which we can only assume is the Jungle from Season 2, as they filmed a club scene for this season again! We’ll also be seeing more of Mason who was introduced last season as Freshman Liam Dunbar’s best friend. Get ready for some more development in their friendship as well as a look into Mason’s home life, he’s said to be in a family of multiple children where he is the youngest.


Venture Capital Post is also reporting that Colton Haynes will be returning to the show. We have yet to confirm if this is true.

The anticipated 'Teen Wolf' Season 5 will premiere on June 29 with lots of new characters and old faces. The series latest addition is the actor Michael who is said to be playing a new love interest of Mason. Another actor who will reprise his role is Colton Haynes, who just left the CW's superhero series 'Arrow'.

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