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Silicon Valley - The Lady - Advanced Preview and Teasers

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I give credit to HBO and YouTube for letting me screenshot and using the promo. I screenshot the promo because I am not able to find any promotional photos for this episode.

Advanced Preview
Jared and Richard are interviewing candidates that want to get into the Pied Piper team. They interview this candidate that has the same name as one of the main characters in this episode. Just as they are about to hire him, Erlich does not like this candidate and wants Richard to find a more suitable candidate. Their impatience with each other causes them argue at a board meeting and Erlich irritates him even more. Will Erlich calm down by the end of the day?

Because of Erlich’s rejection of the candidate that the other men wanted, Jared and Richard accept a woman to work with them at the recommendation of Dinesh and Gilfoyle. However, she rubs some of the men the wrong way. Will the men give her a chance to shine?

- There is a scene where one of the characters (could be a main one or a guest star) that has programmed a command programmed to the house, similar to Siri.
- An actor from a former short-lived HBO series is one of the candidates that gets an interview for the position to be on the team.

Episode Quotes (won’t say the character’s name on who said it)
- “I need to bring my dog to work. Are you dog friendly?”
- “Green is for grass, leaves”
- “We don’t burn trash in this country.”
- “How much money do you make here?”
- “We want hire the best people, who are women”.

Silicon Valley continues to be a real awesome comedy. The best part of the episode was Erlich getting mad over the smallest things. Also, Jared continued to entertain me just like he always does. Tune in Sunday at 10pm EST right after Game of Thrones on HBO. Feel free to watch a promo for the next episode below:

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