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Scene Of The Week - May 17, 2015 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

ARROW, "My Name Is Oliver Queen", May 13, 2015, Actors: Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, The Scene: Oliver and Felicity leave Starling City
Diana Mack:
Oliver and Felicity driving into the sunset was so romantic. Finally those two will have the time of their lives. Also picked by Jamie Coudeville
Ben L: Olicity together again. After what Oliver has been through this season, he deserved a happy ending.

BATES MOTEL, "Unconscious", May 11, 2015, Actors: Freddie Highmore, Nicola Peltz
The Scene: Norman as Norma kills Bradley (picked by DarkUFO and Geo N)

BATTLE CREEK, "Stockholm", May 10, 2015, Actors: Josh Duhamel, Dean Winters, The Scene: Milt rescues Russ and they hug
Laura Markus:
Oh man, I am so gutted they cancelled this show. This episode was honestly one of the best out there. Milt and Russ have always butted heads, but when Russ saw Milt approach him in the basement and they hugged, that solidified their relationship, and ultimately made for very compelling television. I cannot wait for the remaining episodes, and I will forever be angry that this show is ending.

CASTLE, "Hollander's Woods", May 11, 2015, Actors: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic and more, The Scenes: Castle's speech at the end & Kate in her performance review
Diana Mack:
Castle's speech at the end of the episode while he thanks all the people who has been important to him - including of course his wife Beckett. That was a sweet scene and it felt like a series finale. Thanks God, as we know it, Castle has been renewed, but it would have fit well as a series finale as well.
Tonya Papanikolas: This scene made me cry. It was so touching. I thought it was a great way to end the season, to have Castle acknowledge everyone important in his life and how they help make him who he is. It made you really feel like they're a family. I loved the scene.
Klutzy girl: His speech at the end of the episode was perfect, as was the look of love on Kate's face.
Jimmy Ryan: Kate in her performance review, getting stood on by the two panelists, but turning around and knocking them out of the park. The scene was set beautifully, very well written and directed, and featured excellent acting by Stana Katic and the guest stars.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "You're My Home", May 14, 2015, Actors: Ellen Pompeo and more
The Scene: Meredith, Amelia and Maggie dance it out with everyone else
Klutzy girl:
For once, a finale ends happily with Meredith, Amelia, and Maggie - sisters now - dancing it out with everyone else. The fact that they get one last happy memory in the house is so sweet.

LOUIE, "Sleepover", May 14, 2015, Actors: Louis C.K. and more
The Scene: Louie tries to have phone sex with Pamela
Max Conte:
Louie tries to have phone sex with Pamela while his daughter has friends over. This remains the most ridiculous and hilarious show on TV. 

MAD MEN, "The Milk and Honey Route", May 10, 2015, Actors: January Jones, Kiernan Shipka, The Scene: Betty struggles up the steps at school as Sally reads the letter she left
Max Conte:
Betty struggling up the steps at school as Sally read the letter she left, describing her wishes for after her death. January Jones and Kiernan Shipka were incredible in all of their scenes, and this one was terribly sad and amazingly put together. Betty ended up one of the wisest and bravest characters on the show, and her final words to Sally capped off their relationship beautifully (and tragically).

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD, "S.O.S.", May 12, 2015, Actors: Clark Gregg, Kyle MacLachlan, The Scene: Coulson gets through to Cal
Justyna K:
It was such a fantastic finale! With so many shocking, action-packed, brutal, hilarious and heartbreaking scenes. The one I wanted to include the most in the article ended up being the last confrontation between Coulson and Cal when Phil manages to get through to Skye's dad and everything changes. Kyle MacLachlan did such a spectacular job this season, in the finale especially in this moment and when Cal says goodbye to his daughter. Sometimes it seems impossible to feel sorry for the villain, but in a scene like this one, with such a great actor, I found it hard not to. It's still absolutely the worst thing to imagine, whenever someone mentions what Whitehall did to Jiaying and how Cal stitched her back together. It's horrifying and painful, and it clearly destroyed two good people who never really found their way back after this tragedy. And even though it seems like at least one of them got a second chance, it will never erase everything they've done or bring back the people who died because of their actions. But still, when it mattered, Cal listened to Coulson and for once, made a good choice. No wonder Phil's the person Fury always sent to help the Avengers and the people with powers, he does an amazing job with guiding those in need. Looks like SHIELD has found its one right Director and I can't wait for everything that's going to happen in season three. Kudos to cast & crew for this year! Sidenote, you have got to stop hurting FitzSimmons like that!

NCIS, "Neverland", May 12, 2015, Actors: Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly and more, The Scene: Gibbs is shot
Daniel van der Veer:
I kind of saw the cliffhanger coming and of course Gibbs will not die. Still, thinking about this moment makes me realize more and more how shocking it actually was. The unbeatable Gibbs, who has fought many enemies and put down most of them, is shot by a young boy he previously trusted. I am sure Gibbs wil survive, but I am curious to see how Gibbs reacts to this.

ONCE UPON A TIME, "Operation Mongoose", May 10, 2015, Actors: Jennifer Morrison and more, The Scene: Emma becomes the Dark One
An amazing ending to an amazing season. The best thing about OUAT is its ability to open up new possibilities for storylines, it's incredibly resourceful and when it wants to it can be pretty inspired. This season finale was pretty much fun, and it ended with a great cliffhanger: Emma has become the dark one. This is an amazing turn for the character, which will allow us to peek to her darkest sides which is something the show hasn't been able to do, it will bring more interesting layers to her, and it'll pose very interesting new dynamics as she is essentially the new villain and everyone will have to work together in order to figure out how to save her. OUAT had its most consistent season as it constantly grounded the heroes character to be more complex while allowing the villains to be more human as well. It had it misses along the way, but as a whole this season was a big win, and this development left me incredibly excited about what's to come. Bring it in season 5! We're ready!

REIGN, "Burn", May 14, 2015, Actors: Megan Follows, Toby Regbo, Adelaide Kane, The Scene: Francis banishes his mother
Tonya Papanikolas:
Wow. This was a bold move that really changed everything. I thought it was a fantastic scene. Francis has always given his mother the benefit of the doubt because she loved him and tried to protect him. But she crossed the line by putting his son in danger and he had no shred of empathy or forgiveness for her. I thought Francis was brutal, saying she means nothing to him, stripping her of her title and income and home, saying she'd never be welcome at court again. He took everything he could away from her. She was left with nothing except her rage and the blame she places on Mary. When you take all that away from someone like Catherine, you better believe she is going to fight back with everything she has. That one decision changed their relationships and futures forever. 

REVENGE, "Two Graves", May 10, 2015, Actors: Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann and more, The Scene: Emily gives Nolan a new revenge job
Pablozky21: The best way to end up a show, in my books, is by closing up your storylines and open up the door just a little bit to the new ones, giving the characters a new beginning. And the best new beginning the show gave is to Nolan, as someone approaches him asking to help clear someone's name who has been framed. Helping Emily clear her father's name was Nolan's purpose and Emily gave him a new one, it's almost impossible to ask for a better send off to one of the best characters on the show, and it's an amazing way to end the series. While Emily goes off to her happy ending, Nolan has a renewed sense of purpose as he readies himself to help someone else who needs him, and honestly, that's probably one of the best ways to end the series. It felt truly right, and it left me smiling, and that's all that counts. Thanks Revenge for 4 amazing seasons; this may have had many downs, but the ups were incredible, and I'm happy you got to tell this amazing story. Also picked by Ben L

THE BLACKLIST, "Tom Connolly", May 14, 2015, Actors: Megan Boone, James Spader and more, The Scenes: Liz tells Red she knows what happened to her dad & Liz murders Connolly & Red briefs a group of investigative journalists on the Cabal & The final scene
Tonya Papanikolas:
Liz tells Red she knows what happened to her dad. After the wonderfully produced scene where Liz shoots Connolly and flashes back to her childhood, I was really happy to see this scene between Liz and Red. It was so well acted and full of emotion. His care for her shines through, and so does her shock and hurt. James Spader was just spectacular as he listened to her. You could see everything he was feeling in his eyes. You could tell how much he felt Liz's pain and cared about what she was going through. Liz's eyes were brimming with tears. After not trusting Red for so long, she finally knows he was trying to take care of her, and it was nice to see her acknowledge it. I loved the line about him being her sin-eater. The way she looks at him in the end shows she realizes all he did for her and appreciates it. I loved how he grabbed her hand like a tepid father. Even though he is not her father, he has become one in many ways.
Daniel van der Veer: The Blacklist managed to shake up its formula as we know it by having Liz murder Connolly. I wasn't sure she was going to do it until Cooper's voice dimmed and Liz became totally focussed. The scene also triggered interesting flashbacks to the night of the fire. What a way to end the season!
Jimmy Ryan: Red captures a group of investigative journalists and briefs them on the Cabal. Great wee scene, and an interesting avenue for Reddington to look to break the story.
Diana Mack: The final scene brought Liz to be on the FBI's Most Wanted list. Also Liz tells Red she remembers what happened the night of the fire when she was a child, as the two of them escape together while on the background "Rocket man" is playing. So beautiful!
Geo N: Liz's confrontation with Connolly was a great scene along with her being on the FBI's Most Wanted List right next to Red's photo on the same list.

THE FLASH, "Rogue Air", May 12, 2015, Actors: Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh and more, The Scene: Barry, Oliver and Ronnie fight Eobard
Justyna K:
Now, that's what I call an awesome fight scene! Taking down Eobard could have easily been the end of the season but there's still one hour to go. What a brilliant show The Flash has turned out to be! Kudos. I absolutely loved the guest appearances from Firestorm and The Arrow Oliver. Barry and his friends worked so well together, that for once, even Eobard didn't see it coming. Go team! Great special effects, the setting, direction and music made it such a memorable moment. And let's not forget the fantastic cast and stunt doubles who did their best to make it all work the way it did. This scene felt like a true gift for the fans, so thank you. It worked out beautifully. Can't wait for the season finale!

THE MIDDLE, "The Graduate", May 13, 2015, Actors: Eden Sher and more, The Scene: Sue graduates
One of the most beautiful scenes all season long. After feeling invisible through high school and feeling she was graduating without a trace or a legacy left there, Sue gets her year book, signed by all of her classmates, telling her how her positivity and upbeat energy always made them feel better. Even if she didn't know it, she touched the lives of everyone around them, and as her best bits of high schools are shown via flashback with the song "Make your own kind of music" I just simply couldn't take it, I started to tear up, because it was simply just too beautiful. Sue Heck is a wonderful character, she always gets up after being knocked down, she is an inspiration to both the audience and the people around her, and now she knows it. And as she graduates it's just so heartwarming to see her so happy and upbeat. All of this makes for The Middle's best season finale yet. The show has grabbed me in a way no other comedy has, it has created an emotional bond with me so strong that it is almost impossible for me not to feel for the show, so I may be a bit biased when I say this is the best TV comedy there is, but at the same time, the way it has forged this bond speaks about the show's ability to reach you, and to make you happily root for fictional people. For me, that's great TV, and The Middle is by far one of the best show's on TV, comedy and otherwise. 6 seasons, and the show is still going strong. Here's for yet another amazing season! Also picked by Klutzy girl and Ben L

THE ORIGINALS, "Ashes to Ashes", May 11, 2015, Actors: Claudia Black and more
The Scene: The final confrontation with Dahlia
Jamie Coudeville:
I found it very fitting that Esther sacrificed herself to save her children, after trying to kill them for so long. This is what the entire season has been leading up to and I was not disappointed.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "I'm Thinking of You All the While", May 14, 2015, Actors: Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, The Scene: Damon and Elena say goodbye
Jamie Coudeville:
The dance was beautiful. I loved everything about this scene. Especially the parallels to previous moments. It's going to be a weird show without Elena.

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