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SpoilerTV is Looking for Writers for 2015/16 - Are you Interested? *New Writers Announced*

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Update: 22:15 After many hours of going through all the submissions we've finally come to our decisions. We'd like to welcome the 15 new writers to the SpoilerTV

Aimee Hicks
Ali Stillwell
Angela Niles
Brooke Schiff
Donna Chidley
Ijeoma I.
Jennise Hall
Kate Sidwell
Kollin Lore
Liam Dacko
Lindsey Salazar
Mary Smith
Owen Bush
Rachel Wong

We would also like to thank EVERYONE who submitted an application. The sheer number of applications simply overwhelmed and humbled us that so many people wanted to join the team. We will keep everyones submissions on record should any vacancies appear in the future.

Sorry we could not accept more people but there are limits on our software and our own resources in having any more.

Update: 29th May 15:45 We have now closed the form and will start processing the applications. We received over 200 submissions which is wonderful. Unfortunatelythe downside is that it means a lot of people will be disappointed. We'll post an update when we come to our final decisions. Thanks to EVERYONE who has submitted an application, it really means a lot to us as a team knowing there are so many interested people!

Update: 29th May 12:30 Now have over 140 applications.
Update: 28th May 23:30 Now have over 100 applications.
Update: 28th May 21:00 We've already had over 70 applications so far. Unfortunately this will mean that a number of people will be disappointed when we make our decisions. We'll keep the submission form open for another 24-48 hours.

Hey All,

With the old TV season over and a new one getting closer, we are looking at increasing our coverage of various shows. So we are putting out a call for writers to join our team here at SpoilerTV.

We're looking for writers to write reviews of new episodes after they air (normally within 48hrs of them airing in the USA). The shows we're currently looking to cover in addition of our already covered shows are.

American Crime Story, Ash vs the Evil Dead, Chasing Life, Chicago Med, Childhoods End, Complications, Criminal Minds, Dark Matter, Dominion, Into the Badlands, Masters of Sex, Minority Report, Proof, Public Morals, Recovery Road, Rizzoli and Isles, Scandal, Stitchers, The Expanse, The Knick, The Last Ship, The Magicians

If you are interested in writing episode reviews for any of the above shows, or are interested in writing show specific articles for the above shows then please fill out the simple form below and we'll be in contact with you shortly if you are successful. We're looking for people who have the time and dedication to commit to doing regular reviews of the show(s) they like.

Please don't submit if you think you won't be able to commit to a full season.

This is an unpaid gig but a chance to expose your writings/site to 1000's of people worldwide. We average around 10 Million Pageviews per month during the main TV Season (See our Stats here).

Successful writers will also have the chance to have conference calls with actors and writers when the opportunities arise as well as access to screeners of episodes before they air including pilot shows and specials.

You can also get press passes and VIP access through us for various events such as Comic-Con and other events as well has having the chance to be invited onto set visits.

You will also have access to the SpoilerTV Teams Private Community where the Team discuss ideas/suggestions for new articles as well as being able to participate in putting your own ideas forward and joining in featured articles such as the Scene of the Week, Memorable Moment of the Week and Quote of the Week articles, as well as other "Roundtable" discussion articles.

You will also be able to promote your own sites/blogs/twitter etc. in your articles via your own Author Box at the end of each article, as well as having your own Author page and being listed on the "Meet the Team" page.

Also, if your application is successful, you will also have the possibility of writing articles for other shows not listed above where space is available.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

NOTE: The submission form will be kept open until we have a significant number of applicants. We will notify all respondents personally via email if their submission has been successful within 1 Week of the submission form being closed.

Submissions are now closed

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