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Salem - Episode 2.09 - Wages of Sin - Extended Synopsis

Episode 2.09 - Wages of Sin (31-May-2015)

As the “Starry Messenger” comet approaches Earth, heralding the culmination of the Witches’ dark plan, the Countess Marburg makes a long awaited acquaintance with one who plays a pivotal role in her and the others’ cause. Mary and Wainwright grow closer, their mutual affection heightened by recently discovered revelations, but as the pair plans for the next steps along the journey she has in store for him, another - displeased with these recent developments - takes matters into his own hands. Even as Mary prepares to strike against the Countess, she receives news that shakes her to the core. As Cotton tries to reason out information recently revealed to him, the betrayal of a recently made ally may spell his mortal doom. Meanwhile, Anne continues to glean knowledge from her dead father’s writings, and a long-brewing feud reaches a tipping point, culminating in a surprising and potentially game-changing disclosure.


Janet Montgomery - Mary Sibley
Shane West - John Alden
Seth Gabel - Cotton Mather
Tamzin Merchant - Anne Hale
Ashley Madekwe - Tituba
Elise Eberle - Mercy Lewis
Iddo Goldberg - Isaac Walton
Joe Doyle - Baron Sebastian von Marburg
Oliver Bell - Boy
Lucy Lawless (Guest Star) - Countess Marburg
Stuart Townsend (Guest Star) - Dr. Samuel Wainwright
Jeremy Crutchley (Guest Star) - Hathorne

Written by Al Septien & Turi Meyer
Directed by David Grossman