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New Girl - Review - "Clean Break"

New Girl - Review - "Clean Break"

"Oh my god, you're about to say something stupid....Girl, will you marry me?" The ending of last night's season finale of New Girl was fantastic! I couldn't stop smiling and laughing at the reactions of the loft and how sincere Schmidt was confronting Cece with his feelings. The build up to the scene was great with Schmidt and guest star Jack McBrayer as Wally, the collections agent. I really didn't think the meet-up with Cece was going to happen with Schmidt leaving for the mountain, but seeing Cece in the doorway was perfect. Their reactions and acting for the scene and Schmidt popping the questions was the perfect way to end the season. I would usually be annoyed with the lack of buildup for that specific emotional type of scene, but it was accomplished so well with the gang and Schmidt's reaction to "be quiet, I can't her her answer." I am excited to see where the gang goes from here with the upcoming nuptials of Schmidt and Cece. *That closing shot on the napkin "Save the Date" was perfect cinematography for closing out the season.

I also thought the gang saying goodbye to Coach while leaving the door open for Damon Wayans Jr. to return next season (aka. the wedding)was perfect. The bromance brewing with Winston culminated in a great interaction with the remote and how the tv is going to miss the remote. Their crying solidified a nice little subplot involving the crepe pan and other adventures the gang has had in that apartment. I'm also happy that what seemed to build to Jess and Nick sleeping with each other was nicely diverted to next season. Nick and Jess leaving their rooms at different times to check if the mug was still in the trash was a great way of setting the stage for next season. Both of them obviously still have feelings for each other in some way, but now was not the time to take them that way, especially with Schmidt and Cece proclaiming their love so recently. Winston taking the "sex mug" for himself was a nice way to end the episode stating "that it's a perfectly good mug" that Ferguson the cat can now use. I had my doubts leaving off at the halfway mark of the episode, but that ending was perfect. I only wish more of the season had standout emotional moments like this. I'm extremely happy with the direction they've decided to take the show and I hope you are too. Let me know your thoughts below in the comments and what you hope to see from Season 5.

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