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Penny Dreadful – Verbis Diablo – Advance Preview

Penny Dreadful has stepped up its game with this second episode of the season, “Verbis Diablo”. I found episode two to be much more engaging than the premiere. I believe this may be because we are past the recap and reestablishment of the world of Penny Dreadful. The creep factor was high in this episode and that last scene has me squirming in my seat! Things are quickly growing more complicated for Sir Malcolm and his team of supernatural explorers and I am really being drawn into this cat and mouse game that Penny Dreadful is playing in season two.

This episode also marks the return of both Dorian Gray and My. Lyle. I have grown to appreciate Mr. Lyle more than I did in season one and this is an especially good outing for this character. Dorian, on the other hand, well I just wish he had a bit more to do. The season is young and I would like to see how he will fit in with all that is going on with Penny Dreadful at the moment.

This was an episode of connections and relationships, each of our characters weaving themselves further into each other’s’ lives. We see more than one surprising meeting in “Verbis Diablo” and I can’t wait until all the cards are on the table and all the connections are brought to light. Our new foes are also proving to be more cunning and tactful than those before, employing a psychological warfare that is careful, planned, and means big trouble is in store. I prefer this to the savage animalistic menacing the vampiric creatures employed in season one. These witches are a true match to Vanessa and the rest of the protagonists.

As for the titular dead language, how it was explored as well as more the plot along is interesting. I found myself wishing Penny Dreadful showed more, which makes me excited for future episodes. Along with that, we get some interesting insight into a few of our characters, little hints at back story the audience so readily craves. And new futures are being explored as well, with interesting implications to the future of some of our more well-established characters.

I am struck watching this newest episode at just how high the production value of Penny Dreadful is. From the costumes to the sets, everything is rich, detailed, and draws you into the world of Victorian London. The music in this outing is especially haunting.

If “Verbis Diablo” is any indication, Penny Dreadful will be swinging up and up this season, ramping up the mystery and the horror to levels it just brushed at in season one. I really enjoyed this episode and hope the rest of the season is just as dark, witty, mysterious, and intriguing.

Tune in Sunday to Showtime and see for yourself what darkness awaits with “Verbis Diablo”!

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