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POLL : What did you think of Penny Dreadful - The Nightcomers?

18 May 2015


  1. Wow! Eva Green and Patti LuPone played well off each other it was great episode and learning more about Vanessa They will follow you hunt you end of days stay true

  2. Michelle Nicholls18 May 2015 at 04:34

    Eva Green by fair one of the best actresses of all time i believe Her ,i don't care about anyone's negative opinions on the show my mind is made up. Best series out and on tv in along time. Cant wait till next sunday. I actually counted down the hours today untill it came on

  3. - While I liked the episode in and of itself, these flashback episodes do disrupt the rhythm and tension of the overall series.

  4. Unbelievable episode! Eva Green and Patti LuPone were magnificent together. This part of Vanessa Ives backstory was very revealing as to what she is facing this season. There are no limits to what these "Nightcomers" will do to get what they want. Joan was "mean as nails" and just as tough, but in the end she cared for Vanessa's well - being and did what she could for her just as Vanessa would not abandon Joan when her enemies came for her. These two women were years apart as well as worlds apart and yet by sharing this one terrible burden could come together against a common threat made this episode emotional and brilliant. The quality storylines and performances is why I look forward to Penny Dreadful every Sunday. Who else caught Patti LuPone/Joan's Ray Bradbury quote ".........something wicked this way comes.........."? Eva Green is a truly brilliant of the "modern greats" IMHO. Already looking forward to next Sunday/episode. 4 A PENNY FULL OF DREAD, I am Nobody!!!

  5. anyone who is not watching this show is missing out on the best horror show

  6. That was One Piece style flashback so epic, reminded me a bit of Robins past.
    I'm glad she told Ethan now I hope we get some kind of reaction or motivation from him and others.

    Also it didn't seems like Vanessa took the forbidden spells book. I wonder if she will go back to get it or did she take it in her big bag. Watching late so just did a straight watch without pause. Will see tomorrow.

  7. "Of all the texts, of all the spells, this is the most cursed. Forbidden, the poetry of death. If ever the day comes when my little scorpion is crushed and beaten, if her god deserts her completely, only then does she open it. And on that day, she will never be the same. She will have gone away from god, forever"

    Now that is how you set up a Checkov's gun. I am both terrified of and looking forward to the book's return.

  8. Just an excellent episode with amazing performances by Lupone and Green. This show is a work of art

  9. Really excellent episode. Felt like I was watching a movie. I loved that shot of Joan covered in tar and looking out at at Vanessa, brilliant shot.

  10. This show is amazing. I have no words.

  11. I just got into the show this season and it has very quickly become my favorite. Eva Green is phenomenal. The whole cast is amazing actually. And as for this episode, I don't have words. It was brilliant and a perfect origin story for Vanessa. I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

  12. Fanbloody tastic! So not dreadful! One of my fav shows! Dark, dim and delicious!


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