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Penny Dreadful – Above the Vaulted Sky – Advance Preview

Well, dear readers, you are in for it with this episode. The circle of our narrative continues to tighten as all of our various story lines being to intermingle even more. There are quite a few meetings in this episode that cause the various plots of Penny Dreadful to mingle together. I can’t wait to see the repercussions from the events of this episode. Trouble is always brewing but now it’s almost boiling over and nothing good is in store for our protagonists.

The horror is again on point as Sir Malcolm and his team prepare for what is essentially war, but their foes are just more clever and more subtle in their tactics this time out. We also get to see threats on the mundane side of things as Inspector Rusk proves to be unflappable in his investigation. I was tense throughout this entire episode, watching each encounter knowing that any moment someone could slip and give a piece of information that could cause a powder keg could go off.

All our characters are present in “Above the Vaulted Sky” and this episode seems to really showcase the different ways they connect with each other on an emotional level. It’s an exploration of the thirst humanity has for closeness and shows how each unique Penny Dreadful player goes about seeking the comfort of another, whether it be for noble or devilish purposes.

The less I say about this episode the better because even though there were no real shocks or jump scares, not knowing what will come next deepened the entertainment value. I was at the edge of my seat the entire time with this one. Also, our protagonists are on the cusp of making a startling revelation in regard to Brother Gregory’s writings, which means the audience is moving closer and closer to getting some real answers to questions we’ve been posing all season.

All in all another strong entry for this season of Penny Dreadful. Don't miss a minute of it.

Tune in to Showtime this Sunday for “Above the Vaulted Sky”!

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