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Penny Dreadful – The Nightcomers – Advance Preview

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“The Nightcomers” is a bit of a breather episode for Penny Dreadful, but powerful none the less. We get more of Vanessa Ives’s back story and specifically learn just how she came into her powers. Also, there is more insight into Evelyn Poole and this episode solidifies my loathing for the character. She is dastardly and powerful, and as we see, she can get into anyone’s head. This woman is a force to be reckoned with and if what we saw in this episode is but a glimpse, there are dangerous times ahead for our protagonists.

The entire episode is set in a flashback to Vanessa’s past, but we are given many answers to some of the questions posed in the premiere. I’m surprised such an episode is aired so early in this season; this seems like something they would have saved for after more action in the present day had occurred. Everything we see in “The Nightcomers” must be extremely important it seems.

Patti LuPone is the guest star this week and her performance is a powerhouse. She stands toe to toe with Eva Green and shows a character that can simultaneously be repulsive and sympathetic. I wish to see more of her character on Penny Dreadful as she left quite an impression in this outing. Eva Green, by the way, is fantastic as always, showing us an earnest, side of her character that we have not seen. Vanessa Ives strives in this episode, she toils to learn and to make things right. We see that the calm ease of her character was not always present and having Vanessa play against Patti LuPone's character was the best part of this episode. These two women forged a bond on screen that was fascinating to watch.

While shy on the scares, the atmosphere in this episode is rich, the musical score giving the audience some of the most emotive pieces yet on Penny Dreadful. And yet there are harsh moments, gruesome occurrences intermingled with a story about a woman learning, both about her own nature and that of the cruel world she has been thrust into.

“The Nightcomers” does little to move the main plot along, in fact I found it a touch slow at parts, but it is essential in our understanding of Vanessa and the danger circling above her. I can’t wait for next week’s Penny Dreadful now to see how Vanessa’s tragic past interconnects with what is currently going on in the story.

Be sure to tune in this week and learn the story of “The Nightcomers”

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