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Penny Dreadful - Episode 2.03 - The Nightcomers - Press Release

Updated 5th May: Full Press Release Added

PENNY DREADFUL – 203 – “The Nightcomers”
Premiere: Sunday, May 17, 2015

Written by: John Logan
Directed by: Brian Kirk

Special Guest Star: Patti LuPone
Guest Stars: Gail Fitzpatrick, Carla Langley, Jer O’Leary, Owen Roe, Ronan Vibert

Special guest star Patti LuPone captivates the third episode of PENNY DREADFUL. In this special flashback episode, Vanessa meets The Cut-Wife (LuPone), who teaches her how to harness her powers. Isolated at her lonely cottage on the moors, the Cut-Wife quickly realizes the extent of Vanessa’s powers and warns her of the danger that lies ahead and the evil that pursues her.