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Raina Reveals: Exclusive Spoilers and Teasers - Atlantis, Grimm, Orphan Black, Wayward Pines & More

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Thanks for tuning in to the thirty-fifth edition of our weekly article, Raina Reveals, which covers exclusive spoilers and teasers brought to you by The SpoilerTV Team! This week we will be providing scoop for upcoming pilots and episodes.

Medea continues to have Jason's back after saving him last week. Her actions help him more than once, and she tells Pasiphae that their bond is growing stronger.

Tonight's episode sees Nick and Hank learn about Henrietta's murder. Juliette makes a move on Kenneth and Nick seeks out Adalind for advice.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is an upcoming series airing on BBC One. While the pilot isn't due to air for several weeks, we have a teaser to share to get you excited! The York Society of Magicians are highly sceptical of Mr Norrell's magic powers when Mr Segundus brings him to their attention, therefore he prepares a rather spooky demonstration one evening for their benefit.

Orphan Black
While running from Bonnie Sarah stumbles across something unexpected in the field. Felix encourages Cosima to get out after her breakup, Allison talks her way out of an uncomfortable situation and one of the characters experiences a loss.

Silicon Valley
Next on Silicon Valley, a familiar character from Season 1 returns however, he only appears in the opening scene. The episode also sees one of the main characters surprised when they find out their friend can speak German.

The Messengers
While The Messengers try to figure out who the horseman is, Joshua finds himself overwhelmed by thoughts of his past. In order to understand his latest vision he must deal with his personal issues which requires him to visit an estranged family member. In prison, Peter is approached by the Devil who senses his weak state of mind and tries to convince him his life is over. Bonus: This episode features the reveal of the first horseman and sees Vera confide in someone close to her.

The Middle
We have two teasers to share for the upcoming season finale:
- A scene at Sue's graduation will make viewers cry and it's not the fact that she is graduating.
- One of the kids references batman.

Wayward Pines
Premiering next week, Wayward Pines is based on the bestselling series by Blake Crouch. The 10-episode series stars Matt Dillon as Ethan Burke, a secret service agent who finds himself trapped in the town of Wayward Pines while searching for two missing agents. When he comes across one agent alive and the other dead he realises there is much more to this town then first appears. Unsure who he can trust he finds an ally in a local named Beverly (Juliette Lewis). The pilot is a thrilling introduction to the series and features creepy yet outstanding performances by Terrence Howard as Sheriff Pope and Melissa Leo as Nurse Pam.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed our spoilers and teasers! Please note: All spoilers were compiled directly from the source by The SpoilerTV Team. They are accurate at the time of posting, however, as with all information given ahead of time they are subject to change.

About the Author - Raina
Raina is an avid Movie & TV fan from Australia. She adores The Avengers and Pitch Perfect and her favourite shows include Agents of SHIELD and The Flash. She can be found providing spoilers and teasers in a weekly article called Raina Reveals.

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